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The 3 month Sansori Bridge Year allows you to develop holistically on a professional and personal level through direct experiential learning. You will learn through travel, social enterprise work experience, online business seminars, and exploring your mind body connection.

The Bridge Year begins and ends with group retreats, where we will explore sustainable business solutions, storytelling, new cultures, and our mind body connections.

You will join a social enterprise (likely a certified B-Corp) for a 10 week practicum to experience at the deepest level how you can apply your passions in a conscious and sustainable business context.

Through Sansori’s online business seminars, sharing best practices and self-directed research projects with your peers and mentors, you will enhance your business skills and develop as a transformational leader.

  • Gain real-world job training at a social enterprise or B-Corp. Collaborate with your new professional mentors and peers in making a difference in your communities, locally and globally.
  • Discover a path to clarity and purpose in life: combining creativity, personal empowerment and a sense of social responsibility.
  • Master your storytelling skills.
  • Deepen your mind-body connection, understanding that all that you need on your journey is within you.
  • Explore different cultures with an open heart and curious mind .

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About Sansori

Sansori is creating a new global paradigm for education: a space where you can connect to a meaningful livelihood through social enterprise job training, experience other cultures and deepen your mind body connection. This is a program for any stage...