Canada is also officially a bilingual nation, with French and English as its two languages. Other languages scattered throughout Canada include Cantonese, Italian, German, Punjabi, and Spanish. This variety in languages serves to prove that Canada truly is a cultural mosaic.

Canada is a vast country filled with opportunities for interns looking to spruce up their resume and compete in a global job market.

Architecture and Engineering

In Canada, lumber and stone are fairly cheap, providing plenty of building material for major companies. However, since the geography of Canada is so diverse, there are many different climates and cultures to take into account when building - whether that is towers or bridges. Interns can expect to work in drafting, construction management, structural engineering, or CAD.

Hospitality and Tourism

As a huge tourist destination, Canada is a great place for tourism interns. Interns could choose from opportunities in hotels, ski resorts, restaurants, and many more industries. Expect to work with tourists from all over the world, get your feet wet with some training, and also have time for social events. Tourism internships at resorts and hotels in Canada will generally last for about six months or longer. It will be well worth it when you experience all the fun and excitement of interning in the hospitality and service sector.

Information Technology

The technology sector is becoming more and more important around the globe. In Canada, tech interns can expect to find many opportunities. There are internships available for database administrators as well as, ASP.Net, Java, software, and web application developers. You could find a job at small, medium or large IT firms (like Electronic Arts), or within tech departments of large hotels or manufacturers.


With a population of over 33.4 million people from all over the world, Canada is a great place to get a feel for a diverse marketing platform. Interns can expect to work in marketing research, sales, or advertising. Expect to learn a lot about different ways to market products and services, taking into account social media and the fact that Canada has so many languages!

Canada is an enormous nation and as an intern there you'll get a very different experience depending on which city you choose for your internship.

Most interns will choose to do an internship abroad in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, or Montreal.

Toronto, which was voted one of the best places to live in the world, is an industrial city with internship opportunities in just about every industry.

Montreal is ideal for French-speakers who want to challenge themselves by conducting an internship in a foreign language without going too far from home.

Rainy, mountainous, and beautiful Vancouver is very similar to the Pacific Northwest of the U.S (Seattle and Portland) both in lifestyle and industry.

Ottawa, the capital, will also have a wide variety of internships for students.

When and Where to Look for an Internship

Interns in Canada will be able to find positions throughout the year. There are plenty of placement programs that will help find a suitable internship for their participants. Many major business internships are located in Toronto, Vancouver, or Ontario.

Cost of Living in Canada

Living costs in Canada will vary depending on where you decide to live. On average, a one bedroom apartment in the city center will cost about CAD$1000 per month and a one bedroom apartment in the suburbs will be about CAD$750. Because Canada is such a large country, costs can vary across the nation in provinces and cities.

Work Etiquette in Canada

In business, Canadians can often start out as reserved, but will generally become more open and friendlier as relationships grow. As a general rule, manners are respected and polite behavior should be used as often as possible. Handshakes are very commonly used; be sure to make eye contact while shaking someone else’s hand. Communication is moderately indirect, but this can also vary by province. Experience and hard work are appreciated in Canadian business.


English is most commonly used in business, however if you are working in Québec you will probably need to have an understanding of French. You may or may not be required to take language classes if you are using a placement program.


Networking in Canada is useful for further employment or just building relationships in general. Networking among coworkers is popular, and there is also BNI Canada for even more opportunities to network.

Work and Labor Laws in Canada

There are paid and unpaid internships in Canada and the law is very vague on the difference between “work” and “internships.” Internship laws are based on the province you will be working in. For more information refer to the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.


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