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Korvia Consulting

Korvia Consulting is an ESL recruiting agency based in Seoul, South Korea that works with the Korean government and commercial franchises to place English teachers into public and private schools across the country.

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24 years old
University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Highly Recommend Korvia!


I could not be more impressed with Korvia Consulting! I had very little idea of what to expect of the application process and I had a lot of questions. My recruiter, Brian was always there to answer my questions. I honestly don't think I'd be in Korea right now if it weren't for him. He was so confident in me which made me more confident in myself. I was so excited the day I finally got to meet Brian face to face at Gimhae Airport! He still continues to check in with me from time to time. Korvia Consulting provides so much support for its applicants throughout the entire lengthy process. I highly highly recommend Korvia Consulting to anyone who is considering applying to the EPIK program!

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26 years old
University of North Texas

Great, trustworthy company


Korvia is an all-around great company to work with. They are legit, trustworthy and hardworking people. Our recruiter, Ann, worked very hard to make the whole process of interviewing, accepting a job, then navigating through all the paperwork as easy as possible for us. We started our new job in Seongnam a few days ago and it's going great so far. The city is amazing and all of our co-workers are great. I'm very glad we chose to use Korvia's services and I'd highly recommend them to anyone seeking a teaching job in Korea.




This has been a wonderful way to apply a teaching position in Korea. If I was by myself and had to try to figure everything out then I would be lost in so many times. However, using this service helped a lot for me to find a suitable position in Korea. Since I have no connection in Korea at all, Korvia and its staffs have been a great help and supported me so that also gave me a relief. I think everyone since it is free of charge should go for this service.

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Korvia Consulting
Korvia Consulting is one of the largest and most trusted public school teacher placement agencies in South Korea. Since 2006,...