South Korea
Employment Type
Contract Length
1 Year+
Student Level
Elementary Middle School High School


Job Qualifications

  • Be a citizen of one of the 7 native English speaking countries (USA, CA, UK, IRE, AUS, NZ, ZA)
  • Attended an English-Medium school from grades 7-12 (USA, CA, UK, IRE, AUS, NZ, ZA)
  • 3-4 Year Bachelor's Degree in Any Field (USA, CA, UK, IRE, AUS, NZ, ZA)
  • Have NO Criminal Record (Misdemeanors or felonies)
  • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certification

Job Benefits

  • Housing Provision
  • Entrance Allowance of 1.8 Mil KRW
  • 26 Vacation Days
  • Severance Payment
  • Medical Insurance Support
  • Week-Long Orientation
  • Work/Life Balance

Company Description

Warm greetings from Korvia.

We are a recruiting company based in Seoul, THE metropolitan as well as capital city of South Korea. We help teachers that are interested to come and teach in Korea to find a job that will be perfect for them. We provide schools from both private and public sectors, so as a teacher, they will have a wide range of choices!

To find out more about what the programs are all about, please go to our website for more information.

Job Description

EPIK (English Program in Korea) is a public school English teaching program in Korea sponsored by the Korean government that places teachers in various cities as well as provinces around South Korea. English Program in Korea is the most inclusive English program in Korea and has the most location choices out of all the public school teaching programs in Korea, spanning across all of South Korea. Applicants have the option of choosing a preference for their location.

Korvia is one of the exclusive partners with the EPIK program. If you want to have the perfect application, we are just the team you are looking for! Don't worry, if you apply with us, we will guide you - step by step.

Application for Spring 2025 is coming real soon! If you want to get a head start with your application process, we are the team you want! Korvia has several years of experience with EPIK, and we have helped hundreds of applicants get accepted into the program. The Korvia team are experts in the field and we will make sure to help you from start to finish.

Why hesitate? Start the teaching journey right here with Korvia!

Why Apply with Korvia

Along with hands-on experience, Korvia knows the timeline and will ensure you will never get left behind or lost in the process. EPIK may be a daunting experience for some since there might be more things to prepare for each individual. We take your personal circumstances and situations into account and ensure you complete everything you'll need to succeed. With Korvia by your side, you will always have a liaison to help you through the process and make your dream of coming to Korea a reality.

Additionally, Korvia provides you with the following:

  • One-on-One Program Consultation & Interaction with a Friendly Recruiter
  • Application & Document Guidance
  • Always a Plan B
  • Korvia Orientation before Placement (SIM Card)
  • Korvia Teachers Parties
  • Thriving Korvia Online Community (Korvia EPIK & Korvia Teachers on Facebook, Kakao)
  • Korvia Welcome Package
  • Follow-up after Placement
  • So please consider applying! If one thing does not work out, then we will always suggest another. Thanks to our networking, we have jobs readily available for teachers every semester. We will try to find a job that's perfect for you so that you can truly enjoy your experience in Korea.