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CAPA London: Study & Intern Abroad

Though it’s just a hop across the pond, CAPA’s London program will always remind you that you’re somewhere new. Try and learn some new vocabulary (“boot” means “trunk”, “chips” are “fries”, and let’s not get started on “football” and “soccer”…) as you take the tube (subway) to class. As the city enters the modern age, it still perfectly maintains its old monarchical roots that kept the arts thriving. From notable literary works and paintings to up-and-coming fashion designers, London is the place to create new ideas among ancient walls.

We want you to get out of the typical classroom and turn your study abroad city into a place you can learn from. CAPA helps you customize your experience— from everything to what classes you’re interested in to what kind of housing you’ll live in. Our internships will give you the skillsets you’ll need to succeed in your career. Each of our centers abroad are unique to the places they’re located, and everyone there will help make you feel at home.

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The program fee includes tuition, housing, optional internship placement*, local transportation pass, access to the Imperial College Student Union and International Students House, a half-day panoramic coach tour of London, a full-day excursion to Stonehenge and Bath, and a full-day excursion to Stratford-upon-Avon and Kenilworth Castle, My Global City events, insurance, and CAPA services and support including a 24-hour emergency phone line.

*Internships require a Tier 4 visa, which is an additional cost upwards of $500 not included in the program fee.

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Program Reviews (83)

20 years old
Shanghai, China
Mount Saint Mary College

Study Abroad: China


If you're a travel geek like me I highly recommend this program because how many people can actually say they went to China. Not only does studying abroad look good on a resume, for most going abroad is a once in a life time experience, where you can gain independence, responsibility and become culturally educated. I highly encourage anyone who remotely interested to take the opportunity because it is unforgettable and you also gain close friends while abroad. I also want to include, CAPA made all the application processes very easy by giving us step by step instructions on what to do.
I studied abroad mainly in Shanghai, China, but I did visit other cities as well such as Beijing, Wuzhen, and Hangshan. Myself and 20 other students from my school lived at East China Normal University for about a month and stayed in a hotel in Beijing for 2 days. The dorms were very nice and modern even though it did take us a while to figure out the Wi-Fi and the heating system. We had both a guide and a translator from CAPA with us for the majority of the trip, which was really helpful and CAPA was also gracious enough to all us to visit many popular sites in China, like the Great Wall, temples, the Yu Garden and the Bund. In addition, we tried some traditional Chinese food like frog, lychees and many different types of fish. I highly recommend taking a trip to Coco Party which is like a little cafe in Shanghai that has amazing milk shakes and sandwiches. My favorite memory is when about 7 of us decided to go to Yellow Mountain. The views were breath taking and you also get a good work-out. Overall, I enjoyed the entire trip and I hope to travel to more places in the future.

How can this program be improved?

I would say can improve on the method of transportation, especially with a big group because some of us were separated from the group when riding the metro and I wish we had more time to admire the sites and I personally often felt rushed.

22 years old
State University of New York- Oswego

The Time of My Life


Choosing to study abroad with CAPA was the best decision of my life. I had the opportunity to be fully immersed in the incredible city of London. Through the CAPA program, I was able to live and work in a global city, which left me with so many wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. The CAPA program arranged an internship for me based on my qualifications, major, and interests; and I could not have been more pleased with my internship placement. I was able to work at a leading global engineering company alongside the Business Development Team, which provided me with great exposure to the world of business. My internship allowed me to network and create lasting connections with my coworkers that will better my opportunities for my future career endeavors. While I was abroad, I really enjoyed the tightly knit community that the CAPA program provided. CAPA ensured that all the students felt comfortable and safe every step of the way by providing constant support. I was able to create memories with the other students in the program through various CAPA led excursions and trips around or outside of the city. My time abroad in Europe was such a rewarding and life changing experience. Being able to live and work in a foreign global city taught me so much about different cultures, and taught me a lot about myself as well. My time in London allowed me to grow infinitely as a person, as I gained a new found sense of independence and appreciation for the world. Going abroad made me more aware of how the world works on a larger scale. I was exposed to an entirely different culture and way of life, which forced me to adapt and grow into a more well- rounded version of myself. Being able to navigate myself around a new city and work with a global company gave me a sense of purpose and shaped me to be open to new possibilities and opportunities. In my opinion, there is no better way to find and create oneself than to immerse oneself in an entirely new and foreign culture. I am forever grateful for the life changing experience that CAPA provided me with.

How can this program be improved?


22 years old
Amherst, Massachusetts

CAPA Internship with DEC PR & Communications in Sydney


CAPA The Global Education Network allowed me not only to study abroad down under in Australia but also found me an awesome internship based on my own personal interests and major. They did an awesome job by placing me with an internship with DEC PR & Communications right in the heart of the CBD in Sydney. I was able to work with individuals from all over the world and get involved with representing and marketing for clients within the national and international level.
A list of my responsibilities as an intern at DEC PR & Communications included:
• Researched information for projects and goals the company concerning the optimized representation of clients and organizations.
• Partook in brainstorming and creative writing for social media, blog posts, and pitch ideas for promoting clients/products.
• Collaborated with the following brands: Coca Cola, Trivett Bespoke Luxury Cars Australia (RollsRoyce, Bentley, Aston Martin, and McLaren), Club Med, Frasers Property, Melbourne Airport, Palmolive, and Mirvac.

I am so grateful for this experience to not only study but work abroad in another global city of my choosing. CAPA did an excellent job with pairing relevant classes for students to take (I took Intercultural Communication and International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior), sorting out student housing in a modernized student housing apartment, hosting fun group events & activities, and ensuring the safety and overall quality of my experience in Australia.

Therefore I would like to give a big shout out & thank you to CAPA The Global Education Network! I would definitely recommend studying/interning abroad with this unbelievable program which is currently offering programs in London, Florence, Dublin, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, and Sydney.

How can this program be improved?

I think this program should expand to more global cities and nations around the world to step up their international outreach and interest of students who want to study and work abroad.

22 years old
Dallas, TX
University of Missouri- Columbia

The best experience of my life


My flatmates and I absolutely fell in love with a little festival right by the London Eye, called Udderbelly. We always met here after our internships and grabbed a drink, sitting amongst the locals and completely blending in. It was amazing that nobody had to know we were American. We would always walk along Southbank and explore, walking along the Millennium Bridge, staring at Shakespeare's Globe, taking touristy pictures with Big Ben, etc. It was those daily, small things that really made my trip the best experience of my life.

New York
State University of New York- Oswego

Growing Experience


My experience abroad was amazing and I wish I could have studied abroad for a year. I learned a lot about myself within the short time I was abroad. I learned to ask questions and talk to people who might not be similar to me. Although, it was very difficult because we came from different backgrounds, I learned a lot through the conversations I had with others. In addition, I learned to take the time to talk to others and explain myself. Sometimes, I find it difficult to speak but my boss took the time to listen to what I had to say. From that experience I reevaluated my life and the things I've done and my habits. As a result, I have taken the time to talk to people who are different from me and explaining myself clearly.

How can this program be improved?

The program has done a great job in providing for the students.

22 years old
Poughkeepsie, NY
Rider University

A Life-Changing Experience


Studying abroad with CAPA was, truly, one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I began the process of finding a program to study in London with, there were a few things that I know I wanted: To live in a flat in the city, to be able to travel, and to have an internship. I found that CAPA would be able to give me all of these choices, and I made my decision.
My time abroad was the first time out of the United States, and I knew it would take some time to adjust. CAPA made it easy for all of its students, by offering tours of the neighborhoods we lived in– including the best grocery stores and Tube stations to take– guided explorations around the city, and by offering small group meetings and orientations at CAPA, to make sure everyone felt comfortable, and knew they had people they could go to if they needed help.
I was very busy during my weeks abroad– between classes in the morning, going to my TV station internship in the afternoon, and then having to cook my meals, do my laundry, homework, and find some time to relax– but it was incredibly worth it. The education I received from my classes, and internship, were one of a kind, and often used London as a classroom setting, which was incredible.
Even though I was busy, I made sure to take time each day to explore. Some days I would just get on the Tube and get off a station I didn’t know and, safely, see what I would find. Around CAPA’s campus are tons of museums (which are free), parks, and other things to explore. I never spent an entire day in my flat– London had too much to offer.
Another great thing about being in London is that it is cheap and easy to travel to other places in Europe. During the three and a half months I was there, I got to travel to Paris, Dublin and Galway, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Florence, and Edinburgh. I experienced things I had dreamed of, as well as moments I had never even thought possible. I met family members who lived in Ireland, sang on the steps of Sacré Coeur in Paris, saw every famous landmark, tasted the most amazing food, and danced every night away. Sure, sometimes we got lost, sometimes it was hard not speaking the native language– but we figured it out, and it made every experience more memorable and educational.
I know the friends I made while I was abroad will stay friends forever– we experienced so much together, and share an incredible bond over this amazing chapter in each of our lives.
To anyone who is considering studying abroad: I could not recommend it enough. It changes the way you see the world and people around you, and the way you live your life. Not every day will be easy, but it is worth it, and you will fly home with memories and friends that will last a lifetime– and an outlook that will positively affect every day to come.

22 years old
Clark University

Interning, Learning, and Living in London


During my semester abroad in London, I Learned more than I ever thought I would, and not just in the classroom. I learned a ton about the world I am living in. I learned that a lot of the struggles and challenges we face as Americans are not at all the same thing that people in other parts of the world struggle with. This experience opened my eyes to all the great things I have had a privilege to and taught me to be fortunate for this. I would say this was definitely a worthwhile experience.

21 years old
Lansdale, PA
Emerson College

CAPA International: Cheap & Meaningful Abroad Experience!


My school had a lot of different options when it came to studying abroad, but choosing an external program to travel with was definitely the best option for me. Not only did I get to live and study abroad, but I got to extend my friend circle to people outside of my home university. Studying with CAPA meant that I had classes with students from all over the US, and interacted with staff from all over the world, not just London!

The perks for studying with CAPA were also incredible. We were automatically included in the student union at Imperial College London, which meant we could join any of their clubs, sports, or activities. We also received Oyster cards with tuition, which meant that I never had to worry about having the money to travel in / around London.

The staff was extremely supportive the entire time I was there, which allowed me to study, travel, and keep my GPA up! Most (if not all) professors took us out and around the city every single week, which helped make sure we weren't just being bogged down into a classroom. I visited almost every major museum, saw three plays, and toured Mosques and Churches during class! These were all things I would've done in my free time and on my own bill anyway, but with CAPA I didn't have to!

CAPA was also extremely supportive in helping me schedule classes beforehand, making sure there was no wasted time / credits earned.

I adored my CAPA experience, and I encourage anybody who wants to study abroad on a budget to check them out!

How can this program be improved?

The only way I could think of improving this program would be expanding it's course catalog. Although I was able to complete all my general education requirements while I was in London, I wasn't able to take any courses directly pertaining to my major.

21 years old
Hopewell Jct
State University of New York- Oswego

Interning Abroad


Through CAPA London I partook in the internship program and it was an excellent decision. I was paired with ThinkersPR a public relations and marketing firm. There, I was the public relations and communications intern. I gained great professional development and made lasting connections. I miss working there everyday and I looked forward to going to work everyday. I managed the social media for our clients and did research for the rest of the public relations team. I got to partake in many client meetings and was involved like I was another coworker, not an intern.

How can this program be improved?

CAPA London could be improved by reevaluating their professors. CAPA London should also do an overall of their Learning Through Internship programs. It is an important program to have but could be used more beneficially.

21 years old
Duxbury, MA
University of Massachusetts- Amherst

The Most Enriching, Educational, and Fun Experience


My experience in London with CAPA was better than I ever could’ve dreamed of. I learned how to live in a global city, made incredible memories and friends, interned with a transnational company, and developed personally and professionally. Study abroad as a whole is an enriching, once-in-a-lifetime experience that needs to be taken advantage of.

I didn’t expect to gain so many skills, technical work-related ones and softer ones, but I did and I will take them with me for the rest of my life. I got relevant international work experience in my desired field while also becoming more confident, independent, mature, and able to work with people from diverse backgrounds.

CAPA was the perfect fit for me, largely in part due to the internship component and their emphasis on personal and professional development. I knew ahead of time that I want to pursue an internationally-focused career, so doing an international internship was a great starting point for me. Not only did CAPA place me at a site that perfectly aligned with my career goals, but they taught me how to articulate my study abroad and work experience in a professional, in-depth way, which is more difficult to do than I initially thought.

CAPA provided a lot of great inclusions, including an Oyster Card for the tube and bus so I didn’t have to pay for public transport, a London Pass which granted me free entry to 5 attractions (including the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey), field trips around the city and to Brighton, My Global Education events to teach me more about the dynamic components that make up a global city, and discounts on cultural events such as a Rugby Game at Wembley Stadium and West End plays.

I would highly recommend the CAPA London program to everyone!

How can this program be improved?

The required class that complements the internship was dry, but the material was useful. However the class has been revamped since I took it. Aside from that, nothing!

22 years old
Albright College

Lydia In London!


I chose the CAPA Program because it is linked with my college, Albright. I am allowed to take a full class load when I cross the sea and explore the unknown world of London. This program gives me the option to “personalize the experience” by allowing me to both take a full load of courses and participate in an internship or service learning opportunity. It was a dream come true to intern in London, and the CAPA program helped me fulfill a dream. My favorite part about London was that it is a fashion influenced city. London is simply in style. Pops of colors come from tall beautiful flowers growing out of window boxes. Colorful row houses stand tall on a long narrow street. London is also home to a vast number of parks. From High Park to St. James Park, you can walk from tall city buildings into the peaceful world of nature in a matter of minutes. The mix of city and country makes London a very interesting place to live and work. CAPA is global. CAPA offers programs in London, Dublin, Buenos Aires, Florence, Shanghai, and Sydney. Students should know that they can capture the world with CAPA. CAPA is very helpful and informative when it comes to studying abroad. They have been global leaders in studying abroad since 1972. They also offer internships, which out of the ten percent of American students who study abroad only three percent intern abroad.
Going to London was the best decision that I have ever made. The three and half months that I spend in the UK and traveling helped me see the world. It helped me checked off cities on my bucket list, meet new people, and become a citizen of the world. I got the experience how to work, live, and learn in an international city. This experience has forever changed my personal and academic life. As a CAPA Ambassador, I one hundred percent would recommend the CAPA London Program to other students. On my college's campus, I have talked in classrooms, given info sessions, and helped at a table held at our study abroad fair. The CAPA Program is life changing and has been ranked top in study abroad websites. I am very pleased that Albright partnered with CAPA to give me and other students a chance to capture the world.

23 years old
Rock Island, Illinois
Augustana College



London was an amazing place to study abroad, I had no idea I would fall in love with a place the way I fell in love with London. CAPA was a wonderful program. I learned so much in my international marketing class and they could not hove found me a more perfect internship. Leaving London was one of the saddest things I have done, if it were up to me and not my 4-tier VISA I would have stayed forever.

21 years old
Frederick, Maryland
Hood College

A Semester of Growth and Independence


My semester in London with CAPA was the best time of my life thus far. I loved the city, the people and the CAPA school. The classes I took with CAPA were some of my favorite courses I have taken in my college career. While they were not as academically challenging as I am used to from my home school, the experience was much greater and well-rounded than what I can achieve in the States. I chose 2 of my courses at CAPA specifically for the trips because I wanted to be able to learn from the city as much as possible. My classes really took advantage of the fact that we were in London, which I loved. The most trips I got to take was with 20th and 21st Century Modern Art. Every other week we were going to the National Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts or the Tate, and then we were back in the classroom for the next. There is nothing on the same level as learning about Van Gogh in class and then visiting that painting in a gallery the next. One of my favorite trips was through British Broadcasting Today. Near the end of the semester we toured the BBC, rehearsed a radio show and were the audience for “The One Show” that night. My first time on television, and it was in the UK! Just being in the BBC was a dream for me, and it was one of the greatest experiences CAPA gave me during my short 4 months in London.

How can this program be improved?

The MyEducation events were amazing, but I wish there were more trips outside of London to get us outside the city. That would probably require raising the fees though.

22 years old
Loudonville, New York
Siena College

Interning and Living in London; The Global City


The CAPA London Internship Program is a great opportunity for students to gain international internship experience. There are placement options for students of all majors. The professional connections and skills gained through my experience were invaluable to my professional development. Participating in CAPA's internship program is vital to one's cultural immersion in London. Due to the fact that students live and take classes with other American students, aside from interacting professors and those you meet on the street, the relationships students form with their coworkers will be their best exposure to British culture. If you are looking to only take classes, I recommend studying abroad at a university in London, not with a study abroad only program, like CAPA. Living in London allows students to observe the vast cultural differences in London. You can turn the corner and feel like you are in a different country. Classes are immersed in study abroad. Students can take theater classes that include excursions to see plays and tour theaters on the West End. Additionally, the Analyzing and Exploring London class allows students to gain first-hand knowledge of the issues Londoners have been faced with past and present. Living conditions are far superior to those of other students living in London. Apartments are spacious and are cleaned once a week by a cleaning service. I had the opportunity to live in Camden Town, a bustling center of counter culture. There was always something to do; there is access to eateries, a supermarket, a pharmacy, a cell phone service, and the infamous Camden Market is right around the corner. The social life in London was great. There is plenty of time to explore the pubs and go clubbing on the weekends. The CAPA London student council puts on great social events, such as a boat party on the River Thames. I met some great friends through my time at CAPA London. Overall, I would give CAPA London a 9/10. I really had a great experience. I learned a lot and have a ton of fond memories. I would not trade my study abroad experience for the world.

How can this program be improved?

One way in which I feel that CAPA can improve their program would be to increase communication with students prior to their departure from the United States for London. I really feel like I had no clue what exactly the program entailed until I was there.

22 years old
Davenport, Iowa
St. Ambrose University



My study abroad experience with CAPA London was better than I ever anticipated. You hear of a lot of people who go abroad and say it was a "life-changing experience." And this really is the case for me. The CAPA staff, in London and Boston, were extremely helpful each step of the way--from the application to commencement. I absolutely loved living in London. The flats in Shepherd's Bush were in a good part of town and Tube stations were easily accessible. They also pay for your transportation within London which is really helpful. I took Advertising in Britain and British Broadcasting Today and found both of the classes to be beneficial. We could actually go on field trips in the city and see concepts we had been learning in class. My favorite was visiting the BBC.They also have great connections within the city for internships. For example, I am a tv broadcast major and interned at a local tv station that broadcasts charities. However, probably the best part of CAPA for me was the cultural activities and My Education Events. These were planned events or excursions led by CAPA. For instance, I saw Les Miserables, went to a rugby match, took walking tours of various neighborhoods, and took a boat cruise down the Thames. After 3 months of living in London, I didn't want to leave and I wouldn't trade my experience with CAPA for anything.

22 years old
Boston, Massachusetts
Stonehill College

Amazing Study Abroad Experience! (thanks CAPA)


If you're looking for a program to intern and study abroad in a global city- CAPA's the perfect choice. CAPA provides a holistic program giving you the chance to intern in a workplace (relevant to your field of study) with the city's locals. In classes with other Americans I was able to meet other students from across the US and make great friends. The internship placements were great and the few students I knew that weren't happy with their placements didn't give it a chance. Be open minded and you'll be able to take something away from your experience! My internship in finance is a great addition to my resume. Furthermore, I was gaining hands-on experience relevant to what I'm studying (accounting) and I really clicked with the team at my site. As for academics, I took a course for my major, one for my minor and one about London. All were great. In my British Broadcasting class we toured the BBC and even got to be the live studio audience of the One Show which was aired on TV! That was very fun. The course I took about London had many field trips around the city to places like Trafalgar Square, Museums and The Olympic Park. All were great, they gave me a new perspective on the city and allowed me to see some of the city's hidden gems. London's an amazing city and CAPA was the perfect choice for me, knowing I wanted to intern with locals and study with other US students. CAPA cares about every student in the program and provides many opportunities to travel (with a travel fair with companies offering trips and some trips around the UK are even included). The unlimited tube pass (zones 1-2) that comes with the program is a huge perk! You'll be able to travel around the city with ease. I highly recommend CAPA to anyone looking to grow personally and professionally through study abroad.

How can this program be improved?

The downside to my experience was the Learning through Internships class which is required for anyone interning to take. It's a 1.5 hr class once a week and we discussed our successes and failures at our internships. We were also lectured on difference topics about workplace culture and organizational behavior. It was difficult for me, as a finance intern, to relate to students whose internships were shadowing a professional (like a photographer). There were papers and assignments in this course which were graded like a regular academic course which added unnecessary stress. I know CAPA talked about how they change this course up every once in a while so they are working to improve this aspect of the program.

I was also nervous about not having time to travel like my other friends abroad since I was interning 3 days and taking classes 2 days each week. I planned my internship hours around my travel plans, though, and if you plan ahead like that, the internship site supervisors will be very understanding! I ended up being able to go to 9 countries outside the UK during my time so traveling is possible and encouraged! (plus the weeklong break is perfect for a longer trip) My professors and colleagues at work all loved hearing about the places I went.

26 years old
Philadelphia, PA
University of Pittsburgh

CAPA In London


The CAPA program in London offered me an amazing platform on which to not only explore the many wonders of London and Europe, but also to build my professional skill set in a meaningful way through an internship.

As such, my weeks were absolutely packed with classes and work, so spring break was a great opportunity for several of friends and I to break away on our own adventure. We planned and executed our excursion to Italy - free of any program structures or help - in the varied time in between classes during the weeks leading up to break. This was a feat in and of itself, coordinating schedules, tickets, and logistics for four people without anyone knowing Italian or having been to Italy before.

However, it all worked out and I'm proud to say our plans went, more or less, off without a hitch. The number of stories and shared memories from that trip - from Venice in the North, through Florence, and then on to Rome - are far too many to retell here but they will not soon be forgotten by me or my traveling companions.

How can this program be improved?

The program could work on helping bring participating students together more often and building a community feeling. One of the great strengths of this program is its size and reach; however, that also means there are literally hundreds of students each semester. The CAPA facilities could be expanded and more resources/activities structured into the program for students to meet each other (or locals).

22 years old
West Lafayette, Indiana
Purdue University

Summer In London with CAPA!


One really cool week I remember perfectly is my "Week of Celebs." There was a movie premier going on right in Russell Square (Entourage Movie) and I had never been to anything like it! I swore I was dreaming. I kept thinking this is only for famous people, right? Well it was surreal. Though no selfies nor autographs were received, we were up close and personal with a lot of the stars. We were in the middle of packs of crazy people who wanted to get autographs to sell and would shove anyone aside if they got in their way. Of course we just thought it was hilarious and loved being smack dab in the middle of this wild scene. That same week, Bradley Cooper (eek!!) was doing a show, The Elephant Man, in Covent Garden. Afterwards he comes out and does autographs and selfies with nearly everyone who shows up!! This time, a selfie was successfully captured and I have never been more starstruck in my entire life!! It was so cool, we were so close (photo below).

We were shocked at how casual the Londoners reacted to both of these events. The work commuters would walk by like this was an every day scene! Plays, musicals and premiers happen all the time there that bring a lot of celebrities to the city. For us tourists, we couldn't get enough.

How can this program be improved?

For this program we had to take an "Internship Reflect" course, where we were supposed to reflect on our time at the office, the work that we did, and the experiences we had - basically compare one another's experience. Since we all had different majors and therefore different internships, I found it not applicable to everyone in the class. It was not very effective and would much rather have had this time to be out in London exploring something! Other than that, the CAPA staff was fantastic, I loved my "Exploring London" class, and my internship was the greatest pre-career experience I think I'll ever receive.

23 years old
Oswego, New York

My Summer Spent in London


CAPA London truly made my study abroad experience one i'll never forget. From the second I was accepted into the program until the second I left London, CAPA went above and beyond to make sure my time abroad was incredible.

Since this was my first time abroad, I was extremely nervous to spend so much time in a foreign country with people who were strangers to me. However, CAPA ensured I was prepared for everything that I would need abroad. They walked me through the entire work visa process, provided me with travel and packing tips, and weekly London itineraries that allowed me to see places only locals know about. They are truly all about making sure each and every student is immersed into the culture they are studying and comfortable enough to enjoy themselves.

CAPA also set me up with an incredible internship in the heart of London in my field of study. I was nervous at first about giving them complete control over my internship placement, but I was more than pleasantly surprised with how spot on they were. The internship and classes were challenging and I was able to learn a lot about my major as well as the history and culture of London. For a six week program, the required hours at the internship site were a little heavy, but I was able to really learn the ins and outs of the work culture and London which I am extremely grateful for. It was a great way to build my resume and give me a competitive edge over others in the public relations field.

London in general is a beautiful city that doesn't allow you to spend one second being bored. I explored the city a lot on the weeks due to the Oyster Card CAPA provided me which allowed me to travel throughout Zones 1 and 2 whenever I pleased. On the weekends I was able to travel to countries such as France, Ireland, Copenhagen, and The Netherlands. I constantly felt like CAPA gave me opportunities to act on and if you take advantage of them you are guaranteed to have the experience of a lifetime.

How can this program be improved?

One way this program could be improved is by cutting down on the required hours a student must be at an internship placement. It was extremely hard to find time to explore the city and culture of London when I was in either class or my internship all day Monday-Friday. For a 6 week program, the requirements shouldn't be the same as full semester abroad students.

22 years old
Gainesville, Florida
University of Florida

Living in London


This experience will be whatever you make it to be; you can either find yourself regretting not doing more, or being satisfied with everything to got to accomplish.

CAPA's London Program makes you hit the ground running, and I'm really thankful that they do. I never thought that almost 2 months would fly by so fast, but I'm glad I took advantage of the time I had while I was there. The program also provides you with a lot of opportunities to see different parts of the city, or even travel a bit further.

One of my favorite things was going to Wimbledon with the group from CAPA. It was the last full day we had for the program, and it was a really good way to end it and spend the last day in London. It can seem hard to become friends with other students on the trip, because you'll find yourself spread out amongst the city. But, if you take advantage of opportunities like this one, you'll find yourself making friends with someone you may not have otherwise met.

Overall, I was really satisfied with CAPA and how their program was structured. They let you practically build your own program (whether you want to do just academics, an internship, etc.) which allows each student to have a unique experience. I would recommend to research as much as you can before you get here, especially when planning for trips / excursions, etc. Prices become much more expensive as the date approaches, but can be found for very cheap with extra time. With that being said, allow yourself some free-time to be able to experience things that you may not be able to plan ahead for.

How can this program be improved?

I would've loved to been able to interact with students from local colleges, rather than only students on the CAPA Program. Although they give you a few suggestions, if there was some other resource or piece of advice CAPA had, it could make it easier for students to connect with each other. Often times I found myself wondering what the local students do around the city during the day, but found it difficult to be able to find out for myself.

About The Provider


What do you want to get out of your study abroad experience? No matter what, you’ll have to spend some time in the classroom. But what if there were a way to get out into your new city and truly live what you learn?