Studying meteorology abroad can open doors to further academic research or toward new career options. There are many opportunities to study meteorology abroad, from short-term programs to full-year programs overseas. You could even opt for a research-based internship or a full postgraduate degree at a foreign university. Enjoy the experience of living overseas while furthering your career opportunities.

With any study abroad program, it is vital to remember that you are not simply on vacation. Taking courses and integrating into your temporary home are prime learning opportunities that can help guide your next steps. An experience studying abroad can alter the course of your life.

Studying meteorology abroad can truly get your career on the right path. Whether that path is tracking the path of hurricanes or forging further into the research realm of academia, continuing your meteorology studies overseas can help you make better contacts within the industry and broaden your scope of knowledge. As we all know, if you just stay home in a fog, you’ll never know all the opportunities you’ve mist!

Program Types

Whatever length of time you intend to study abroad, you will find a variety of program types to choose from within your meteorology course requirements. Specifically within meteorology coursework, these are the most popular options for study abroad program types:

Direct Enrollment

You can choose to directly enroll in a program at a foreign university that suits your academic requirements. Considerations here include language barriers, potential semester/trimester overlaps, and applying your earned credits back at your home university. Once you verify your ability to directly enroll, you can delve into your studies and into your new temporary home country.

Third-Party Providers

There are many study abroad programs run by third-party providers. You can choose from any of our verified and recommended programs offering meteorology courses overseas. These programs also typically offer local tours to explore your new home with other program participants.

Direct Exchange

Your own meteorology program might offer an exchange program with an overseas university. For example, the University of Oklahoma Meteorology Department offers an exchange with three different overseas schools, which enables its enrolled students to study abroad seamlessly. Check with your own department for details and options.

Where to Go

Given the diversity of studies included within the field of meteorology, you could easily study abroad while still earning valid credit toward your major. Peripheral classes within climatology, environmental science, or marine science might be applicable to your specific meteorology program, which can open up many other options for studying meteorology abroad.


The university system in England offers ample opportunity to study abroad for the short- or long-term. With a strong focus in the environmental sciences, especially geography, geology, and climate science, England offers an ideal setting for continuing your meteorology studies overseas. You can enjoy exploring the culture and history while resting easy with everyone around you speaking English (albeit with interesting accents!).


Spain offers an extensive study abroad system that is incredibly popular among international students. In addition to basic studies for summer programs through full year programs, you can find internship and research-focused programs as well. Environmental research is a highlight in Spain, so you can take your meteorology coursework to the next level. Prepare for a career in the industry or to further your studies with a researched-based study abroad experience in Spain.

At Sea

For something unique and truly life-changing, consider pursuing a semester at sea. With a program like Semester at Sea, you can not only delve deeper into practical meteorology and other environmental science studies, you can also apply yourself physically. You will learn all the aspects of life at sea with hands-on experience. There is nothing else like it!

Costs & Funding

Study abroad programs are often a cheaper alternative to students paying out-of-state tuition at their home university. To make that an even sweeter deal, there are a plethora of scholarship opportunities for studying abroad, many of which are underutilized and offer little competition.

There are also a few meteorology-specific scholarship opportunities that do not currently specify that funds cannot be used for study abroad. The Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship from the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) is available to all women pursuing a postgraduate degree in the fields of geosciences. Recipients must be a member of at least one AGI member society, which includes the American Meteorological Society (AMS).

Finally, the AMS itself offers the Father James B. Macelwane Annual Award in Meteorology, which includes a stipend and partial travel support to the annual AMS meeting.

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