CSULB - Study Abroad at Coventry University
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CSULB - Study Abroad at Coventry University

Spend a semester in Coventy, England! Coventry University lies in the heart of a city with a rich history dating back to the medieval era. A semester abroad at Coventry is ideal for students in the liberal arts, and maintains an excellent program for Theater students! Coventry boasts a vibrant culture scene that has medieval-influenced architecture, and buildings as the backdrop to your study abroad experience. Clubs like Kasbah and Priory Place cater to the student-minded nightlife. For more information come into our office or visit our website!

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Program Reviews (2)

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24 years old
Long Beach, CA
California State University- Long Beach

Experience not Education


Difficulties: Finding housing - the staff in Coventry were extremely unhelpful, told us we should "just keep looking around the city, maybe even Birmingham" and that there was "nothing we can do to help".
The Theatre and Professional Practice program was much more basic and elementary in comparison with the Theatre Arts program at Long Beach State. I did not learn very much about theatre but I did learn about how to deal with people in the arts that may not be at your same level and still having to work with them to create something collaboratively. It was a lot of work on patience.
Highlights: I loved the small town feel. The city was perfect in allowing me to truly get to know the people and experience the culture. I was thankful to not be in London getting lost in some big city. It was nice to call Coventry home for 4 months.

I would only recommend this program to someone if they were simply looking to experience a culture different from their own and go abroad and learn and experience art outside of the university setting. However, if they wanted to go abroad and increase their actor training then no, I would not recommend this program. You will not receive quality training - there were times I became frustrated because I felt I was wasting time in classes when I could have been out exploring art and culture via a variety of venues outside of the university.

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24 years old
Long Beach, Ca
California State University- Long Beach

Loved It!


Absolutely loved the program! Housing was a little bit of an issue though. If you are going make sure you talk to the housing office right away. A lot of their places only have 1 year leases, even the dorms. Besides the issues with housing though it was wonderful. I absolutely loved it!

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CSULB prides itself as being one of the top study abroad providers in the nation. With exchange programs in locations across the globe, you're given a wide array of options to continue your degree. For more information, visit our website. Go Beach!