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Jun 17, 2024
Apr 08, 2024
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About Program

Our award-winning program gives students the opportunity to spend the summer or fall developing their professional skills on a full-time internship in Stockholm. Live and work in the Silicon Valley of Europe and build unique experience that will help you stand out in an increasingly competitive job market.

Work within your industry of choice with over 30 fields to choose from, including Entrepreneurship, IT, Business, Green Technology and Marketing/PR. Absolute Internship organises company visits, career events and cultural activities, day trips and weekend excursions to help you gain valuable industry insights and explore Scandinavia.

This program includes high-quality central housing, visa support, cultural activities, trips and 24/7 on-site support from our Program Coordinator.

Featured in the New York Times, BBC News, Bloomberg, and Forbes Magazine, we have placed 4000+ interns at 800+ companies worldwide.

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Program Highlights

  • Take the next step along your career path with a world-class internship in your industry of choice.
  • Gain professional skills through career speaker events, company visits and career workshops.
  • Build unique experience that will help you stand out in a rapidly expanding job market.
  • Discover Stockholm on after-work activities and explore Scandinavia on day and weekend trips.
  • Live in a multicultural environment with fellow Absolute Interns from across the globe. Enjoy 24/7 onsite support from your Absolute Internship Coordinator.

Program Reviews

4.75 Rating
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  • 4 rating 25%
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  • Growth 4.25
  • Support 4.75
  • Fun 4.5
  • Housing 5
  • Safety 4.75
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Yes, I recommend this program

Exceptional experience

It was an amazing experience since I could discover new culture, food, and people. Beside this the academic and professional experience gained from the internship is invaluable. I would say being friendly and ethical helped me gain trust and share the knowledge with my supervisor, which helped me a lot. Without forgetting the assistance of Absolute during my stay in almost everything, from information, tips and having someone to talk to! The best moments were the trips to Uppsala and Gothenburg.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Expanding my own horizons

Working international is a valuable experience for anyone. Here's why my experience was extraordinary:

With a perfect match with the internship company, I had set sails to a successful internship. The only downside on this was, that I found this match 4 Days before flying out to Stockholm, which made me very nervous. Special thanks here to the staff, who managed to calm me down multiple times.

Arriving in Stockholm, we got a helpful and informative introduction to the city and the internship from an on-site program manager.

Floorball is a sport very popular in the northern countries of Europe. As a player, it was a great honour and experience to play with a local team during my stay. This wasn't set up by Absolute Internship, but I would recommend you, to try and find a club of your sport to see how it's played in another country.

A big stress killer was the knowledge of having support from the Absolute Internship staff, even when they weren't on site any more. They checked in with us regularly and helped with problems with the company, accommodation and gave great tips for free time activities.

For me, the 2 career workshops, weren't helpful and more time-consuming, than a learning experience.

If it is worth the investment of the money: I can't say. For me, the University paid, but I do think that it is worth it.

Last but not least, I want to say that the bondage, you'll create with the other students in the program are very interesting, since you wouldn't meet such people any other way.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Step out of your comfort zone! Not only by going to the internship, but by doing stuff when you're there. Nobody knows you and if you do something weird or suck at an activity you do, nobody is going to remember it as soon as you're back in your home country.
  • Very well organized
  • Professional Staff
  • Late Internship placement
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Yes, I recommend this program

ILY CHARLIE Also the program rocks

Awesome experience that pushed me into going into the field that I’m going to graduate school for. We had an awesome program leader (ily Charlie) and have made some amazing long lasting friends because of the experience. Our weekend outings were fantastically planned btw: Estonia was great but wet and ruined my pants but that’s my fault, Helsinki is gorgeous but a small child stole my floaty when I was at the pool, Copenhagen was perfect and I want to go back so bad. I loved my experience with Absolute and Sweden, if you’re thinking about it you should.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would do a sustainability internship, Stockholm is a fantastic stop for that
  • Made amazing friends
  • Got to see the world
  • Swedish Chocolate Balls
  • I stained my pants in Estonia when it was raining
  • Sweden is expensive
  • Pickled herring
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Good Way to Explore Out of My Comfort Zone

Going all the way to Sweden for an internship is really freaky. I don't travel much, especially that far. I didn't know how to prepare, what I should and shouldn't do, etc... However, the people at Absolute do know about how to guide you through these places and aren't unfamiliar with unfamiliarity. Although they could be a bit more proactive in reaching out to you to help along the way and while on the trip, they are very friendly and personable people that want to make sure you're comfortable. Make sure you ask them a lot of questions if you're nervous because they'll help you out or direct you to where you can get help. It was a very flexible experience with them, which I'd normally not expect considering the scale of what they do. They try to make sure you have a nice place to stay and fun stuff to do while abroad. They're a great avenue for exploration if you've been meaning to venture out of your comfort zone.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
I lost my travel group in Finland and had absolutely no cell coverage there. I didn't know where anyone was or where to find them. By complete luck I ran into someone from my group who was walking to them, and did have service there. Lesson: Stick to your people like glue if you don't wanna get lost, lol.
  • Learned how to interact with people from other cultures.
  • Was supplied things like a sim card and subway card so I could travel/commute without worry.
  • The Absolute team are very friendly and are always willing to help and answer questions.
  • Information is kind of unorganized.
  • There aren't a lot of plans for if you get lost or left behind.
  • They aren't super proactive with checking in with you leading up to the trip, so you have to go to them a lot.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Definitely Recommend!

My name is Pfifer Blackman and I am an American currently studying at the University of Georgia. I am a junior double majoring in Real Estate and Finance in the Terry College of Business. I always wanted to go abroad and when finding an immersive experience involving work I was immediately intrigued. I participated in the Spring internship program with Absolute Internship.
I have held this internship particularly close to my heart as the people there are very accepting and wish for me to get the most out of it. They were willing and able to place various tasks on my plate and allowed me to earn significant exposure to the inner operations here at Hostini. As I was assigned these responsibilities, one stuck out to me as it was particularly fulfilling.
I was able to expand my leadership skills dramatically through my time in Stockholm. Although I did enjoy each corporate project, I found myself learning in corners never expected. Handling the company’s financials was not something I had expected out of this internship, but I enjoyed every second of this responsibility. It was a great feeling to confirm my love for math and numbers and have them applied in a real-life setting. I plan to take these skills back with me and hopefully apply them to a job in the fall around Athens while completing my senior year.
As this was a very developing experience in my life, I would recommend it to all. Coming in with an open mind and room to grow were two things that assisted my success.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Go to all events you can and truly immerse yourself in the culture!
  • Work Experience
  • Good Staffing Help
  • Excellent Housing
  • Small Group
  • Not completely relevant work
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Yes, I recommend this program

Stockholm gives you superpowers!

The internship in Stockholm was literally the best thing I did in 2023 learning wise. I gained a lot of experience, improved my English, tried out a lot of new things (Bachata, Singing, watching floorball) and got to experience a lot of fun things. In retrospect, I'd probably try to go out alone even more to meet new people, but it was a lot of fun to work in Sweden and experience the flair of Stockholm. Absolute Internship made the introduction to the city, the housing etc. awesome, and it's really an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Go outside. Be brave. I had a lot of fun when I went out alone to explore the city. Go do some activities that you'd usually do in your city, and try out new things as well. My biggest lifehack: Going to a social dance class (Bachata, West Coast Swing etc.) is the hidden tip for meeting a lot of super cool people extremely fast.
  • Unique Experience
  • Personal Growth in all areas
  • Princess Cake
  • Already over
  • I want to go back
  • The smell of Surströmming
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Summer Ever in Sweden

After spending my summer in Stockholm I can without doubt say that it changed my life and my outlook for life for the absolute better. I had never been abroad before coming to Sweden, but to experience this amazing culture with a group of awesome people from all around the world was an experience I'll never forget. The people in Sweden are so friendly and everything was so clean and organized.

The housing had everything that I needed to cook and we had all the facilities that you need such as washing machine. My manager at my internship and the company itself was great too. I really felt part of the team and company and they made me feel very welcome as a foreign intern. I can only say great things about my experience with Absolute Internship and the program and I really recommend it to everyone that want to take the opportunity to intern abroad and make friends. You'll have amazing memories and experiences for life.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Just go for it! You won't regret it! Interning in Sweden was an amazing memory I'll always treasure.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Awesome summer!!

My internship and summer in Stockholm through Absolute was really great! I was matched with a startup and was working in a company of six people. I really enjoyed my time and everything that I learned from my colleagues- and my mentor at my internship. Swedish people are really kind and the company made me feel part of their team, which was great. I learned a lot of great news skills that I'm sure will be of use at my next internship or once I graduate and start my first real full time job.

As with everyone I'm sure that took part of this program, I was nervous before coming to Sweden but Maria the program staff from Absolute was wonderful. She made me feel so much at ease, welcomed and was there whenever I needed. Also the other students that were part of the program were incredible too. I made a lot of great friends. I really recommend Absolute if you are looking for an organized, fun summer that helps you build your CV.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
The sun never went down! It was incredible to try to go to bed with sunlight still out at 11 pm. Awesome experience and really unique.
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