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The Remote Internship is a project-based internship experience that can be done from a remote location, without the need to be physically present at the office during office hours. You'll be completing your work without a commute and directly from your own laptop! The Remote Internship will allow you to market yourself to future employers, prove your worth remotely at no travel cost, and kick-start an international career from anywhere.

By selecting your internship focus, you can prioritize your program location or your industry of choice, by interning remotely with organizations in Spain, Canada, China, UK, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Japan or France with placements available in these fields:

- Advertising
- Business
- Engineering
- Entrepreneurship
- Event Planning
- Fashion
- Finance
- Graphic Design
- Green Technology
- Pharma
- HR
- IT
- Journalism
- Logistics
- Marketing
- Non Profit
- PR
- Real Estate
- Sports
- Sustainability
- Video Production

  • Start your guaranteed remote internship all-year-round within your field (+30 industries)
  • Learn a new language of your choice through a Babbel course
  • Access exclusively the Absolute Academy: our guided experiential learning course with cultural and career training
  • Customize the duration of your internship (4 to 16 weeks) and internship hours a week (20 to 30 hours)
  • Meet and network with ambitious and talented students from around the world

See you online this winter!

When was the last time you...
- Met hundreds of awesome, talented and ambitious students?
- Got to connect live with business leaders, TedX speakers and award-winning entrepreneurs?
- Learned a new language?
- Interned for a company across the world, let's say in snowy yet magical Sweden?

The Remote Internship Program has all of the above, plus a few extra surprises:

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Yes, I recommend this program

Outstanding experience

I was placed in a wonderful company in the UK and had a very educational and eye opening experince. My placement advisor was extremely helpful during the application process and communicated everything I needed clearly, he was also veryreceptive to my concerns and took not of everything I wanted in an internship. I was helped up till my interview with the company after which I started my internship. Even though it was online, which I was pretty skeptical of considering my major is very hands on (mechanical engineering), I ended up learning so much more than I could've imagined, including softwares and skills. The fact that it was remote allowed me to be close to family and participate in other functions locally as well. The career and development workshops were awesome too!

What would you improve about this program?
One thing I would improve is the ability to see the companies that are open for interning with beforehand wile still applying.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Wonderful cultural and professional experience!

This internship program has been a wonderful experience both culturally and professionally! The online courses, career speakers, coaching sessions, and cultural trainings, all provided in my Absolute Academy, were all very helpful for my time with my host company. Speaking of my host company, Absolute Internship placed me with a fantastic nonprofit organization in Portugal, called SPEM, that assists patients with multiple sclerosis. The relationship that I built with my supervisor is one that I am grateful for and intend to maintain long past my time with Absolute Internship. Overall, this program is a great opportunity for anyone seeking to expand their cultural and professional skills and I highly recommend it! Apply for Absolute Internship's scholarship awards as well!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Practice good time management when dealing with your various tasks.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Remote Internship from Alabama

For the past twelve weeks, I have had the incredible opportunity to work in my chosen field in a company half a world away. How is this possible, you ask? Through the Absolute Internship Remote Internship Program. Look it up, seriously. When I was initially accepted into Absolute Internship’s study abroad program, I thought it was too good to be true. Gaining invaluable work experience from a world-renown company while exploring a foreign country? Yes, please! Of course, reality took over, and Covid-19 rocked the world. I was devasted and angry for being deprived of the experience. Lucky for myself and hundreds of other students, Absolute Internship extended a helping hand and introduced their Remote Internship program. My new thought, “I can gain invaluable work experience from a world-renown company while learning in my pajamas? Yes, please!” I applied again, interviewed (again), and soon received an email glowing with the word “Congratulations!”. Once more, I applied and was chosen as an Absolute Internship Remote Scholarship Awardee.
Overjoyed at the thought of what was to come, I was quickly placed with and introduced to the law firm that would guide my learning for the next three months. My supervisor at MingDun law firm in Beijing immediately sought to get to know me as a person and as an intern. His warm welcome allowed me to feel as though I was truly part of a community an ocean away. I was soon supplied with several tasks to research and provide notes on for the firm’s use. Because this particular firm specialized in intellectual property law, each issue I researched brought me closer to understanding the nature of and interactions between intellectual property laws worldwide. From reading Trademark Infringement laws in the U.S. to interpreting the legality of the infamous TikTok ban, to conveying my findings, I began to understand the value an internship of this caliber could have in the eventual success of my career. Each time I submitted my research, my supervisor continued the learning process by meeting with me over Zoom and discussing any potential questions or clarifications I might have. This step was instrumental to my learning because it allowed me to speak with an expert in the field (not just over email) on a topic I was interested in pursuing as a career. It also granted me the opportunity to digest the mass amounts of information I was gathering and articulate it concisely. However, I would not have been able to do this effectively if it were not for Absolute Internship’s Absolute Academy.
Each member of the Absolute Internship program is given access to this informative platform to supplement their experience. From workshops on emotional intelligence at the workplace to the art of communication to understanding diversity, the Academy has a course on how to excel in any internship. Score! But the learning doesn’t stop there. To make sure you are receiving every bit of internship wisdom possible, the program also offers many workshops designed to enhance soft skills necessary to career success. My favorite workshop was The Art of Communication, in which I utterly embarrassed myself by showcasing my unfortunate lack of communication skills. I applied the lessons I learned from this and similar workshops to my work at MingDun Law Firm. Throughout the previous twelve weeks, I am happy to report that I have grown not only as a researcher and writer but also as a team member, communicator, and critical thinker. I find it hard to believe that I could be just as successful in my career if I had not taken part in the Absolute Internship program. With the guidance of the wonderful Absolute Internship team and of MingDun Law Firm, I can continue down my career path with confidence and professionalism.

What was your funniest moment?
When I was doing a communication exercise with one of the Absolute Internship team members, she asked me to draw what she was describing. I attempted to draw it with only her description as guidance. My drawing ended up completely different from hers and I was sufficiently embarrassed by my lack of listening skills. After a minute or so, though, we were able to laugh about my rediculous drawing.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Remote Internship in Paris

My experience interning with Absolute was amazing. I participated during these past two months in the Remote Internship Program, where I work remotely with an organization of the sector that I chose located in Paris. The staff of Absolute were great, always assisting me and making the experience feel personal and easy going.
The program gave me the opportunity to continue my studies at the same time that I was working internationally with an organization. I also had the chance to explore my career interest and goals that I want to set for the future.
I had such an amazing time working and having the guidances of Absolute, that I am applying for another internship for next semester.
The experience and knowledge that I gained during these past weeks is the start of my career life and I am forever grateful that Absolute Internship was the one that gave it to me.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Two Finance Internship with Absolute Internship

I would definitly recommend absolute internship to every student desiring to have an internship abroad. I truly enjoyed my two experiences with them the first being a finance Intership in London and the second one being a finance remote internship. The Absolute Internship was constently available and checking on me to make sure that my internship was doing great.
When you go abroad everything is design so that you don't have to stress about accomodation or transportation. They also organize cultural activities, presentations and visits.
Moreover, during the remote internship we had a platform with information about how to succeed our internship; and we had online share meetings to connect with the other interns. They match you with great companies that help grow towards your career goals.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
worked on a partnership deal(remote)
Visiting Scotland (London Internship)
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Yes, I recommend this program

Remote Absolute Internship

My experience interning remotely abroad was overall quite enjoyable. I was initially shocked that my internship would be conducted in Spanish, requiring me to consistently communicate with my supervisors in the language in addition to translating, and writing up reports and presentations in Spanish, so I was grateful to have the chance to practice my Spanish in more professional settings. It was challenging to get used to the time difference and the different culture surrounding work as well, and at times there were issues with communication, and I found it difficult to complete absolute materials due to the remote format, however, overall the positive outweighs the negative.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Remote International Internships with Absolute Internship

I applied to this program because I wanted to build my resume and to grow both personally and professionally with an international experience. In this period of time traveling and going abroad could be difficult and this Remote Internship has been a really good solution. Thanks to this program I found an e-commerce and digital marketing internship at a London based luxury firm, being able to learn a lot, to grow and to begin building my career in the field I wanted to. I'm really satisfied with the help I had from Absolute Internship, as they helped me finding the perfect solution I was looking for, being always open to my needs.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Remote internship

I was a remote internship scholarship awardee and worked for a digital marketing agency based in London for 6 weeks. I do not have an academic background in Marketing, so it was a great opportunity for me to learn about the industry and gain valuable experience. The Absolute team were always available and managed to place me in a company really fast and in the city I was hoping for, since they took into consideration important aspects such as time zone difference. I really believe doing a remote internship is a very valuable experience to have nowadays and can really make you stand out from the rest of applicants for a job. Absolute Internship can really help make the process a lot easier and they work really hard to make your experience incredible.

What would you improve about this program?
They should organize an activity between the intern and the host company in order for them to get to know each other better and to interact.
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