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- A guaranteed professional internship in your preferred industry
- Immersive business workshop
- Career coaching and support
- Curated calendar of professional networking events
- Curated online courses and tools
- CV support
- Beyond Academy Certificate of Excellence
- Thriving local community
- Comprehensive 24/7 local support
- Orientation
- Welcome dinner
- Bi-Weekly community dinner
- Local events and day trips
- A bustling social calendar of exciting events
- Farewell dinner to celebrate program completion
- Visa support
- Airport transport on arrival
- Beyond welcome bag
- SIM card (on request)
- Accommodation (optional)
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Airfare Meals Travel Insurance
Sep 15, 2022
Oct 04, 2022
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About Program

Learn better. Travel further. Dream bigger.

Ready to dive into one of the worlds most multicultural and exciting cities with our Internships in London? A city immersed in history, mesmerizing buildings span the city – the Tower of London, British Museum are those most recognizable. But a stroll down most streets will have you drawn to the architecture and imagining the events that may have occurred years before. London is full of innovation, one of Europes largest startup hubs. It is big on business, with industries across finance, marketing, and fashion, to name a few.

We’ll design your London Internship Program so it has the perfect elements for your career success. From selecting the right internship for you from our network of host companies, to workshops and coaching that will give you the skills and insights to flourish during your internship and beyond. It is available in 18 industries, with start dates every month, and durations from 1-6 months.

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Program Highlights

  • A guaranteed professional internship in your chosen industry. Gain insights into local business practice and CV- boosting skills and experience.
  • A carefully designed career development program, including 1-to-1professional coaching, immersive business workshop, CV support, curated online courses, plus invites to exclusive networking events.
  • A bustling social calendar including day trip to Cambridge, West-end theatre night, East London street food tour, biweekly dinners, and many more exciting events.
  • A thriving local community of fellow interns led by our local Community Team offering 24/7 support.
  • Welcome orientation, airport transport on arrival, local SIM, Beyond goodies bag, farewell dinner, and much more

Program Reviews

4.83 Rating
based on 18 reviews
  • 5 rating 88.89%
  • 4 rating 5.56%
  • 3 rating 5.56%
  • 2 rating 0%
  • 1 rating 0%
  • Growth 4.85
  • Support 4.85
  • Fun 4.85
  • Housing 4.6
  • Safety 4.9
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Yes, I recommend this program

Beyond Academy - London

I absolutely loved my time in London while interning through Beyond Academy. First, they make sure to find you a perfect match that you can intern with and then help you step by step through the Visa process. They can provide you with housing (optional) and then have many events planed throughout your time in the city. These are optional as well, but it made it so fun to explore and experience the city with other interns. I always felt safe and never felt like I was alone, which was a big plus for me.

  • Lots of support from the Beyond Academy staff
  • Great experience professionally, a good resume builder
  • You get to meet a lot of great people and make friends from other parts of the world!
  • It can get costly if your specific internship doesn't pay you
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No, I don't recommend this program

Good but very overpriced- I wouldn’t recommend

Even though the other interns I met during the Beyond Program were lovely, the actual program itself was very poorly organised and very much overpriced for what it was. I have separated the issues I encountered both as part of the internship itself and Beyond academy issues below as there aren’t many reviews for Beyond Academy and I think it’s important for aspiring beyond interns to consider before spending that much money.

Beyond Academy:
The pay over time scheme isn’t actually what you’d think as you end up paying 75% if your programme fee a few weeks before you depart.Myself and a few of the other interns only had interviews with companies a a few weeks before we actually flew out.
During the application process you don’t get to pick from a range of companies a new company is only offered if you reject the one presented to you.
You don’t get much CV or interview help, you just get recommended a website (Novoresume) where they give you a template and you fill in your details
Most of the events that were held for the duration of my internship were very repetitive. The ‘welcome’ day for the new interns that arrived every week included 1 paid drink at Hongdae (already covered by the overpriced program fee you pay). So if you were there for 2-3 months chances are you won’t attend all of the events organised by beyond because they’re the same.
Some of the events were actually awful. One of the planned trips was the Hyundai mall, which I know recently has become more of a touristy attraction but as someone who’s internship company was right by it, it didn’t feel like my £5000+ ($6300) was being used efficiently.
If you don’t attend an event you don’t get your budget allocated for that Beyond Academy trip back. For example most of the interns worked regular office hours 9am-6pm (some until 8pm) so could not attend the event, however they couldn’t have their allocated event budget back (which is covered by the initial £5000 you pay them)
For £5000- I would expect the taxi back to the airport covered as well however this wasn’t.
The SIM card they recommended didn’t arrive until the third week and there was not any help on how I could get mine until the 3rd week which meant getting anywhere in Seoul was very difficult.
The two beyond academy leaders we had were lovely and helped us navigate the city and gave us recommendations as well. However when I had issues with my internship, I wasn’t made aware that I could change my internship if I had experienced issues in my first couple weeks until my 4th week- by then I couldn’t switch as many companies understandably wouldn’t want an intern for 4 weeks.

Internship Beyond Academy found for me:
As for my internship, from the second week on I had already finished all of my projects and told my beyond program leaders about this however was not told that finding a different company was an option. So I spent the next 6 weeks sitting by a desk with no work, despite raising this issue with the company I worked at. Someone at Beyond offered to email the company to ask for more work, however I think the issue is Beyond Academy as a company not researching the companies their interns work at properly.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend Beyond Academy for aspiring interns. It was my first time abroad by myself, as most students who are contemplating on doing one of these internships, However I was disappointed at the lack of the support given in the first week to settle in and the overall poor planning of the whole internship. I would recommend either a different company or even better researching your own accommodation and making a list of places you would like to see beforehand because myself and the majority of the other interns did not see where the thousands of pounds/ dollars we were spending were going to.

I believe I could’ve seen more of Korea with the money I gave Beyond Academy if I had organised my finances myself or picked a more reputable and affordable company.

  • Location of internship
  • Seoul program leaders had good restaurant recommendations
  • The people I met
  • The quality of the internship
  • Extremely overpriced especially in comparison to other companies offering same service
  • Repetitive activities (company advertises new and exciting activities however after spending 2 months on this program I realised that after the first couple of weeks Beyond Academy take you to the same few places.)
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Response from Beyond Academy

Dear Lara,

Thank you for your feedback. We have reached out to you personally to resolve your concerns on the points that you have brought up, and also to share on how we are continuously working on improvements to our program for future cohorts. Separately and for the benefit of other prospective interns who are currently doing their research on internship programs abroad, we would like to be given the chance to share our views as well.

We do indeed offer a standard payment plan and checking back on our records you did pay according to schedule. How it works is first, a 10% deposit is due on program enrollment. Next, 45% is due 1 month after the deposit payment. Finally, 45% is due 1 month after the internship role confirmation. More information on this is available on our website at https://beyondacademy.com/payment-plans/.

Our role-matching process is designed to focus on the strengths and background of each individual candidate. Instead of having interns try out for multiple roles, we take care in understanding what interns are hoping to achieve from this internship experience, then find interns a role and company that we consider most suitable for them. This adds a human element to the role-matching process which we see to be very valuable. Occasionally we may source for multiple roles where we feel necessary, or if the role does not align with the student’s preferences.

By subscribing to our program, we give interns access to a premium version of Novoresume which has many more features than the free version and has received great feedback from many of our interns. The Beyond online portal is also available to interns and it has great material on how to build a CV well. Many students have benefitted from these platforms and our Role Success Team is also there to offer more support if a CV needs more work before the interviews.

As for the organized events, our goal is to help interns build an international network with like-minded people and to take part in local activities. This is one way that we have differentiated our programs to stand out from others, and also the reason why many interns choose us as their partner for an internship abroad. Generally, we organize 2 to 3 outings per week and this can range from movie nights, shopping excursions, visiting a museum and more. While we also involve interns in the outings we plan to ensure there is something for everyone, we understand that everyone may have different preferences. Nevertheless, we highly recommend interns to take part in the outings as much as possible in order to meet and network with other interns who have joined the program on different dates.

With regards to your comment about not getting money back if you can’t attend an event, the only time this would happen are for larger excursions where we need to book in advance and make a full payment upfront. In such cases we do always inform interns that if they agree to go we are unable to accept cancellations after the booking is made, which we believe is a reasonable request. We hope you can understand that our event program is a mix of included excursions and a range of optional events that happen every week.

Telecom providers in South Korea have a rather rigid process for the application of long-term SIM cards. While we could have offered a quick solution with a short-term tourist SIM card, this would have been very costly for you and would not have been able to cover your internship period. The best way currently to do this is to apply for the SIM card in advance prior to departure from your home country. Our Community Team will make it a point to remind interns on this so that the SIM card can be delivered to your accommodation in time for your arrival if the application is done within the recommended time frame.

Regarding our program prices, they are very much in line with industry standards and in fact we are cheaper than most of the other main providers in the industry. The costs we charge not only goes toward running the program on-ground, but also to the various teams working behind the scenes to ensure that we always have someone responsible for you every step of the way from application till your program is complete. We urge prospective interns to look at the cost in its entirety, through the valuable and unique learning experiences we bring to you.

Finally, every internship experience is unique and dependent on several factors, including the seasonality of role availability, the educational background and experience of the candidate and the nature of the role and its tasks to name the least. We do in fact conduct due diligence checks on all companies before we place interns. In the event that the internship does not meet expectations, we are on standby to provide any support needed in finding a solution, whether that is talking with the host company or looking for a new placement under certain circumstances if the program timeline and visa may allow for it.

Beyond Academy is an ethical company and all of our team members work hard in order to make the program possible for each intern. Though we are equally disappointed that the experience fell short of your expectations, we will keep working to improve our programs for the future and hope that you have had many positive takeaways nonetheless. We wish you all the best for the next steps in your education and career!

Yours sincerely,

The Beyond Academy Team

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Yes, I recommend this program

London Internship Program

When I was first looking at the program, I was planning on going to Berlin. Due to COVID the Berlin program was cancelled, but I was offered to go to London instead. At first I was a little apprehensive because I had been to London many times in the past. This quickly changed due to Beyond academy’s great support team that offered a great internship, fun events, and many opportunities to meet other people. I feel like I was able to grow professionally and personally during this program. The support team encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone, which gave me the opportunity to make new friends and great memories. I am very glad I decided to do the beyond academy London program and I only wish I was there longer.

  • I was able to gain valuable experience through my internship
  • I got to meet great people through the beyond academy events
  • The support team helped guide me the entire way
  • The accommodation provided was very tiny and not well equipped
  • I tested positive for COVID halfway through my program
  • I didn’t have many options in choosing my internship (law related)
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Nirmal Paul
Yes, I recommend this program

A true opportunity

My two months of internship were indeed a great time. It really helped me in learning and experiencing so many things, especially in my working discipline. When it comes to the fun part I loved all the events which were organized by Beyond. I enjoyed meeting new interns and it's so nice to have them connected. Right after my internship I got a job offer from another company, I believe, a great part of this goes to the internship I did through Beyond and I am happy to be called as a Beyonder. Such a memorable experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Beyond Academy - London Review

My London internship was a memory I will hold in my heart forever. I was lucky enough to already have ties to the UK before attending this internship, therefore my experience is a bit different. I was already traveling beforehand, and arranged my own transport although Beyond does offer this for you. There was communication beforehand, but I would have preferred a bit more hands on! My first accommodation was quite bad - but I reached out to Beyond and they were so kind enough to switch me into a lovely one with many people my age, and it meant the world to me that they heard my concerns and switched me as soon as they could - even offering me free transport to and from the old one. The events they organized were really fun, and the calendar was always there for you to plan ahead of time. They took into consideration what we liked and incorporated it into the calendar, and there was no pressure to attend. I prefer to do a lot alone, and they had no problem with my busy schedule and I showed up when I could - which was super nice for us to not have any pressure or feel bad if we missed. At the beginning I was one of two interns which I found a bit tough but just my luck and not Beyonds doing! But as I stayed longer more people joined. I got to meet people, go for a few nice days out, and the calendar always had something on every week. I feel I got to see the most of London, really feel like a local and enjoy it, whilst doing an internship as well. I had a few hiccups in my internship, but this was mostly due to my company and not the fault of Beyonds. Anyhow, I got to learn a lot in my field and make some valuable connections I can take with me into my future career. The Beyond Academy alumni and staff are such kind people, and really cate about making sure you have a great time and are comfortable. The warm welcome and kindness they showed me is something I will never forget, and made it a whole lot easier to transition to living in a new country. Thank you Beyond!

  • Events
  • Accommodation
  • Community
  • Early Onboarding
  • First Accommodation but this was fixed!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best experience in my life

The Beyond Academy London Internship Program has been so far the best experience in my life! Could not expected better! The location of the accommodation was perfect: a very central and dynamic area! At the beginning I had a little problem with my accommodation but the Beyond Academy team has been very responsive. In only few days I was in a better accommodation in the same building. The whole team is very caring and in case of a problem, they will fix it in a very short time. My internship was very interesting and in a very great area also. The trips organized by Beyond were well chosen; there were different styles of trips: cultural, food, drinks, excursions, visits of London monuments... For all tastes!
Thank you Beyond for this experience, I am grateful to you!

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Yes, I recommend this program

London Beyond academy

I really enjoyed my experience and the support was amazing! I couldn’t recommend it more!
It’s a great experience for both career building and gaining experience but it’s also very sociable and easy to make friends. Location wise accommodation was great and easy to navigate and we had weekly events which was really nice!
I would highly suggest beyond academy for anyone and the workshops on offer also provide invaluable help with career building and working on your confidence and public speaking.

  • Great support
  • Career building
  • Social
  • None
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great support.

I approached Beyond Academy to join their London internship program. The overall process, from admission to placement, was very smooth, and the staff at Beyond Academy was very helpful in every step of the process. Even before the role-matching process began, I had a meaningful conversation with the program manager where I was able to express my needs and outline goals for the internship. Then the role matching team looked at many different opportunities for me and came up with something that really matched my interests and profile. I found that Beyond Academy understands the fact that many students and young professionals do internships so they can learn more. They'll do their best to find you an internship where you will not only add experience to your CV, but where you will also meet your learning objectives. Apart from that, they are always happy to support their candidates and hear their concerns. Whenever I had any questions, everyone was happy to talk to me at a moment's notice; I felt cared for. The staff at BA are genuine and honest people who really want to see their candidates succeed. That for me is very important and for this reason, I will recommend them to anyone who is looking to gain work experience overseas. You'll be in good hands!

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