Rome, also known as the “Eternal City,” has been a top travel destination in Italy for years. Italy’s vibrant capital is full of reminders of its incredible past everywhere you turn. Whether you are looking to explore Rome’s ancient monuments and impressive museums or it’s amazing nightlife and mouth watering restaurants, an internship in Rome is perfect if you don’t mind getting lost in it’s history.

With it’s historical centre being the largest in the world, Rome is still small enough for relaxed sight-seeing and is easy to get around on foot. Enjoy the lively streets and squares as well as the delicious never-ending choices of gelato while gaining professional experience in the magical city of Rome.


With it’s beautiful ancient streets, architecture, and timeless art, Rome is the perfect place to film a movie. Home to Cinecitta Studios, the largest film and television production facility in Europe, Rome is the best place to learn more about this exciting industry.


Italian companies are constantly on the rise so it’s no surprise that many are trying to broaden their visibility across the globe. Many businesses are seeking interns with a wide variety of skills ranging from international search engine optimization (SEO) to consulting. By gaining marketing experience in a well-known city like Rome, you will definitely make yourself stand out as a competitive and well-rounded applicant for future employers.


Home to some of the most recognizable tourist attractions in the world, Rome brings in almost 4 million tourists a year. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the world of tourism then Rome is the perfect location to gain valuable hands on experience. A vast amount of museums, historical buildings, parks, and more exist which makes for a broad selection of internship opportunities.

When and Where to Look for an Internship

While big cities like Rome have the most internship opportunities, it can be hard to land the right one without assistance or personal connections. Especially with Italy being known to have such a tight-knit work culture, taking the time to research different providers who will organize it on your behalf can be very helpful. In addition, keep in mind that while internships in Rome are generally available year-round, try to avoid working in August, when many businesses are shut down due to vacation.

Cost of Living in Rome

With Rome being such a huge city, the cost of living can be a lot higher than in the rest of Italy. On average, the rent per month for a one-bedroom apartment in the center of Rome is 1,000 Euros ($1,200). While it might be hard to avoid eating at restaurants and shopping at stores near the major sights, be aware that it will be more expensive than if you were to choose a place that’s only a few blocks away.

It is best to spend time exploring, turning the mysterious corner, and supporting the many families businesses that are scattered all over Rome. Not only will you get a more genuine experience, but it can help you save a lot of money. For more information, visit Numbeo.


Italians are extremely intuitive which means that they prefer to do business with people that they know and trust. It is in your best interest to practice being patient so don’t be put off if your meeting is suddenly interrupted by other guests or if voices are being raised. This is a common practice, especially since Italians can be very expressive communicators, often using facial and hand gestures to prove their point. Additionally, it is important to dress to impress if you land an internship in Rome because good clothes are often a signature of success in the business world.


Many internship programs provide Italian-language classes and even private tutoring to help you polish up your Italian. Likewise, offering to help translate documents, write letters or proofread reports and materials written in English while in your internship is another way to help you master the ability of seamlessly switching from one language to the other. The quickest and easiest way to learn another language is to immerse yourself in it and choosing to intern in Rome can help you do just that!


In Italy, networking is often considered a full-time occupation since personal contacts are vital in helping you get ahead. If you choose to intern in Rome, then it is important to take the time to build relationships with your colleagues. Most of the time, the goal of a first meeting is to develop an initial sense of respect and trust. Luckily for you, there are many professional networking organizations that can act as valuable communities. These include:

Work and Labor Laws in Rome

A student visa is only needed if US citizens are planning to stay in Italy for more than 12 weeks. Due to visa regulations, all internships in Italy are unpaid. However, depending on your employer, some companies may offer a bonus, living allowance, or other types of perks for your efforts.

Internship Programs in Rome

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Global Experiences
Summer Internships with Global Experiences
Multiple Countries
9.75 •4 reviews

Intern Abroad in the summer and have a life-changing travel experience...

IES Abroad
IES Internships Rome Summer – Internship
9.75 •4 reviews

Intern at the international intersection of culture and business while...

CIS Abroad
CIS Abroad - Intern in Rome
9.8 •5 reviews

Visit Rome for a week and you’ll see the most famous sites, like the...

CEA Study Abroad
CEA Internships in Rome, Italy

Study abroad in Rome and discover la dolce vita— the sweet life...

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad
Internships in Europe: Traveling For-Credit Summer Internships
Multiple Countries
10 •3 reviews

Stuck between studying abroad or completing an internship this summer...

IES Abroad
IES Internships Rome – Full-Time Semester Internship

Spend a semester getting the professional experience you need in today...

Intern Abroad HQ
Most Affordable Internships in Italy with Intern Abroad HQ

It's not often you get to experience career readiness and cultural...

World Internships
Intern in Italy with World Internships!
9 •2 reviews

Internships in Florence or Rome combine extensive Italian language...

Living and Learning International
Global Virtual Internships
Multiple Countries

Through the Global Virtual Internship by Living and Learning...

Placement Italy
Paid Internships Abroad in Italy, Spain and France with Placement Italy

Placement Italy offers participants guaranteed internship placement...

Intern in Rome with Travelmania!

Rome is a city of ancient wonder with a definite modern Italiano buzz...

Performing Arts Abroad
Technical Theater Internship in Italy

Develop your skills in technical theater during an internship in Italy...

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