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Oct 10, 2022
Jun 13, 2021
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Come study abroad in the Republic of Ireland with IFSA! Six different university programs are available in a wide range of locations including: Cork, County Clare, Dublin, Galway, and Limerick. Though each city may boast different specialties and attractions, Ireland as a whole is well known for being a well-educated and friendly nation dedicated to political, social and economic progress. All programs are open to American and Canadian students. Check out the different options below, and be sure to leave a review of your Irish experience when you return to help future students!

Programs offered:

Burren College of Art
University of Limerick
Trinity College Dublin
University College Dublin
University College Cork
National University of Ireland, Galway

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  • Housing 4.65
  • Safety 4.9
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Yes, I recommend this program

Empowering and Supportive

I studied abroad at Trinity College Dublin with IFSA in the spring of 2015 and had an extremely transformative experience. From the beginning, IFSA provided outstanding support. I remember being so sick that I had lost my voice during our orientation-- yet the IFSA staff was sure I was cared for and included in those initial days when community building with my cohort was so important. 

Throughout the process, IFSA taught us the value of being independent in a foreign country while always ensuring that we had staff to rely upon. Notably, the IFSA Ireland Community and Culture Seminar provided me with the resources to understand culture shock, identify my own learning curve, and process the new cultural information I encountered on a daily basis. The experience enabled me to feel confident and empowered as I went about my daily life in Dublin.

Of course, IFSA-sponsored excursions were also a highlight. From our trip to Belfast to our outdoor adventures in Killary, we were able to experience different regions of Ireland and make lasting friendships in our cohort. I have many memories of exploring streets in Belfast, running obstacle courses in bogs, and frolicking in Ireland's renowned landscape. One tip for anyone considering this program: jump right into that bog and immerse yourself!

What would you improve about this program?
Living and studying in a cohort of other American students on the IFSA program had many benefits, such as being able to connect and support each other through our shared experiences. However, it was sometimes challenging to make similar connections with Irish students, who knew our time in Ireland was temporary. I found that joining clubs and societies at the university was crucial, and IFSA encouraged us to do so. I always wondered if additional opportunities like homestays would have rounded out the experience. 

In all, I would not trade my study abroad journey for the world!
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Yes, I recommend this program

IFSA made the adjustment so easy!

I have traveled to Europe before with my family but had never lived in another country for a semester by myself. I was nervous that I would have trouble getting around the city, adapting to a new school, and immersing myself in another culture so quickly. The staff at IFSA and my point of contact, Heather, made me feel safe and supported at all times. She was quick to answer my whatsapp, whether it was a question about transportation or a pub recommendation.
The excursion planned by IFSA was also incredible. Unfortunately I was only able to go on one, because the other one was planned for the week after COVID hit Ireland. We went to Belfast as a study abroad group, and learned about the history of the Troubles, walked over a rope bridge and explored the culture in the city. The accommodations were terrific and the activities were diverse and exciting.
The English classes I took were necessary for my major at home. The classes were pretty difficult and required a lot of reading. However, the teaching was incredible, the classes were small, and the professors made the material very engaging. The professors were very responsive to my constant stream of questions over email and I am so grateful for my classroom experience. Registration day is hectic and stressful but luckily it all worked out.
I chose to study abroad with IFSA because I could only study abroad in either England or Ireland because of my major, and IFSA had well-established programs at both. I very much wanted to be immersed in the culture and attend an Irish institution, rather than travel with a study group from my home university. IFSA has worked with my home school for years and the study abroad director spoke highly of them. Overall, I loved getting to know locals, traveling to small Irish villages, attending pubs, meeting other students on my program and even attending class!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Put yourself out there and talk to locals!! Everyone is so nice and friendly, and happy to engage. You'll be happy you did it!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Most Memorable Semester Ever!

IFSA Ireland was the most memorable semester of my college experience! IFSA gave me the ability to be independent if I wanted, but was always there for me if I wanted to socialize with other IFSA students or talk to someone. Their expertise on all things Trinity College Dublin made it a much easier transition for me than other abroad students I met at Trinity who were not a part of IFSA's program. The two overnight trips that IFSA planned for us, as well as multiple other smaller excursions, were some of the highlights of my abroad experience. I was even able to see parts of Ireland I would've never seen without their guidance and transportation! In addition, IFSA has extensive financial support for students. I was hired as a photographer for IFSA as a way to fulfil my work-study while abroad! When I got back to the U.S. after the semester ended, other friends were jealous of the stories I told about my program because of the constant support I received from IFSA! My most memorable experience, however, was the early start option that IFSA offered. I attended a 2-week course on Irish History and Culture before the semester started that included trips around Ireland. I was able to get accustomed to Ireland and get some class credits out of the way! I have so many great memories thanks to IFSA!

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Crossing the Carrick-A-Lee rope bridge on a trip sponsored by IFSA. They had amazing trips for us planned and I managed to get over my fear of heights to see the breathtaking views at the other end of this infamous bridge!
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Yes, I recommend this program

IFSA- Dublin, Ireland

Studying abroad with the Institute for Study Abroad at the University College Dublin was one of the best experiences! I had the opportunity to attend classes with Irish professors and students, I had the freedom to travel in Ireland, as well as to other countries in Europe, and I got to take advantage of the Irish culture and nightlife right in Dublin. What I will remember the most, however, are the friends I made along the way. Both the advisors and my fellow students made Dublin feel like home. They made the experience so enjoyable that it was difficult to go home at the end of the semester. For any undergraduate looking for a study abroad program, I recommend IFSA. You will not regret it!

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Yes, I recommend this program

IFSA at Trinity College Dublin!

IFSA provided the support I needed in transitioning abroad. It was my first time out of the US, and IFSA was able to help me establish routine, comfort, and independence. I had so much fun abroad, and this was largely due to IFSA's excursions, recommendations, and safety measurements that helped me feel brave enough to adventure in small groups or even on my own. if I could go back abroad with IFSA I would in a heartbeat.
If you're looking for an incredible opportunity to make abroad your own unique experience, IFSA is the program for you. They will offer any level of support and their staff are kind, encouraging, and a whole lot of fun!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
I took time to explore 5 countries in addition to Ireland. This was a perfect number for me. If you study abroad with this program, do not forget to explore Ireland too! Visiting new countries was amazing, and if you have the means and desire, do that! But keep in mind, my bests experiences were within this beautiful country--see the countryside, the seashore, visit castles and the Aran Islands! There is so much to see in Ireland, that I was even able to see it all. Try to see as much of Ireland as you can, it is unbelievable.
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Yes, I recommend this program

IFSA Butler: University College Dublin

I had an amazing experience studying abroad at the University College Dublin in Ireland. Everyone I had the pleasure of meeting was so friendly and helpful, especially my advisers both at UCD and through my IFSA program. I always felt like I had somewhere to go for help if I ever needed anything, which was extremely comforting while adjusting to life on my own in a place so far away from home. The activities and events that were planned by the IFSA program were also a lot of fun, and they made it so easy to explore new parts of the country that I may not have considered going to otherwise. The campus community at UCD was also excellent, and I was even able to join the swim team and a number of different clubs while I was there. The academics were great, as well, and there were many different options for classes in just about any subject area. I even had the opportunity to work directly with a professor of ecology and one of her graduate students to design my own independent research project that included both scientific field and lab work. Overall, I truly felt like I was immersed in the Irish culture while I was there, which was one of my main goals for my study abroad experience. Between travelling across the country, exploring other places in Europe, or just simply hanging out with the friends I made through the swim team, clubs, and classes, my time abroad allowed me to grow and learn in so many valuable ways. I am extremely grateful for the incredible opportunity I had to study abroad in Dublin, and I would recommend both the IFSA program and the University College Dublin to anyone considering studying abroad in Ireland!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Overlooked Study Abroad Location

University College Cork was an exciting place to be for those who study abroad for the social scene or to interact with people from a different culture. The housing situation widely varies; however, don't count out your housing situation at first glance, it may end up working out better than you expect! For example, I was housed in an older townhouse with seven other study abroad students, which I found overwhelming and challenging at first, yet this ended up being the perfect opportunity to learn how to be more outgoing.

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Yes, I recommend this program

University College Dublin-IFSA Butler

Going abroad is something that will forever be apart of who I am, not only from the experience but the memories and friendships will be cherished throughout my life. I ventured to Europe for the first time by myself to study abroad and I could not have asked for a better experience. I attended Indiana University, where many students go abroad, but decided to take on the journey alone in a foreign country (which I highly recommend!). As a social work major there were not many options to programs so I conducted a lot of research on my own, as study abroad had always been a dream of mine. IFSA-Butler provided so many resources throughout my entire stay in Ireland with access to information about traveling, safety, shopping, restaurants, academics, and social life activities. The orientation that was provided at the beginning of the semester allowed everyone to meet other individuals and feel more comfortable with the support that was being provided. During our stay at UCD there were two weekend trips that were provided through IFSA-Butler to different parts of Ireland. These trips allowed me to see more of Ireland with experienced locals (our program directors) to understand the local culture and history of the country better. In regards to the education at UCD it was very similar to my courses at IU, with fairly large lectures, potentially smaller discussion meetings, midterm and final exams/papers, and instructional assistants in the courses for additional support if needed. The tricky part for me was the grading system as it is extremely different than what is used in the United States but once again, IFSA-Butler gave us access to this information prior to the program and answered questions that I had throughout. The housing accommodation was very similar to a dorm or apartment, each individual had their own room and we shared common spaces like the bathrooms and kitchen area. Since the native language is English I truly believe that helped me transition to living in Dublin and succeed in my courses as it eliminated the language barrier that some of my friends were experiencing.

Overall, I would highly recommend this program or any program through IFSA-Butler, as it was truly the experience of a lifetime! I made lifelong friends through the program that I still visit and talk with daily. I was able to feel comfortable traveling to new places and adjusting to life in a new country.

What would you improve about this program?
If I could change anything about the program it would be to coordinate an event that allowed IFSA-Butler students to interact with Irish students at the university to help establish friendships with local students. I wish I would have made more lasting friendships with some Irish students but overall highly recommend this program to anyone looking to study abroad in Ireland!
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