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Apr 08, 2024
May 15, 2018
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Why Study in Melbourne, Geelong, or Warrnambool?

This program is ideal for students looking for scholastic excellence, top-quality research, industry partnerships, tailored courses, and, of course, fun. The Deakin University program offers you the opportunity to enroll in a wide range of courses from the following academic faculties: arts; business and law; education; health; nursing and behavioral sciences; and science and technology. You may also choose from coastal campus locations near the world-famous Great Ocean Road, home to Australia’s best beaches, or in Melbourne, a cosmopolitan capital boasting world-class recreational facilities and events. Each campus offers a distinct and unique living and learning experience and provides the services, facilities, and student-centered approach for which Deakin is renowned.

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Diversity & Inclusion

LGBTQIA+ Support

There are LGBTQIA+ friends, colleagues, and allies throughout the world. However, cultural understanding of gender identity and sexuality does vary from country to country. USAC has compiled a lot of resources to help you through that learning process.

Accessibility Support

USAC is dedicated to working closely with students with disabilities to ensure the best study abroad experience possible. You may request reasonable accommodations after your initial application is complete. We routinely receive requests for scheduling, material, and environmental accommodations for the classroom setting, which may include assistive technology, scribes and readers, printed material, and interpretation.



Environmentally-conscious students choose USAC because many of our programs are held in some of the most sustainable countries in the world. There are options to take coursework in sustainability and the environment, as well as field trips and studies where students can leave a lasting impact on their host country.

Program Highlights

  • Settle in during a three-day beach orientation with guided hikes, surfing lessons, and integration workshops
  • Choose a campus: Melbourne (“the world’s most livable city”), twin Geelong (think beaches), or Warrnambool (ideal for marine and freshwater science)
  • Take advantage of unique internships in business, environmental science, journalism, performing arts, and sociology
  • Explore beaches, mountain ranges, deserts, forests, and volcanic plains

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Yes, I recommend this program

Deakin Melbourne

I had the time of my life at Deakin in Melbourne while getting to travel all over Australia & other places. The people are amazing the campus is beautiful. The classes are interesting & I learned so much as an exchange student. I miss it everyday I would give anything to go back! I lived off campus in the international house which was walking distance to Deakin & I met the most amazing people! I also had friends on campus and the accommodations were very nice & incorporated student life and engagement. There was constantly fun activities, parties & events planned for us as students to get us acclimated and meet new people. It was amazing.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Deakin University

My time at Deakin was the best four and a half months of my life. The university was great and they provided so many resources and a lot of support. My courses we’re great and so were my teachers. I loved Australia so much and I met some life long friends. I’m so thankful for my experience and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I learned so much about myself and others, more than I could have imagined. I would love to move back here because I loved it so much. If you have the opportunity to go to Australia, do not hesitate!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

You Know You Studied Abroad in Melbourne When...

You Know You Studied Abroad in Melbourne When..

1. If you're from the U.S., you may have found your right hand sneaking to your heart, while singing the Australian national anthem at any given event. You tried to stop it, but it was too late. Everybody knows your secret.. You're American.
2. You’ve learned that the same rules for passing cars, apply to passing people: on the left. Otherwise you’ll do that awkward little apologetic shuffle dance with every person you cross paths with.
3. You acknowledge and respect that Melbourne weathermen and women have the hardest job in the world. They can only predict the psycho weather to some degree. Literally.
4. You've realized they don't make it easy to gracefully acquire a kid's meal when on a weekend travel budget. Example: my last food money-saving endeavor came in a cardboard box shaped like a barn.
5. You have to wonder who sat down one day and wrote the rules for footy.. “And they shall switch sides every quarter, wear short shorts and no protective gear, and they’ll have to pass..no, dribble the football-shaped ball every fifteen meters. Perfect.”
But of course you love the sport just as much as everyone else.
6. You’ve gotten used to eating gravy on just about everything and would like to request that you be buried in a gravy-filled grave when that day comes… a grave-y.
7. You're all too familiar with that musical chairs- like frenzy on the bus, when everyone boarding knows it's about to start moving. They're forced to either brace for impact, or launch themselves towards the nearest chair, and be forced to sit in it faster than a person should ever try to sit, when the bus makes it's jump to light speed.
8. You know what it's like to get carpal tunnel in your toes from walking on the beach for too long.
9. The only constant in your exercise routine is running to catch the tram.
10. If you went to Deakin, and lived in MC more specifically, you may have said the following to yourself several times: "It's quiet. Too quiet." *Fire alarm goes off* "Ah, I thought so."
11. You've realized Aus is like a geographically reverse California, with the best beaches up north, the more liberal people further south, less people and less politics in general, and therefore, more chill.
12. You've stayed in more hostels in the last 4 months than the rest of your life combined, and you've changed as a result. You've seen things you can't explain and things you can, but would rather suppress.
13. You miss Aus a lot when you go home, but let’s face it, home wasn’t the same without you. You’ve been singing a lot of Adele out loud to yourself, with extra soul, so it’s safe to say you’re coping with the adjustment pretty well. And in all fairness, it’s nice to have outlets that fit your plugs again.

A link to my blog, while studying abroad: http://blogs.gcu.edu/blog/category/study-abroad/

What would you improve about this program?
This program was close to perfect for me and my personality. The only thing I would change is to have the opportunity to live with people my age- all my friends studying abroad and I lived with younger people. I would also have loved more short excursions for study abroad students through Deakin. The beach welcome program was so much fun!
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