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Animal Science Arts Asian Studies Biology Business Communications Criminal Justice Ecology Economics English Environmental Studies Film Graphic Design History Hospitality International Relations Journalism Law Literature Marine Biology Mathematics Nursing Pacific Studies Philosophy Photography Political Science Psychology Public Relations Sociology Sustainable Development Theater Theology Tourism Wildlife Sciences +24

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High School Diploma Bachelors


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AIFS is a premier provider of study abroad programs. Program fees cover tuition and housing, and over 50% of our study abroad participants receive financial support from AIFS in the form of scholarships or grants. A meal plan, tours and excursions, insurance, and 24-hour emergency service are also included. Coordinated AIFS Flight Packages with major airlines are also available.
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Accommodation Activities Classes Some Meals Travel Insurance
What's Included (Extra)

Round trip flights and airport transfers included for students on the optional AIFS Flight Package.

Sep 03, 2019
Mar 30, 2018
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About Program

Spend a semester or academic year in the vibrant and energetic city of Perth, Australia with AIFS! You’ll earn up to 16 credits per semester through a variety of courses studying at Murdoch University. Courses are taught in English.

Students can spend a week in Fiji and earn 1 credit through the optional Pacific Studies program at the University of the South Pacific.

Internships are available in exercise science and public policy. Volunteer programs are available through Murdoch University for study abroad students to participate in community engagement.

You’ll enjoy cultural and social activities such as:
• Surf lessons
• Swimming with whale sharks and manta rays
• Movie nights
• Tour of Fremantle Prison
• Trip to Rottnest Island
• Perth waterfall tour
• Day trips to Fremantle, Cottesloe Beach and Caversham Wildlife Park.

Optional excursions include a 9-day trip through the North West outback and a 3-day trip camping in South West Australia.

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Program Highlights

  • Early start option at University of South Pacific, Fiji
  • Visit to Rottnest Island
  • Day trips to Fremantle, Cottesloe Beach, and Caversham Wildlife Park
  • Earn up to 16 credits through Murdoch University
  • Internship and volunteer opportunities

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  • Academics 4.55
  • Support 4.65
  • Fun 4.3
  • Housing 4.7
  • Safety 4.95
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Yes, I recommend this program

Would 100% Recommend!

When I decided to study abroad in Perth, I chose to go through AIFS for several reasons. Not only did I hear/read great reviews about AIFS, but they also simply had one of the best all-inclusive deals compared to other programs. What also really impressed me about AIFS was the staff. Before departing for Australia, I would constantly email them questions about everything and anything, and would always immediately receive a reply. This helped ease any concerns I had, and I never once felt alone. While actually in Australia, the AIFS resident director was amazing as well. She was so friendly, and took us on many fun, cultural excursions I probably would not have gotten to do otherwise. Overall, AIFS made the entire study abroad process extremely easy and hassle free. They set up all of my housing arrangements, gave me a card with money for a meal allowance, provided me with health insurance, and while I chose to not do this, can even make flight arrangements for you. It was great to not have to think about those things, and can help ease your worries knowing it will all be taken care of before you even arrive.

During my time abroad, I lived right on campus in the Murdoch University Village. If you go through AIFS, you automatically get put into a double room in the south part of the Village. While the south village is definitely not as nice as the north, I personally did not find it unreasonable. The apartments are older, but my apartment was clean and everything in it worked completely fine. The south village is also right near the bus stop, mailboxes, and Admin office, which can be very convenient. You can, however, pay an additional fee to upgrade your living accommodations before or after you get there, which AIFS will work with you to do so!

Perth itself was also an amazing place to study abroad. Perth has the most beautiful beaches, great restaurants, and a really fun nightlife. There are also numerous places near Perth that are great for day trips such as Rottnest Island or the Pinnacles. It’s also located close to Asia, which made trips to Bali and Thailand very affordable and easy. Murdoch University is also in a great location right outside the city, but still close to all the action and shopping centers. On top of that, Murdoch University has a really great international program that offered amazing trips such as a 10-day trip to the northwest part of Australia, which was one of the highlights of my study abroad experience. Overall my experience studying abroad in Perth with AIFS was incredible, and I would recommend it to everyone!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Semester Abroad in Perth, Australia

Studying abroad in Perth, Australia for a semester was truly a trip of a lifetime! I did everything from taking a surf lesson, exploring the city, and taking a 10 day outback trip. AIFS was completely there along the way, from pre-departure to when it came time to leave. We had an onsite AIFS representative, who took us on a few outings, gave us advice, and helped us with adjusting to a new culture. With AIFS I was even able to participate in a week long Pacific Studies course taught in Fiji, prior to Australia.
Perth and the surrounding areas had a great public transportation system, which we all used to get around to the beaches, grocery stores, etc. It had a great nightlife and plenty to do during the day, as well. Murdoch University also had some great things for international students, such as some optional excursions which included the outback trip, a trip to Rottnest Island, and a local animal conservatory. Overall, I am so thankful I went through AIFS. I made so many memories and never felt alone along the way.

What would you improve about this program?
Onsite staff available when we arrive in Australia.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Study Abroad is a Must

Studying abroad in Australia was the best decision I ever made and I am glad I went through AIFS. AIFS was very receptive when it came to pre-departure information and class registration. I loved having an AIFS representative right on campus, who was super knowledgeable and friendly. She scheduled a few activities during the semester for us, which was included in the program. My favorite was the Brazilian Barbeque.

Perth is the perfect city for college students. It is small, yet has loads of eateries and nightlife options. King’s Park offers is nature retreat that gives a spectacular view of the city. I will never forget my first time there and seeing breathtaking Perth. Public transportation is clean, cheap and easy, especially when you register through a university to get a student discount. Perth is very close to the beach as well, so there are things to enjoy for all types of people. Although it is the most remote capital city in the world, I never felt at a loss of things to do.

Studying abroad is a must. If you are feeling skeptical, check out AIFS and see the programs they have to offer. I do not think you will be disappointed.

What would you improve about this program?
It would be nice to have an AIFS representative meet us on campus as soon as we arrive.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Australia and Murdoch University

Australia is an amazing country full of friendly people who are equally as curious about Americans as Americans are about Australians. I had so much fun in the social aspect of my study abroad experience. Making friends, going on adventures and to the beach, and other trips were the best.

The education, on the other hand, was extremely hard. It was not told beforehand that classes were excruciatingly difficult so keep that in mind when selecting Australia. Also, Murdoch University does not hand out anything for free, you will pay for almost everything on campus so keep that in mind as well.

While my experience outside of academics was great, it is important to note that you will be challenged mentally. I still absolutely loved it though!

What would you improve about this program?
I feel that a warning that academics are harder there would be helpful, also maybe a peer tutoring program for abroad students as well.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The Real Aussie Experience

AIFS is a great program to travel with. From the flight option, where they will partner you with another student travelling from your region, to the meal plan, where I was able to forget about budgeting for food, the nitty gritty details were all planned for me before I even left the country! They also set up my housing before I arrived and lived with another AIFS student.

Because Murdoch University has a partnership with exchange and study abroaders, I was able to partake in experiences Murdoch only offers to those who are visiting their university short term. Those included a 10 camping trip in the outback, a weekend trip south to the Margaret River region, and others!

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Yes, I recommend this program

looking for adventure?

Head to Australia if you're looking for adventure! I went during their summer and missed winter at home--I recommend doing this! I made a ton of friends and learned how to surf. The locals are super nice and would take me out. It's easy enough to immerse yourself in the culture and there is a ton of opportunity to travel around the country. There was always something to do no matter what your interests are. If you're looking for an unconventional study abroad experience and love the beach or wildlife, then definitely consider this!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Choose Sydney

I Stayed in Murdoch and don't get me wrong the beaches were beautiful and the people are extremely nice. the school was adequate i took all electives so it was easy sailing. if your looking to explore the city i suggest that you study abroad in Sydney on the East Coast. nothing is near by. the Program was great, the abroad adviser at Murdoch set up amazing trips for the study breaks. and Literally the beach was 10 min bus ride. It was worth the money and the traveling. AIFS set up my flights perfectly no lay overs- i even got to do the orientation in Fiji which was amazing! AIFS set me up i loved my time abroad- i am trying to find away to get back to Australia!

What would you improve about this program?
the housing arrangements are apartments- just compare it to the worst dorms on your school campus. but they give you new cleaning supplies when you move in. living with other abroad/ locals was an experience to remember.
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Yes, I recommend this program

AUSSIE!! AUSSIE!! AUSSIE!! --Oi!! Oi!! Oi!!


My study abroad experience was absolutely amazing! Besides being a part of more than 30 students from across America, I was also introduced to nearly a hundred other individuals from all over the world who were either studying abroad, looking for a job or just backpacking the area. It sounds lame, but I truly cherish every person that I came into contact with on my trip-- my journey.

Macquarie Uni (especially during Semester 2) is a fun, fun, fun university! There is always something to do on campus, but you may have to do some research. There were many times when I missed out on events that I would have loved to attend, but I didn't look into the school's schedules.

Both Fiji and Sydney are beautiful, easy-going places that I could easily see myself revisiting or even relocating to. The people in both countries (Australia was often referred to as a country) are very kind, welcoming and helpful. Do yourself a favor and make some good relationships with people from both areas. You never know when you may need something-- whether you're in their country or back home in America.



1. Save as much money as possible!! Seriously, the exchange rate was absolutely ridiculous while I was abroad (fall '11). Also, Sydney is expensive in general, but you can find cheaper places to shop and eat if you shop around.

2. Make sure you go through the AIFS info booklet online for general necessities and information about the weather and clothing, etc.

3. Make a list and research things and places you will need to find immediately (i.e hair salons, churches, possible companies to intern/work).

4. Pack smart. Bring everything you will need, but leave enough space in the luggage to allow for trinkets and souvenirs from across Oceania.


6. Use unused appliances/ items from your apartment and peers' apartments to save on money and luggage space. [i.e. blow dryer, flat iron, textbooks, etc- you can always clean them]

7. Make many friends from all backgrounds and countries.

8. Do your work, but hang out and enjoy yourself AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!! *Disclaimer* Be safe and responsible though.

9. Travel to as many other cities and countries as your pocket permits! Seriously!

10. Enjoy yourself, and SOAK UP EVERY SECOND!!

The worst part of my experience was arriving back home and realizing I may never get the opportunity to hang out with friends I'd met, to ride the train to/ from the city as the sun rises/ sets, to surf on those white beaches, to go to Ubar or the Ranch (you'll know when you go), to scream at the annoying birds that later become normal, or to eat ice cream and pancakes with the Red Frogs crew at the Village.

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