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Imagine spending a semester in Paris, the embodiment of fine art, cuisine, and fashion. Home to one of the world’s most beautiful skylines, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre-Dame, and the enchanting Seine River, Paris has an incredible history. Experience the beauty of Paris easily by taking the Metro or with the city’s famed public bike system.

Choose from a wide range of courses offered in both English and French. CEA partners with Paris-Sorbonne University, The Catholic University of Paris, and Novancia Business School and has a Paris Study Center. You can take courses at one of these partner institutions, at the CEA Paris Study Center, or enroll in hybrid learning program.

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  • Hands-on learning experiences that transform the world abroad into a classroom
  • Personalized Pre-Departure Advising, including visa and immigration support
  • Courses offered in English that fulfill major and general graduation requirements
  • Comprehensive on-site support, including 24/7 emergency phone
  • Career workshops, Internships Abroad, and Alumni Ambassador positions

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based on 37 reviews
  • Academics 7.7
  • Support 8.9
  • Fun 8.2
  • Housing 8.4
  • Safety 9.1
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Fall 2015

I cant begin to explain the affect of studying abroad had on me. I had such a deep love for Paris and my experience that I am applying to Graduate Schools this coming fall to go back. Not only is Paris an amazing location, but the curriculum of CEA pushes you to think and test yourself and your beliefs. I will truly never be the same after my semester abroad, and the personal growth I achieved was well worth the uncertainty, and sacrifice you deal with when moving away from home if even for a short time.

Yes, I recommend this program
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One Drop in an Ocean

As an independent person before ever stepping off American soil, I never had a difficult time blending in with the crowd. I could go to the cafe and the park, and take solo walks without feeling lonely or insecure. But for the first time in my life I truly felt small. It's sobering to think about, but I feel more like a citizen of the world for it, I embrace it.

How can this program be improved?
There was not a lot of opportunity to get involved with local Parisian students. My social activity was always with other international students which was great, but I did not meet a lot of locals.
Yes, I recommend this program
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go with cea!

i'm very glad i chose cea paris as my study abroad program. the staff is nice and helpful 24/7. the teachers are experienced and passionate. the school's neighborhood is awesome and is in a perfect location. cea helps you get situated in the city well and takes you on trips in france & other places europe (price of trips included with tuition!). make sure to be specific with what you want for housing. some people weren't happy with their housing (dorms mostly). you can't slack and skip classes with cea, you need to go to school and turn in homework. but the teachers are fairly relaxed and you don't need to stress out at any point during the semester about school work. they want you to enjoy your experience abroad! i recommend cea to all who want to see, live, and study in paris! (best city in europe!)

How can this program be improved?
less focus on mandatory class time and strict attendance rules.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great experience

Awesome program. The staff is amazing and really nice. The classes are pretty easy. The apartments are really nice and in good locations. The city is amazing. They set up day trips and one night trip that is amazing to the south of france. The program is a good size with great people. The metro system is amazing with good hours and we take it everyday. Some of the best people and a great size program.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great Program! (but a few flaws)

CEA Paris is overall a fantastic program for those looking to really learn about the city of Paris. They offer several courses that involve going out into the physical sphere of the city, and using it as a live classroom.

I took Architecture of Paris and History of Haute Couture. Both classes were very interesting and I truly learned a lot about the city. Both professors of the classes were engaging, helpful, and entertaining.

CEA does a great job at providing cultural opportunities for students in Paris. Through CEA, I was able to attend a soccer match, a rugby match, and a cooking class. In addition, the included excursions to Provence, Bruges, Champagne, and Fontainebleau were a good way to experience different parts of France.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the program to other people. The CEA staff is incredibly friendly, accessible, and resourceful, and they definitely take any feedback you say to heart. Paris is a wonderful city and they do a good job to try and help you adjust to it. However, CEA does have a few issues they need to improve on, such as academics and housing, but overall, I had a phenomenal experience.

How can this program be improved?
CEA's classes generally do not meet on fridays, which is nice for travel. However, when it comes to CEA's academics, the attendance policy could be frustrating at times. As a college student, my belief is that the only one who loses when you miss class is you, because therefore you missed important material. However, CEA disagrees and only lets you miss 4 sessions of a class that meets twice a week for the whole semester. While I am not one to miss class most of the time, it is frustrating for those times when I would want to travel for longer periods of time, or miss class for other events such as friends or parents being in town.

Furthermore, CEA is very strict on switching the type of program you are in once you are in Paris, which is hard because sometimes you do not realize the rigor of the situation until you get there. CEA Paris offers several hybrid programs with the Sorbonne, Novancia Business School, and other French Schools that are definitely more demanding than just the CEA program. I had several friends who realized that they were too overwhelmed in these hybrids programs, but were told that they couldn't switch. CEA Paris' Academic Dean could be a bit rude at times when people would request to switch, so if you do decide to do any of the hybrid programs, make sure you are set on it. As someone who did the Sorbonne hybrid program, I certainly improved my French by having it every day of the week for 2 hours, but it hindered my ability to travel and see the city, so I am torn as to whether or not I would do the hybrid program all over again.

Housing is CEA Paris' biggest downfall. That is not necessarily the fault of the program, but the conditions of the city itself. I was fortunate to receive the exact housing situation I wanted (an apartment in the 11th), however, I had several friends who were VERY unhappy with their housing. I had friends who were put in a homestay who did not want that at all, and other friends who were put into housing that was called an apartment but looked more like a dorm room with a hot plate and a sink. I think if CEA were to provide more apartments in better locations, it would be the perfect program. My advice would be to not take the gamble of being assigned housing, but rather opt for independent housing, and try to sublet an apartment for the semester. Not only would you be able to pick the location and your roommates, but you would also be allowed to have guests stay over, which is against CEA policy. (This is especially useful if you have other friends studying abroad who will want to visit you)
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great Experience!

This program was great, the staff was very helpful, friendly, and professional. My questions were always answered to their full potential. The ladies who run the front desk loved referring their favorite places to eat, shop, etc. (Which were always great!) The campus is very small, one building, but very comfortable and well kept. I didn't attend the excursions with the program, but I heard they were alright, that going on a trip with the same amount of money would get you more for you dime and would be more enjoyable. The housing was hit or miss, some housing was AMAZING, apartment views of the Eiffel Tower in great neighborhoods, then other apartments were small and in unsafe locations. Some places had no internet and other places it work great! I had experience with their maintenance staff which was awful, our water heater broke and we went 2 weeks with ice cold water before they came and fixed it. Other than that the trip was great and I would recommend this program!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Love of the 11th.

Selecting CEA Paris as my study abroad program was the best decision of my college career. Studying abroad in Paris opened me up in multiple ways, and helped boost my social and adaptation skills and confidence. I would recommend this program to all levels of French speakers and would suggest that they select the dorm living option--I lived in a dorm in the 11th arrondissment and was able to have not only a close relationship with my 11 fellow program members also living there, but it also gave me the opportunity to foster friendships with 50+ international students. Together we all got to know the 11th and the nearby 3rd where our school was within walking distance (located in the chic and youthful Marais. The staff at CEA Paris is incomparably vivacious, and each person made the experience that much more enjoyable for everyone in the program. The curriculum paralleled our experiences living in a city as curious outsiders seeking acceptance and cross cultural communication skills. It was a very comfortable environment, no question was off limits. All of this combined left it easy for me to fall deeply in love with Paris and make lasting friendships that span the globe. Paris is another home for me thanks to CEA.

Yes, I recommend this program


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