ISA Study Abroad in Newcastle, Australia
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ISA Study Abroad in Newcastle, Australia

Study in Australia at the University of Newcastle with ISA! The University of Newcastle offers the perfect mixture of classroom learning combined with practical skills. A top ten research university in Australia, you can ensure an academically enriching experience while you study abroad in Australia. With over 350 acres of rich bushland, surrounded by Australian wildlife, you will certainly have a peaceful studying experience, whether you’re studying for exams or just catching up on some reading.

ISA gives students who wish to study abroad at the University of Newcastle a hassle free application process. Visit the ISA website to learn more about how you can study abroad in Australia!

In 2014, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad merged with International Studies Abroad (ISA), therefore, the GlobaLinks program reviews may not accurately reflect the new program structure, which has been greatly improved through the integration with ISA.
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Program Reviews (12)

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My Time in Newcastle

Its been a little over 4 months since I returned from Newcastle and there hasn't been a day where I haven't thought about my experience. Through this experience I made so many lifelong friends and had my eyes opened to how vast the world truly is. I lived about 2 blocks away from the beach and a 15 minute walk from the town center and train station (on which you can pay $5 and get to Sydney in 2 hours). I lived in an 11 person share house with not only Australians, but people from all over Europe. And with the 4 other houses that had the same amount of people next door, it was like our own little international community. I learned so many things about so many different countries and cultures. I also learned that I love to travel as we camped up and down the east coast of Australia as well as drove an RV around the south island of New Zealand. I also got to fulfill my lifelong goal of surfing every day and becoming a good surfer. I just wanted to write this review to say that if you are thinking about going to Newcastle, GO! People will tell you that its scary to travel away from home for such a long time and that might be true, but after leaving Newcastle I was wishing that I'd chosen to stay a year. ISA is a great program that helped me every step of the way and gave me opportunities to meet so many fun people. At the beginning of the program they'll have you meet up in Cairns and you'll get an amazing opportunity to socialize and make friends with people who are also going to your university. I know its a big decision to commit to a program like this one, but I promise you it will teach you so many new things about yourself and completely change your perspective on the world.

How can this program be improved?

It would be nice if ISA advisors could check up on the students that live off campus a little more often.

Yes, I recommend
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Internship/Study Combo

My time in Newcastle and the study/internship combo experience I had through GlobaLinks are truly things I will never forget. Newcastle is a great little city filled with friendly people. It was easy (transportation via buses and trains) and fun to explore. I had the chance to intern with the Special Olympics of Australia, which meant taking the train (about a 10 minute ride) into the heart of Newcastle twice a week. Between the commute and workload, it was my first look at post-grad life! Newcastle is also only a 2-hour train ride from Sydney and this made weekend trips accessible. I'm personally more of a smaller city girl so the proximity was nice and yet far enough to feel more like home. From experiencing classwork outside of America to hanging out with locals, it exceeded all my expectations. I was a bit apprehensive to leave my comfort zone at first, but immersing myself in a new culture was the best decision I've ever made.

Yes, I recommend
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Experience with GlobaLinks

My experience with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad was phenomenal. Every step of the way was extremely easy through them. I had a lot of doubts about going abroad as does anyone and they helped me through every step of the process. Whenever I had a question about anything there was always someone on the other end there to answer it for me. Their online checklist made going abroad an enjoyable experience because I did not have to stress about what had to get done it was right there in front of me. Also, the bridging culture program they have to help you get adjusted to the Australian culture was amazing. I met some really great friends there and learned the ins and outs of life as an Aussie!

How can this program be improved?

If I could change one thing about GlobaLinks I would suggest that the company develops some sort of return program. It is extremely difficult to adjust back to the American culture. Reverse culture shock hit me really hard when I returned to the US. If they had an online program that was optional to go through I think that I would have definitely had a better return experience.

Yes, I recommend
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AUSSome Adventures

It's usually around one's birthday or the holidays when they decide to inform their loved ones that they're going to study abroad. We're asked what we want for our birthday, and we respond--almost automatically-- MONEY! "I'm studying abroad!" Now everyone is in an ecstatic state of excitement, firing off one hundred and one questions: where are you going?; how long?; are you going with anyone?; where else are you visiting?; how excited are you? Needless to say, this initial moment and the moment you return to share all your stories are the two times people will be the most interested. But the thing about studying abroad is, when it comes time to share your experiences, it's almost frustrating because you simply cannot find words powerful enough to describe how much fun you really had, and the pictures all of a sudden don't showcase how beautiful the beach was. But that doesn't matter. When you study abroad, you have the experiences, you preserve the memories, you make the friends, and you will treasure that morsel of absolute satisfaction for the rest of your life.

I boarded my plane February 11, 2012, and while saying goodbye to family and friends was the hardest thing I've had to do, knowing what the next four months would bring, it was invigorating! Some people will study abroad and have fun, enjoy a new culture and take pictures but others like myself will come back a changed person. I stepped out of my small, farm town comfort zone and met the most incredible friends of a lifetime and exposed myself to a completely new culture and environment; and for those opportunities I am forever grateful. Living abroad in a beautiful country alongside people who are nothing but fun, thoughtful, loving, and encouraging, brought out a new confidence I didn't even know I had. Not to sound cheesy but I really did find a new Aussie Ashley deep inside. Australia certainly was a whole new book to my life, but I'd rather think of it as a spruced up second edition, but this copy won't be on shelves for a limited time only!

The most memorable of my experiences wasn't the opportunity to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, or the chance to snuggle a koala bear--although they were both amazing chances-- but it was the chance to live, day in and day out, with a group of Australians. We were housed in the dormitory together and were each others' neighbors. They showed me how a normal Australian my age lives. I made friends with my corridor mates who took me to the beach on a Tuesday afternoon, took me shopping on Saturday, made me Vegemite on crackers, introduced me to the Tim Tam Slam and most importantly, they were genuinely interested in my lifestyle and culture! These moments with my new mates are the intimate, treasured times I reminisce on a daily basis.

And these friends were the ones who made my hardships more bearable. When you travel to the other side of the world, getting homesick, sad or emotional is inevitable. Your life at home continues despite your adventures abroad. I had to deal with family issues, missing family functions, and pure moments when I just needed a hug from my mom. I am eternally grateful for my corridor mates who stopped by my room with chocolate when I was missing my family, or joined me in Skyping home for my sister's first prom that I had to miss out on. And these same friends were there for other issues, too. You develop another family when you study abroad; the only bad thing is, you have to eventually give that dreaded goodbye hug.

But despite all the fun I was having, I knew June 9 was approaching, and my time would come to an end; and in a way, I was ready to go home. I don't know how to describe it, but those who have studied abroad know exactly what I'm talking about. I wasn't ready to leave Australia, but I was so ready to see my family, friends, house, and get back to my regular lifestyle. I just wish I could pick all those things up and take them back to Australia with me!

February 11, 2012 and June 9, 2012 are both two significant days I will never, ever forget, and each and every one of those 120 days in between are just as memorable. Those four months will be forever in my heart. Studying abroad is a journey everyone should take. Sure it's a resume builder, employers like to see it, and it may get you a better job one day, but most importantly, it brings you confidence, experience, fun, true friends, and memories that will last forever. So Australia, it's not goodbye but see ya later, mate! I will be back with HEAPS of places I want to see, friends I want to visit, and more memories to be made.


How can this program be improved?

I would ask for more information regarding meal plans. Many of the Americans I traveled with were surprised by the lack of meals we were provided at our University, and it was difficult to buy food for daily lunch that wouldn't go bad because we didn't have a fridge in our room.

Yes, I recommend
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Best 5 months of my life

Awesome, incredible, unreal... I can keep going on and on about my time at Newcastle but every word would be a praise about my experience. I lived in off campus student housing three minutes from the beach. Whenever we could, my house mates were enjoying the sun playing soccer, surfing, or just laying around. Campus was a jungle, literally. The wild Cockatoos took a while to get used to but they just became part of going to class. Traveling to Sydney was easy and something we did often. Really can't say enough about how great Newcastle was.

Yes, I recommend
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A Lifechanging Experience

Studying abroad through GlobaLinks was the best decision I have probably ever made. GlobaLinks made the process of getting ready for my semester easy and exciting. The orientation week was so much fun and made the transition to a new country seamless. If I had to make the decision to study abroad through this program again, I would make the same decision every time.

Yes, I recommend
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The Best Thing You Can Do

This program was the best experience of my life and the most helpful. I do not regret a moment of my time spent overseas. You are challenged all the time, finding that you can do more than you thought possible. Aboslutely apply to Australearn!

Yes, I recommend
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Best Thing to Happen to Me

This was the best thing that ever happened to me. I lived in a great area and got to meet some of the best people. I loved being able to go to the beach every week and interact with the locals. One of the best days that I had was going out with a group of friends to the beach. On the way we stopped by our favorite Coffee shop, called 23 hundred got coffee and then spent the entire day at the beach. We hung out, swam and listened to music. One thing you have to remember you have to be open to meeting new people and enjoying your time there.

Yes, I recommend
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Newcastle Livin'

When picking a school through AustraLearn, Newcastle seemed like the best choice for me because it wasn't in the city, yet was close to the CBD (Central Business District) AND it was surrounded by beaches. Any of five beaches was just a train ride away. I was drawn in for it's beauty and enjoyed it more so for the people. I would strongly recommend on-campus housing. I lived in Evatt House, which was a mix of Australian's and international students. Living with Australian's and not just other people from the same country not only helped me get around Newy easier, but it gave me a first hand account of the warmth and easy-going nature of the Australian people. I got more than just the typical "tourist" view of Newcastle and beyond. I developed such great relationships with the people on Evatt and still keep in contact with my Aussie friends after 2 years. AustraLearn was an extremely valuable contact throughout my program and after. The academics were vastly different from what I was used to (my college at home was only 1,600 kids) but challenged me nonetheless. My abroad experience changed my future goals, as I am now hoping to pursue a job in international education. I plan to go back to Australia some day soon; whether to work or play or both.

Yes, I recommend
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Campus life

I have been at Newcastle for about 8 weeks now and I love it. Since day one, people living in the International House with me have been so friendly. They plan college events often (at least 1 every two weeks, but usually more) which gets me involved on campus and helps me to meet new friends. Sometimes, the people that have been living here for a while are kind of cliquey, but overall people are pretty friendly if you are outgoing enough.

Classes are equally comparable to those in America. I am taking all 3000 level classes and they require about the same amount of time and work as the upper level classes in America. I wish that I took at least 1 class that was lower level just to lessen my work load so I could have more free time to travel and such, but it isn't too dampering.

The weather when I first arrived (mid-July) was cooler than I had expected, so don't forget a jacket if you're coming around the same time.

The downtown/bar scene is very similar to America, but people dress a little nicer here - you can't get in with flipflops, so bring at least 1 pair of nice shoes.

Things are more expensive here so think about that when budgetting. Bus fare is $3.60 one way, a box of cereal is around $7, shampoo is $10, makeup is 4x American prices... just be aware that general living expenses are more.

Overall, though, I am loving this experience and if I was to do it all over again I would do it the same, except I would have done it my Spring semester (begin at Newcastle in Feb). AustraLearn was an amazing help and they have a great system set up for everything that needs to be completed before leaving and the program in Cairns was an amazing experiences that I am beyond happy I was able to be apart of.

Yes, I recommend
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The best experience ever!

Studying abroad was the biggest decision I've ever made in my life thus far, yet the best decision I had made. I had never really been away from home and my University at home was relative close so I could go home whenever I wanted. I'm glad I could burst out of that bubble and come here because at first, I didn't think I could do it. Coming with AustraLearn was a huge help! I made tons of friends within 5 days. It's funny because once we all got to Newcastle we were so close everyone here had thought we had been friends for years. The adventure week was amazing!! I had done more in that week than I thought I would do it a life time because I chose to study abroad. Being here at Newcastle is even better! I have met so many people that I know I will remain life long friends with and will be sad to leave them. The classes are a good learning experience because teachers challenge you to think about the future. It's not about memorizing and spitting back knowledge, it's about taking your learnings to the next level. But it's not all about academics, we go out on weekends and I have even got the chance to visit Sydney twice since I've been here, it's an amazing experience. Coming to the University of Newcastle was the best decision I've ever made!

Yes, I recommend
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The BEST experience of my LIFE.

I studied at the University of Newcastle during their fall semester. I lived in Edwards Hall, I highly recommend living on college. This is where I met some of the most amazing people and learned most of the culture. You are living with citizens and you become a part of the community. They throw many parties, and events that should be attended regularly. The people are generous, and are always looking to do something out of the usual. If I could go back and do it all over I would do it in a heartbeat. The classes were similar to the lectures I take at my home university but the professors are more laid back. Overall fantastic experience and I plan on going back as soon as I can!

Yes, I recommend

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