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ArtBound Initiative is dedicated to emerging creative professionals. Our mission is to encourage connections between participants, industry leaders and global companies. Strengthened by our network of over 250 companies, ABI provides the opportunity for personalized work experiences in highly insular industries. Placements are currently available in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, Sydney, and Virtual.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Script Development Internship - Such a Great Experience!

Overall, the remote internship experience with ABI was so great. It was really cool to be able to connect with people from around the world who all have a desire to excel in the creative industries. ABI allowed me to connect to people I would have never been able to reach being from New Zealand. I was also able to gain such an invaluable insight into the world of fillmmaking/ pre-production even though it was virtual and this has opened so many more doors for me than I would have expected - it's also helped me so much in my own journey as a writer/ filmmaker. The ABI team, particularly Alif, Laura, and Zulfa, eased the journey by always being there to support me whenever I needed help. It was really great knowing that there were always people who were there to answer any concerns I had.

  • Career launch pad
  • Great connections from both industry professionals and the ABI community
  • Gives you access to an industry which is known for being difficult to 'break into'
  • Navigating time differences between host company and yourself
  • Can be isolating working remotely because of the lack of immediacy you have with other interns/ team members from the company
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Yes, I recommend this program

Interning abroad was the best choice I ever made

Hi, I'm Sol and I studied Animation at Swinburne. I loved interning at The Mill in Berlin. Escaping the Australian summer to experience real winter with snow was so worth it. Though the cold was unbearable sometimes too... Without ABI equipping me for work beforehand I would never be prepared for real work. From coaching tailored for me specifically, giving me advice on how to improve my portfolio and CV, how to prepare for the interview, how to set up future goals, etc. The only thing that was a negative was, this was done while I was studying full time at uni, so handling both at the same time was a bit hard. It is a long process and there is time pressure to get things done. But all the preparation landed me an internship with The Mill in Berlin. Interning with them was awesome, their team is so nice and they made me feel included and part of the team. I got to work on so many projects and also do a lot of different things, from motion design, concept art, graphic design, presentation decks, R&D and more!
Berlin has really good food around! And groceries are very cheap too! The accommodation was a bit expensive, but it was nice to have Berlin Central Station so close by! Berlin's public transport is soooo good, I could get to work in 30 minutes! The art scene is so good too, I only went to Museum Island, but that was enough for me! My favourite museum amongst them was definitely Alte Nationalagalerie. If you're into paintings, this one is for you too! I was able to make some friends in my time in Berlin too, not only cause I went to Chinese church and they made me feel welcome, but our Aussie Crew (all through ABI) also hangout pretty often. We went to Sanssouci Palace with ABI! It was awesome! I wish I had more time or spared more time for traveling around Germany or Europe, but I'm already satisfied with all I've seen, also definitely want to go back to Berlin!
Good luck to anyone going overseas and have a blast!

  • Seeing the world, experience a new culture
  • Getting real work experience, being part of a team
  • Living alone overseas
  • Housing was too expensive
  • Sometimes I felt there wasn't enough support
  • The application process took very long and things didn't get confirmed until very last minute
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Yes, I recommend this program

The beginning of a new chapter...

During my three-month internship at Picos, arranged through the ArtBound Initiative, I had an amazing time. Thanks to ArtBound Initiative, I gained valuable digital marketing experience while exploring a new city.

During my internship, I gained a deep understanding of the digital marketing industry and applied my skills in a professional environment. One of the best parts of my experience was the mentorship I received from my colleagues. They were knowledgeable and supportive, providing guidance and feedback throughout my time at the agency. They challenged me to think critically and creatively, which helped me develop my skills and knowledge in the field.

Working on real-world projects gave me hands-on experience in the industry, and I was able to make meaningful contributions to the agency and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such a talented and supportive team.

Overall, my internship at Picos, arranged through the ArtBound Initiative, was a valuable learning experience that allowed me to gain practical skills and knowledge in the digital marketing industry.

  • Industry experience
  • Living and working away from home in a new city
  • Creating networks that will provide future opportunities
  • Time commitments were sometimes difficult to manage
  • Lack of meet ups with other ArtBound Initiative students
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Yes, I recommend this program

Animation Internship for Writing

There were some challenges in finding an internship that fits my interests and expectations for a starting date, however, the experience was still very rewarding. Though I would have enjoyed utilizing my technical skills in producing animations, I gained lots of experience in the writing process for television shows. It was very interesting to see the development take its shape through the company's method of brainstorming. I also gained connections with professionals at the company and other interns who share the same passion for storytelling.

  • Flexible hours
  • Gaining professional insight
  • Building connections
  • Slight misalignment to internship interests
  • Starting date changes for internship
  • Independent work
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Yes, I recommend this program

Virtual ArtBound Initiative Fall Internship

The process before the internship was immensely valuable. They train you to be a good intern and to navigate the nitty gritty of any application process now and in the future. I still find myself returning to the notes from that time quite often. The internship itself was a great experience and all of the Artbound staff are consistently and readily available to help throughout. Consistent communication between me and the Artbound staff made me feel confident during my internship and made the process go smoothly.


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Why did you choose this program?

I'm enrolled at the Art Academy of Cincinnati to earn my BFA. I chose ArtBound Initiative because a few people from my school had gone through them and had really good experiences. I was also considering another Study Abroad program, but chose ArtBound Initiative because I decided I wanted to spend my summer working towards being an artist than just as a student.

ArtBound Initiative, as the name suggests, is a program centered around the arts and works to connect young and emerging artists into the creative fields which are generally very insular. I felt that this program would allow me to access opportunities I would have difficulty finding otherwise.

I chose to go through the 8-week New York program ArtBound Initiative offers, because at the time that I was applying, I hadn't been in school long enough to be eligible for the Berlin or Hong Kong programs they offer. I really wanted to go through and have this experience so I went to New York for the summer. ArtBound Initiatives offers an 8-week and 12-week internships. I chose to be in New York for eight weeks due to familial concerns, but upon reflection, I would highly recommend going for the full 12 weeks.

What did your program provider (or university) assist you with, and what did you have to organize on your own?

My university had directed me to ArtBound Initiative and provided me with information concerning how to earn college credit over the time I was to spend in the program.

The ArtBound Initiative representatives were very hands-on in helping me organize the portfolio and resumé that I was to submit to them and that they would then be passing on to my potential internship placements. ArtBound Initiative also provided counseling sessions that helped narrow down what kind of internship I was going to have. These sessions enabled me to realize that I wanted to work with a studio artist with them in their studio.

ArtBound Initiative offers many different internship placements so I felt that the counseling sessions were very helpful. Through them, we were able to customize the experience to what I wanted and thought was best for me. ArtBound connected me with two studio artists who I was going to be working with, giving me their contact information. I contacted the artists, discussing the logistics of the internship, and then debriefed ArtBound about what was decided.

ArtBound Initiative also assisted me in finding housing for the summer. The representative sent me a few listings of apartments that were available near where my internship sites were, and I went through them and decided what would work best for me and my budget.

I went through the New York program and thought about how to get there as well as how I was going to get around the city during my stay, and how I was going to eat. Because I'm from Ohio, I drove into the city with a family member who helped me move into my apartment and then left.

For me, the process of traveling to and from the city was relatively painless. The day after I arrived in the city, I met with an ArtBound Initiative representative who debriefed me on New York City life in general and some of the events that they were organizing throughout the summer.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone going on your program?

Have a good idea of what you want to get out of your internship, but also feel free to go and explore everything that's going on in the city you are in. Going for 12 weeks gives you more time to really get involved with your internship and the city.

I spent the first two to three weeks in New York getting used to the pace of the city and the artists I was working with. After that, I was able to have a lot of fun and find some really interesting things and meet some really great people.

Also, don't be afraid. Go full boar, jumping straight into the thick of things, and see what happens. For me, this meant trying to go to gallery openings every night there was one, and talking to the people there, or going to an event and stay after things start to wind down a bit just to see what happens next.

Part of not being afraid is going and getting lost in the city (which I did multiple times). Getting lost is honestly the best thing you can do because it’s during these times I found the most interesting things and learned the most about the city. I remember one time, I got lost to the point of tears, but I did find my way back and was surprised by the general goodwill of people.

What does an average day/week look like as a participant of this program?

The average day/week looks different for every participant. My days/weeks involved a combination of studio work (like preparing canvas, mixing paints, and taping off edges), administrative work (organizing project files, sending out emails, organizing contact information, and researching grant and residency opportunities), along with doing some legwork and trying to find new clients and galleries for the artists I was working with. This is what I did, but a friend I made in the ArtBound program had a different experience with what she was doing because she took an internship that was more involved on the arts administration side of things.

Going into your experience abroad, what was your biggest fear, and how did you overcome it? How did your views on the issue change?

My biggest fear in life is heights, so I didn't wander over to the edges of roofs on tall buildings and look over the side.

Kidding aside, going into the internship, I was afraid of having to talk to people I didn't know and going to work with the artists I was placed with in their studios. An artist’s studio is a personal place where an artist formulates his/her ideas. Walking into a studio is like walking into someone else's mind, and that's a hard thing for me to do because I don't know if I'm welcomed there or not, and I wanted to be an asset to the artists, not an impediment.

Part of me overcoming my fear of being a nuisance was just jumping right in and getting the work done that I was assigned to do and trying to stay busy so that things ran smoothly and progress was made. I tried my best, and I think it worked out alright because the artists and I got along.

Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Kania Putri P

Job Title
Business Development
Kania joined the Marketing and Business Development team at ArtBound Initiative after previously having interned and worked at L’Oreal. She handles inquiries from leads, create and maintain relationships with new companies and universities, and help develop strategies to expand the network.
Kania Putri P wearing a scarf and glasses smiling

What is your favorite travel memory?

During a family vacation in Japan, I boarded a train alone to the city center of Tokyo to meet a Japanese friend whom we had bonded over when she did an exchange at my university. We had incredible fun trying on the traditional Japanese garment yukata, walking down the streets in incredibly small slippers, tasting local foods and sweets, and the heartwarming, spontaneous adventures that follow when you are happy and full and with a friend in a foreign city.

It’s a memory I cherish because as she is Japanese, we got to talk with some locals and it was endearing and sweet what some of them thought of my country and religion.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

I’ve only been working at ArtBound Initiative for a few months and I have never felt like I belonged elsewhere. We’re a close-knit team – and even though some of us don’t live in the same continent, we are always supportive of each other.

In the past, I have struggled to find aspects of a job that I love – but when I came to work for ABI, I realise that I thoroughly enjoy helping people embark on the same journey abroad as I was once so lucky to have experienced.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

I’ve not been working at ArtBound Initiative for long, but I have heard funny and heartwarming stories from students returning home from their internships. One student said that they’re frequently in touch with the other participants even months after their internship ended – getting lunch and dinner together and hanging out – it’s lovely to see how we helped connect these people and made friendships! One participant even shared a story of how he once met ASAP Rocky and Lil Pump when he was commuting for work!

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

I have been to some parts of Europe, but I have never been to London, even though it was the city I have been wanting to visit ever since I was in primary school, having read so many books by Enid Blyton! I would love to go for our London program!

If the opportunity ever comes, it will definitely be one of the most amazing experience I will ever have – to intern and live in one of my dream cities. I’d have scones and clotted cream and jam every day on my way to work!

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

Our company is unique in the sense that we’re so tight-knitted that participants never felt like they are not welcome. We are always readily available when our participants need us – and that makes them more comfortable and allows for a more personal experience.

Looking at the growth the company has gone under in a span of a few months make me really happy and proud of all the contributions that we’re making to get to where we are so far. I’m glad that I’m able to grow with such a team that cares deeply for each and every one of us.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

I’ve only been working for less than 2 years in my life but I believe that communication is an important key to being a successful company. It’s being sufficiently transparent, and honest that allows us to dig deep into a problem, and to find a solution together without feeling burdened. Communication helps foster a good work relationship – which in turn can really help in increasing productivity and morale. Another important factor would be our dedication for our students. Everyone at ABI has a passion for the experiences we facilitate for students abroad – we are dedicated to creating the best experiences we can for our interns, day in and day out, and I’m elated that I got to be part of this incredible team.