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Mar 08, 2022
Sep 01, 2022
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Live in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona and indulge in the rich Spanish culture while interning in the field of your choice! You'll enjoy a customized internship related to your studies and your career field of interest to give you the ultimate in professional growth. When you're not interning, you will have plenty of time to explore the bustling city and enjoy the rich cultural traditions of Barcelona, Catalonia, and broader Spain, which our exceptional on-site staff will be eager to show you.

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Program Highlights

  • Location! Barcelona is full of tourist spots and you are bound to find your own spot in this city full of surprises. Interns have plenty of time to explore the city during their internship.
  • History! Barcelona is home to many historical sites. Museums, and landmarks are found throughout the city, and our interns regularly explore these options.
  • Custom internships! We place interns in the field of their choice to ensure a quality professional development experience.
  • Resume-building! Interning in Barcelona will set you apart from the crowd; you will have first-hand cross-cultural experience in the international setting.
  • Extensive network! You will be connected to professionals in their fields, giving you plenty of references for any job hunting youre bound to do in the future!


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4.92 Rating
based on 12 reviews
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  • 4 rating 8.33%
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  • Growth 4.6
  • Support 4.85
  • Fun 4.75
  • Housing 4.5
  • Safety 4.95
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Experience

I spent the summer being an intern in Barcelona and it was the best time of my life. There was a huge support network available to me and everyone from CIS was very helpful with everything I needed, from housing problems to cultural shock, there was someone who was always willing to help. I also enjoyed the day trips and activities that they had planned for us, it helped me connect with more people from the program which helped me get to know people very fast and my experience more enjoyable.
They met my needs when it came to the internship, I was paired with a company that was in the industry that I was interested in. They checked in regularly and made sure I had a great experience.

  • Beautiful City
  • Nature
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Yes, I recommend this program

The best experience possible

I always knew that I wanted to travel to Barcelona, so I was excited when I made the decision to do an internship through CISabroad. My experience ended up being the absolute best that it could have been. I am an international business major worked for a company that worked with solar energy technology, and it was a great experience because the company I worked for had partnerships with companies in many different countries. I was able to learn a lot about an industry I had not considered before which was really enjoyable. I enjoyed my internship experience very much.
The CIS onsite staff provided support for all of the students in case we ever needed help with something or had an emergency. They were also really great about letting us know about different events going on in the city - we received a weekly cultural agenda with different activities to do every weekend in the city. There were also multiple day trips outside of Barcelona included in the program, as well as a week of intensive Spanish classes.
Overall, my experience in Barcelona was absolutely incredible, and I hope that I can go back again someday. I would recommend this program to anyone!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Barcelona internship

My internship has been an invaluable experience. The company the i was placed with is a start up company that lets you get involved with all the big issues.

The housing was lovely although we were located on the opposite side of the city to everyone in our program but it was very close to my work so overall was very happy with it.

The support staff at Barcelona SAE were fantastic they remembered all of their students names and regularly checked in on them. The tours I did with them were well organised and a great experience. I would highly recommend doing them.

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Hoa Ashley
Yes, I recommend this program

Intern in Barcelona

I had one of the most fulfilling experiences interning in Barcelona through CIS Abroad! Everybody on the team was so wonderful and welcoming to all of us. It was my first time outside the country, and the staff really gave me all the tools and skills I needed. The placement of the internship was perfect and well suited to my talents and wishes, and when I was going through a hard time they offered me great advice on how to work in another country. Overall, my experience with CIS Abroad was so wonderful I cant wait to travel again!

What would you improve about this program?
Offering Spanish classes throughout my entire stay, rather than just one week
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Yes, I recommend this program

Tourism in Barcelona

Studying tourism in school, I was always a little weary that I would have a hard time finding a professional internship or career in my field. But CISabroad proved me wrong!! After skyping with them, they were able to find me a great placement with a travel/marketing agency where I learned about tourism marketing and designing a travel catalog. From my experience in Barcelona, I felt more confident moving into future internships and now have landed a job in strategic marketing and event planning.

Since my time in Barcelona, I maintained relationships with three close friends that I met while interning abroad and keep in touch with to this day. I have been able to travel to Boston, Denver, and Cheyenne to travel and see my friends again. Having friends from different parts of the state is a great way to learn just how diverse the states really are.

While I was in Barcelona during the heat of the summer, I got very sick and had to go to the clinic to be seen by a doctor. I was nervous to do this on my own so CIS contacted the hospital, an interpreter, and even called a cab for me!! I felt safe and well taken cared of while over seas. They even set up an appointment for me to see a therapist for a visit while I was home sick and it felt so good to talk to someone and get some things off my chest. Knowing I was okay on my own and that CIS workers genuinely cared for their students well being, made it easier for me to enjoy my experince.

What would you improve about this program?
They offered a lot of great events and outings for students to meet be able to meet people but at times it could be overwhelming with so many new people at once. Maybe creating a small group of people instead of a class size to meet friends based on similar interests or internships could be easier for some people who are so out going as others.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Take the world by the Horns!

Summer 2017 has been one of the best one's of my life! Currently a Senior at the University of Texas at Austin I had the grand opportunity to intern abroad as an education intern. From the food, the amazing strangers who instantly became friends, the breathtaking architecture, navigating the metro, to simply relaxing at the beach reading a book, Barcelona was everything and more that I wished for. I love traveling independently, as a student with a congenital physical disability accessibility was important for me. The program personnel were extremely communicative to ensure all my accommodations where in place for when I arrived. This made my stay comfortable and allowed me to experience the city to my full potential. My work environment was enjoyable. A good experience lies in your attitude. Yes you will experience challenges, but that is part of life. Enjoy every second and capture a mental image every moment. Go out by yourself, and explore. Meet strangers, get acquainted. Most of all be positive and make the most of your time in beautiful Barcelona.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best decision I made in college

CISabroad was amazing from the beginning to the end of my program. They were always there to answer my questions. They did an amazing job pairing me with my internship. I learned more than I ever thought I would. Plus, it was extremely hands on!

The best part about CISabroad is that it is cheap! It was actually cheaper for me to intern and take courses abroad than it was for me to stay at my home university!

The fact that I was in Europe made it for easy and cheap access to traveling. The only problem I had was that it was not long enough.

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Yes, I recommend this program

WORTH IT!! A Step by Step Review of CISabroad

Since the reviews online were a significant factor in making my decision, I'll give you guys a thorough summary of my experience :)

When I decided I wanted to do an internship abroad, I started to research and research. Most study abroad companies were too expensive for my budget, so I was trying to find an internship on my own and arrange everything myself. However, I had very limited dates available and most "free" internships had very strict start-end dates and lasted anywhere from 3 months to 2 years! I finally decided to search for scholarships and other financial help, which I got from my university, and after a lot of research, I decided to try it out with CISabroad. I chatted a lot with CISabroad staff, who happily answered my questions, and I read reviews on every website. I found that CISabroad was the better-reviewed program. The only negative reviews I found, I shared with the CISabroad staff and asked them to clarify them for me, and they were happy to do so. They finally convinced me to apply, giving me step-by-step instructions. My only complaint would be that, sometimes, they would take their time to answer my questions, but to be fair, they never ignored any of my concerns. When your applying to a study abroad or intern abroad program, you must understand that there will be times where you will just have to be patient. CISabroad has hundreds and maybe thousands of students applying to programs all over the world, which is really cool, but also takes a lot of time from the staff.

HOMESTAY + Getting there
Thankfully, I got accepted into the Intern in Barcelona program and received a discount for applying early :) The day finally came and I was officially on my way to Barcelona to have what would become one of the best experiences in my life. However, I had some flight delays/cancellations, which affected my schedule, but the CISabroad onsite staff worked around that, which I appreciated so much. I got to my homestay, which I absolutely recommend, and had a nice lady waiting for me. I stayed in a really nice neighborhood in Barcelona really close to my internship placement. I had my own set of keys to the apartment, 2 yummy homemade meals a day, and an amazing host family (for real, you guys, EXCELLENT!)

Throughout the process, I was really anxious to know what my internship placement would be. I asked the CISabroad staff about it, and they told me they had to wait because they couldn't know until they had all my information since the internships they provide are customized to the student preferences. In order to get to know me, they called me a few times and we also had a Skype interview. I had to wait some time for them to tell what my placement would be, but at least they told me a week before getting to Barcelona, so I had an idea about what I would be doing. My 2 interests were management and international business, which are my two majors, but I also have a minor in Strategic Communications, which allowed them to place me in a communications agency focused on the health industry. At first, I was a little bit confused because my internship didn't have much to do with international business, and I wasn't very excited about the health industry either. However, I quickly adapted and loved everything about my internship because my coworkers gave me a lot of responsibility and allowed me to do significant work, which was the most important factor to me. Plus, they sent me to two different business events in Barcelona, including an amazing advertising festival. In fact, this internship made me realize that I want to pursue corporate communications after I graduate college.

CISabroad holds many meetings that help students understand the local culture. They go from classroom orientations to neighborhood tours and sharing a meal afterwards, and even cooking lessons! The amount of activities CISabroad has for students and interns lets you get to know other foreign people, but the onsite -local- staff are so kind that they become your friends, too. In order to get to know more locals, you must really participate in the process. My co-workers, host family, church or other encounters, and other students were gateways to doing this. In addition, my internship schedule was Monday to Thursday from 9-2 pm., which allowed me to explore the city afterwards. I fell in love with Barcelona and its unique culture. There is so much to do, a great transportation system, constant opportunities to meet new people, amazing food, and... the beach: all I need to be happy hehe. Also, since I had long weekends (sometimes used for CISabroad activities, like going to a nearby town), I had the opportunity to travel to other European cities, including cities in Spain, France, Italy, and England.

Last advice: research and go for it! CISabroad makes your dream possible :) Good luck!

What would you improve about this program?
1. Even though I loved how challenging my internship placement was, I would have liked my placement to be more related to my majors and what I expressed that I liked. I know someone did an internship with a travel agency, which would have been absolutely perfect for me. Make sure you tell them what your expectations are.

2. Maybe CISabroad can work with the companies so that they can provide information about the internship placement sooner. This would help students plan better and solve any concerns they have about the internship placement.
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