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CAPA London: Study & Intern Abroad

Though it’s just a hop across the pond, CAPA’s London program will always remind you that you’re somewhere new. Try and learn some new vocabulary (“boot” means “trunk”, “chips” are “fries”, and let’s not get started on “football” and “soccer”…) as you take the tube (subway) to class. As the city enters the modern age, it still perfectly maintains its old monarchical roots that kept the arts thriving. From notable literary works and paintings to up-and-coming fashion designers, London is the place to create new ideas among ancient walls.

We want you to get out of the typical classroom and turn your study abroad city into a place you can learn from. CAPA helps you customize your experience— from everything to what classes you’re interested in to what kind of housing you’ll live in. Our internships will give you the skillsets you’ll need to succeed in your career. Each of our centers abroad are unique to the places they’re located, and everyone there will help make you feel at home.

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The program fee includes tuition, housing, optional internship placement*, local transportation pass, access to the Imperial College Student Union and International Students House, a half-day panoramic coach tour of London, a full-day excursion to Stonehenge and Bath, and a full-day excursion to Stratford-upon-Avon and Kenilworth Castle, My Global City events, insurance, and CAPA services and support including a 24-hour emergency phone line.

*Internships require a Tier 4 visa, which is an additional cost upwards of $500 not included in the program fee.

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  • Housing 9.2
  • Safety 9.1
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Best Independent Learning Experience!

I am so glad I chose CAPA London; it was my first time in Europe, and it was a great time for me to learn and discover myself independently. With the exception of the nighttime bus routes, (those maps are very confusing) I had no trouble navigating around the city. (Safe community, and no language difficulties). Flexibility in scheduling allows for external travel and discoveries, in a culture rich city. However, one must keep in mind that a study abroad experience is what you personally make of it. I've had friends who have done the same exact thing, and said that it was nothing special.

In the beginning, you are introduced to the city via tourist route; that is, we took a bussed tour around the city, where a tour guide gleefully introduced us to the major land marks, and well known historic areas. We also visited Stone Henge, which, for me was the highlight of the tour- I'm not one for tours, because I find them, well, rather bland, but I'm not sure how I'd have gone to Stone Henge otherwise.

I would say this program is more about personal learning and exploring rather than pure academics. It all depends on your university, but mine did not take our final grades, only the credits as long as we reached a certain grade. This is not to say that I didn't try- as long as you complete the assignments, and listen during lectures, doing well in your courses is not an insurmountable task. Classes simply consist of lectures, assigned reading, a few presentations, and a final exam at the end. If you have any questions, the professors are always more than willing to help, and are very chatty and friendly as well. I will say it is a more American style of learning, as we have assignments throughout the course, and our final mark is not contingent on just one exam.

However, I do wish the program as a whole was a bit more organised- sometimes I felt like all the components of our responsibilities- housing, assignments, travelling, etc. lacked in proper cohesion. Often times, we were confused as to what we needed to do, where we needed to go (such as finding our flat, assignment due dates, etc.) This was more of a problem for my classmates, though I just found that a bit more communication would have solved the issues. Sometimes, for example, a professor would be expected to adhere to the CAPA curriculum instead of their own, and they weren't aware that they were to present certain presentations- and embarrassingly found themselves fumbling with the content. However, the content is what matters- all the other issues are easily solvable by asking questions if you need additional instructions.

Travelling is so easy in London that it would be a crime to take a taxi. CAPA gives each student a prepaid Oyster card that can be utilised on all public transportation for the duration of the program. Take advantage of the free museums and cultural attractions- London is one of the world's most diverse cities, and places like Borough Market and Camden market has food stalls in rows with food from all over the world.

I would also advise to take advantage of the student union at Imperial College, a partnership that is unique to CAPA. There, you can make friends with British University students, join clubs and sports, and utilise facilities. Imperial is one of the top universities in the UK- and you can easily be a part of the community- it is there that I've made some of my best friends, and also discovered London through a local's point of view.

Travelling is also a must- though you are not on the mainland of Europe- any country is within a few hours away. I suggest planning ahead to find the cheapest rates.

Quick tips for making the most of your experience:

1. Don't just do what tourists do- by doing the "typical" things, you don't experience London as a local; just what all foreigners see- anyone can see Big Ben- but going on a street art walk in Shoreditch is something I wouldn't want to miss

2. Get to know the locals- you'll have friends with different view points, who can introduce you to their city- too many of my friends say they didn't know any British people by the end of our program- that's because they just stuck to each other. You're not in a foreign country to get to know more Americans.

3. Utilise your Oyster card as much as you can- it's prepaid- anyone who's stayed after the program knows that those fees really add up.

4. If you're going to travel- plan ahead of time. Airline flights are ALWAYS more expensive the closer you get to your departure date. And hostels are a marvellous alternative to expensive hotels.

5. Document your discoveries with photos and maybe even a journal- you'll look back on it in the future and be glad you could relive those memories.

6. Go out of your comfort zone and try something new- you never know what you're going to discover. You have time to sleep and rest when you get home- these several months should be filled with discoveries and new things. So get out there and enjoy yourself!

How can this program be improved?

I would probably say that a bit more communication could improve the quality of education in our courses, but otherwise, there's nothing more that I would change. And if our courses were not so long, I'm sure that we would glean more from the materials being presented- there's a lot of information all at once, and it takes a bit of time to digest it all.

Yes, I recommend
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As a CAPA alumnus, I cannot begin to describe how incredible my time was in London. I think that CAPA has a large part in making my experience unforgettable. The students, staff and professors inspired me every day, and I have remained in contact with most of them.

The internship program was an incredible experience. The internship team was there to talk all the time if I felt overwhelmed or that I could not handle my job. They did an incredible job of placing me in an environment in which I could excel and felt safe every single day.

The classes were inspiring and fascinating, and allowed us to explore London and see the hidden parts that some walk by without truly understanding. I highly recommend this program because of the people, the city, and the relationships that you can open yourself too.

How can this program be improved?

I think that changing where people live could add to the program. I loved where I lived (Sheperd's Bush), and I know people in Earl's Court and Camden loved their environment too. This however affected me building relationships with people that I did not live directly with because they were far tube rides away from me it would seem.

Yes, I recommend
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Best Semester of my College Life

My study abroad experience was one of the best semesters of my college life. It helped me mature as a person and learn a lot about myself as well as it nurtured my desire to someday live in London after college. The staff at CAPA International Education were always there for you whether to help you if you're homesick or tell you the best places to explore in London or travel to in Europe. London is such a vibrant and diverse city, that I can safely say you will never get bored in it because there is always something to do and some place to visit any day at any time. Though I wasn't able to intern because I wasn't eligible to meet the Visa requirements, my roommates had great internships that they were placed in. Our living arrangements were great, as we were centrally located and in a very nice and safe neighborhood within walking distance of great spots in London such as Covent Garden or Oxford Street.

How can this program be improved?

This program is a great experience for students who are looking for a great semester studying abroad. The only thing that could be improved perhaps, is more social events or programs that will help CAPA students bond more. For the most part I didn't meet many of the people in the program till a little before the half mark of the semester. However, this program is great overall and I am actually proud to be a CAPA Alumni because it made me fall in love with London instantly.

Yes, I recommend
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CAPA is the Total Package!


I am so glad I chose to study abroad with CAPA. I did a lot of research on various study abroad programs, but CAPA stood out the most and definitely did not disappoint me! I wanted a program that provided a lot of in country support and activities. I was worried about doing an exchange and being by myself, but was also worried about getting involved with a program that would hand hold too much. CAPA was the perfect balance.

CAPA had lots of options so that I could really make my study abroad experience my own. There are so many choices to customize the semester. You can live in a homestay or flat, do an internship or service learning course, and/or participate in MyEducation and cultural activities.


For me, the cultural immersion came from living in a homestay. Living with British locals was a fantastic experience. I loved getting to form a relationship with my host parents (plus their home cooking was delicious). You really can save a lot of money with the homestay because breakfast and dinner are included every day. I also got my own bedroom, which was important to me. I loved meeting my host parents' friends and family and living life with real Londoners. I'd say don't be scared to try the homestay. If you're thinking about doing it--do it!


I took 12 credits/4 classes at the CAPA Centre. I really enjoyed them all and would say they were about the same rigor as I was used to at ASU. I really liked all of the incorporated field trips around London. My professors were all British and extremely knowledgable. The classes ended up being one of the best parts of my semester abroad.

20th & 21st Century Art
Writing the City: London
Understanding Modern Britain


While in London, I really grew as a person. I overcame a lot of my anxiety, which was huge for me. I gained the courage to step out of my comfort zone and leave home.I have learned that I have a passion for photography and art.I have also become a better listener, an active learner, more independent, more assertive, have learned to trust my instincts, and become more focused on my career goals and what I want to pursue in life. In 10 years, I'll probably be able to look back and find even more areas of growth that have presented themselves because of my time in London. I know that for me, though, this was just the beginning of a lifetime of growing and changing through travel abroad.

How can this program be improved?

-Shorter commute to the CAPA Centre from my homestay: The only solution I can think of for this is to be placed in homestays in SW London rather than in North London. We’d still be in zone 4, but a heck of a lot closer to CAPA. However, I think when it comes to the homestay, students are more than likely just going to have to enjoy the pros and accept the con of the longer commute time.

-More spaces on MyEducation activities: Maybe poll students in advance on which activities they’d be interested in so a more appropriate number of spaces can be arranged? Or do multiples of the more popular activities (kind of like how Curry Night is set up) so that more students have the chance to participate. I know there were limited spaces on activities such as the BFA performance at the Globe, but I was pretty upset when space had run out and on the night of there were multiple staff members heading over to the show together. The students should come first.

-It also would have been nice to get a participatory certificate at the “CAPA Graduation”. I was actually expecting this so was disappointed when it didn’t happen. This is just a very small thing, but I would have liked to receive a more physical remembrance of my participation in the CAPA program.

Yes, I recommend
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London has become my second home.

Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I could have ever done. I learned so much about London's culture, about myself, and the rest of the world. i was able to step out of my comfort zone, try new things, explore, make friends, and discover what London has to offer. CAPA did a great job in providing the necessary resources for me to learn about London and take advantage of such a diverse city. CAPA also did a great job in giving us opportunities to explore London and get a feel for what it is like to be British. I do wish we were able to interact more with local people, though. I loved where my flat was located, in Camden, which was very different from our classes in Kensington. I miss London each and every day.

How can this program be improved?

I wish I could have taken classes with/ interacted more with British students and local people.

Yes, I recommend
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I was drowning

In a curiously sudden break of time, I found myself being thrown around in a mass of absolutely freezing water, unable to control the movements of my own body. This break of time is indescribable and I've never discussed it with anyone so I don't know if anyone else has experienced something similar. But a pause like this has happened to me four times. I know that because I remember each moment distinctly, and am able to recall my exact thoughts, sights, and feelings without hesitation. In that moment when my body was the subject of a frigid and unfamiliar water, I realized I was meant to be scared. And I wanted to be scared again.

I was in Wales, on a weekend trip away from London, and I was coasteering. The adventure sport was distinctive to the western UK country and I'd traveled out there on a whim, leaving behind every one of my flatmates and my friends to carry on to a heated pub where a pint of cider would be waiting for them: a typical Friday evening event.

I wasn't satisfied with that repetitive event, though. And by the end of November I was quite sad, and homesick. So I hopped on a train to Fishguard and less than 24 hours later, I felt like I was drowning in that body of water.

Nearly a year to the date of that moment, I feel alive when I remember it. Because I felt so alive in that instance that I will never be able to forget it.

What was homesickness hours earlier had turned to a plain rush. A rush for more lack of control. The feeling of lacking control made me feel, ironically, a sense why I should live.

When yet another wave crashed into me, I shook back into existence and laughed at what I had just experienced. I laughed uncontrollably because I knew what a crazy moment it was, and that I would never be able to truly explain it.

London, and the opportunities that CAPA presented to me, were invaluable. And I did not fully grasp to such extent, until I was sitting on my couch at home hours after landing in Boston. What a shame that was.

How can this program be improved?

The internship team is great, however, I think some of the academic classes need to be reevaluated. Stipends for meal plans should also be included.

Yes, I recommend
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Best Experience Ever

CAPA was the best experience that I was able to have. While the academics of the program were not too challenging, that did mean that I had more time to explore the city. It was great how the professors would incorporate the city into the classroom because it gave you more of a chance to learn more about the city. I also loved having an internship while I was there. I was able to learn vasts amount of valuable information that I can take with me. I was also given an opportunity to organize and hold an event in parliament with 3 MPs. While I loved my internship while I was there, I was originally placed in an internship that I did not like very much. So I went to the internship team and told them it really was not the fit for me and they immediately found me another place that I loved. The staff are extremely accommodating and helpful.

How can this program be improved?

If I had to change one thing about my program it would be having some type of food stipend from them because there was no cafeteria or place to eat there, therefore, I found myself spending majority of my money on eating out.

Yes, I recommend
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Life Lessons in London

I had an amazing time during my stay in London. I was able to experience the day to day life of London and explore it's incredible variety of people and cultures. Through my internship with an Independent film producer, I learned what it really takes to make it in the entertainment field. My supervisor was a great resource who I felt comfortable talking to because she ran her own company. I basically followed what she did as her shadow which included attending film team meetings in different parts of the city with local and international directors and producers. I realized that exploring by yourself is totally ok and should even be encouraged! These experiences are going to be the most unique gave me the chance to get to know the city on a personal level.

How can this program be improved?

I thought my internship placement was the perfect fit for me but I knew several other students that were less satisfied with theirs. I think more preparation could go into getting the sites to describe the kind of work that will be assigned before the students goes in or making this process more transparent from supervisor to student so that both parties know what to expect. But the upside is that CAPA has such a large variety of internship options that I was able to get to know students of all different academic backgrounds and interests.

Yes, I recommend
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CAPA is an Outstanding Program! Best 3 Months of My Life!

I had an outstanding experience with CAPA in London. The staff was extremely helpful, I had great professors and I had an excellent internship placement in the journalism field. Transportation around London via the Tube and busses was included in our tuition, and that was another bonus of the program. If you're interested in interning abroad, CAPA is definitely an excellent program for it!

How can this program be improved?

I was fortunate enough to have a great internship placement in London while others didn't get exactly what they wanted. However, CAPA will work with you to make sure you get the best placement possible and they have an entire internships team to help you with this as well. This is also reflective of real life. You may not always get what you want, but it's up to you to be resourceful and flexible to make it the best experience possible.

Yes, I recommend
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Make the best decision of your life, and study abroad in London!

Living, learning, and working abroad in London was the most amazing experience of my life so far. Studying with CAPA allowed me to take classes and go on field trips that made the coursework come to life, and enhance my major studies to encompass international boundaries. I also completed an internship, which gave me invaluable international work experience and influenced my future career plans. The CAPA staff is incredibly helpful and always so friendly. I loved the MyEducation activities which fully immersed me into the London culture by taking me to places I never would have discovered on my own. I also made some of my very best friends. the cherry on top of an overall fantastic experience! If you are at all unsure about studying abroad, I would highly encourage you to DO IT!

Yes, I recommend
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I'm Just Mad I Had to Come Home

It sounds a bit cheesy to say that studying abroad really formed who I am as a person, or that it was the best decision I've made throughout my college career, but it's true. Those cliches have to come from somewhere, right? I can't emphasize enough how much I think every undergrad student who has the opportunity to study abroad should take advantage of it. And CAPA, in particular, was such a great program. The professors pushed me, but were so friendly and welcoming along the way. The staff was absolutely incredible in every way (I miss just hanging out with them too)! And the people I worked with at my internship site were total inspirations to me. I miss London every single day, and I would not trade the experience I had there for anything. If you're reading this review, DO IT. APPLY NOW. I promise you won't regret it.

Yes, I recommend
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In Love with London

I loved my experience in London and I'm not sure if that is because of the CAPA program or the city itself. I miss London every single day, it was the time of my life. I grew as a person and I have more of a global mindset than I did in January before I left. The CAPA program at Mizzou is different from other CAPA programs with different universities so my experience was a bit different. My classes were chosen for me and I was with only Mizzou students. I took a class with the Mizzou professor who came abroad with us for the semester and British life and culture class with a CAPA professor. I loved the CAPA class, it was like a weekly field trip to places in London I wouldn't have gone to otherwise. I am a big believer in that any experience is what you make of it. I made the best of my four months in London because I had been dreaming about it for years. CAPA will help you with anything you need, you just need to ask for it. They will switch your internship if you aren't happy and work really hard to make sure you are happy while in London. I recommend the program to anyone willing to take the jump across the pond for the semester.

How can this program be improved?

I would give students the chance to be more involved in their internship placements. The internship portion of my program was a large reason why I chose it and while I ended up enjoying my placement I would've like the chance to pick between a few different agencies so I could see which one I thought would be more beneficial. I was in a small agency that focused on technology clients and I wanted a large agency that focused more in entertainment PR.

Yes, I recommend
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Living the dream

When applying for the program I was looking to get an experience where I would be able to experience the day-to-day life of a Londoner and CAPA provided exactly that. The apartments I lived in Camden were above what I was expecting and it was nice to live with all the other students in the program. The location of the apartment was in a very trendy area that offered different things to do everyday within a short walk. I was also provided an oyster card for the duration of the program that made it possible for me to explore all of central London. Being able to take the tube daily to get to my internship or class made it easier to relate to people permanently living in the city and made me feel like I was a Londoner.

The staff of CAPA were very helpful before my arrival and after. All of the information I could have wanted was provided to me and the staff were always available to assist me when needed. The internships team was especially helpful when my original placement company told me that there was no work for me. The internships team worked to find me a new placement within a couple days and kept me updated on what was happening. Throughout the entire program I always felt like I was living in a dream and always knew that I had support if needed.

How can this program be improved?

When applying to the program there was not a lot of information on example internship placements which was worrisome to me. Providing testimonies from students who completed internships in multiple fields would be helpful to giving students a better understanding of the types of placements available.

Yes, I recommend
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An excellent summer adventure

CAPA is a great experience. It gives you the chance to get in some real work experience and try out living on your own but you still have a great safety net in place. The staff is incredibly helpful and great to just stop in to chat with or ask for advice on where to go in London. The classes were fantastic. I did an internship and took the British Post War Pop Culture class. Take that class. It was a blast, and I learned more about London, and navigating London than I could have learned on my own. MY internship was great and really helped me narrow down my career interests. The only downsides to this program are the expenses (living the apartments incurred serious food bills), and culture immersion. If you are just looking to immerse yourself in British culture and surround yourself with Brits you may be disappointed. Definitely choose to do a home stay if that is your goal. You'll meet great people living in the apartments but they will mostly be Americans.

How can this program be improved?

I would want more details on the internships earlier if possible. We received our internship and housing assignments a mere 2 weeks before take off and that can be stressful and hard to plan for when you are studying abroad for six weeks.

Yes, I recommend
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CAPA London - A Good and Safe Academic Environment

I had never lived anywhere near a city before I studied abroad in London, so this program was the best opportunity for me to learn to adapt to a more urban environment. CAPA was very good about helping me adapt to foreign living through its orientation that spanned over the first few days after arrival. It also helped that CAPA's London headquarters is located at a renovated Victorian-style mansion, giving the school's appearance a rich and almost 'homey' vibe to it.

My flat was well-stocked with all of the dishes and cookery that I and my flatmates needed, and the flat itself was located right in the heart of the city. As such, I was gifted with the incredible opportunity to be able to walk to whatever museum or attraction that I wanted to.

The classes were enriched with field trips and assignments that encouraged travel around the city and allowed for students to gain a greater cultural understanding of the city itself. I know that I personally spent many hours in the museums (and the majority of them are only ten minutes away from CAPA's building!). Not only that, but the program package also comes with a tour trip of Stonehenge, Bath, and other scenic locations far from the city that would otherwise be difficult to get to.

How can this program be improved?

The academics could be more rigorous and challenging, and I would have appreciated spending more time with local students rather than fellow Americans. I also would have liked for the wifi to be a bit more reliable and unlimited.

Apart from those few complaints, the program itself is one that I would be quick to recommend to anyone interested in studying abroad.

Yes, I recommend

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