Small Group Chinese Language Courses in China

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Part-time and Intensive Small Group Chinese Language Courses in China

Many of our Part-Time students are already living in China and fit their Mandarin classes around their work and other commitments.

Our Part-time classes offer the same structure as our Intensive program, using all the latest teaching methodologies and intense learning styles, the difference being; fewer hours and more flexibility to meet the needs of the students.

Small group classes (2-5 people) are designed for those who are working in China and want to learn conversational Chinese in a high-quality learning environment. Classes range from 2 to 6 hours per week.

  • Flexible Schedule - Scheduled to fit your needs
  • Social Setting - More chances to practice speaking
  • Unique Methodology - Innovative teaching methods

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based on 34 reviews
  • Academics 9.6
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 9
  • Housing 8.9
  • Safety 9.7
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Good school & good experience

I feel I had improuve my speaking hability and I could see that in my every day taskes and in the contact with native people.
The part-time chinese program is very appropriate to let me enough time to use my learning outside and to visit the city and have a every day real situation in markets, work, shops and so on.
Very rich experience.

No, I don't recommend this program
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I am still in dis-belief that I can speak Mandarin!

My experiences have been excellent. I arrived in Shanghai March of 2010 and had a few false starts by working with "friends" who thought they could teach me Mandarin. Finally, I decided I needed a school. I have been in one on one classes since I started in July of 2011. Chen Laoshi was my free trial teacher and has remained my one constant teacher, she is excellent. She has always been one step ahead of my knowledge, gently moving me forward. (I do not have a gift for language, but I am persistant!) During my time with That's Mandarin, I have also had other teachers, all but one have been excellent. You do not charge me for the one day of bad experience. Li Laoshi was also one of my teachers, she was also excellent.

I greatly appreciate the flexibility you have had with my schedule.

In the year and eight months that I have been studying, I have passed HSK II (97.5%) and am now studying for HSK III. I am gaining confidence in my speaking ability and studying very hard on my hearing ability. I have just started reading Hanzi and have learned almost 300 characters at this point. I am amazed!

My biggest difficulty is my schedule and consistancy in learning.

For the previous survey, there are two items that I was not qualified to answer. I have my own housing so I marked that with a 1. And I have not had time to participate in the social activites, except one, so I marked that a 5. I don't want these to skew your results.

I am very pleased with your program and highly recommend it to my peers.

How can this program be improved?
When I travel to different time zones (for example, the US) I would like it if Skype classes could be offered off hours China time. My classes with Chen Laoshi are typicall 8 am Wednesday and 9 am Saturday and Sunday. This is 8pm Tuesday and 9 pm Friday and Saturday, I work long hours and need to see my friends, so I generally don't have many classes during these long absenses. Classes at 9pm Saturday and Sunday China time would be ideal in these instances...
Yes, I recommend this program
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Greatest study experience EVER

The language program is adjusted to your needs. You are able to schedule the classes according to your calander which is very helpful. The teachers are always very helpful, nice, a lot of fun and commited.

Also the social activities are to be mentioned. Its a great way to meet new people and to practice the language.

The environment is great. The school is decorated with a lot of pictures of students which makes it to to a very friendly and fun place to study.

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend this program
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best place to learn Chinese

When I arrived in China a year and a half ago, my main objective was to learn chinese. I did this by trying many different tutors, some good, some terrible! However, after one year of study, I felt my progress was quite low. I have been studying with That's Mandarin now for only 4/5 months and in that time I have learnt significantly more than I have with any other tutors! I feel much more confident in speaking than ever before. My tutor is excellent and the staff are incredibly friendly. I would highly recommend That's Mandarin to any student who is serious about learning the language.

How can this program be improved?
Hard to say, I'm overall very happy with the service!
Yes, I recommend this program


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