Study Abroad at NUI in Galway, Ireland
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Study Abroad at NUI in Galway, Ireland

Undergraduate study at NUI Galway is based on research-led teaching. With over 50 individual programmes across sixteen schools, we offer an extensive choice of both broad-based programmes, that allow you the opportunity to study a range of subjects, as well as more specialised programmes, aligned to professional qualifications or the University’s particular areas of research expertise.

There are two types of Master’s degrees on offer at NUI Galway – Taught Master’s and Research-based Master’s.

Taught Master’s programmes usually take 1 or 2 years to complete and consist mainly of classes, seminars and coursework, as well as minor research project and dissertation. Taught Masters are designed to enable graduate students gain specialised skills and knowledge in a particular area of study.

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The NUIG Experience

My experience at NUIG was excellent from day one. I was able to take classes that I enjoyed, but more than that, I was encouraged and given the opportunity to experience Irish life and culture. While at NUIG, I was able to immerse myself in Irish day to day life through living with Irish roommates, attending NUIG events, and exploring all the favorite local get-together and activity spots of native students. Outside of Galway, I was grateful for the opportunity to explore the beautiful country that became like my home away from home. 

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Alison Jette - Galway

When I went to NUIG I decided that I was going to take my business classes so that I could still graduate on time. I signed up for Human Resource Management, Marketing Principles, Media & Marketing Communications, Advanced Application Development, and Corporate Finance. I chose these courses because they transferred over to my home university for the classes that I needed to graduate. I had a great first day at NUIG, everyone was nice and helpful, and the professors were very welcoming of study abroad students. My favorite part about being at NUIG was seeing how another University taught and did things differently than mine. The professors were genuinely interested in your education and how they can help you. It was great to meet people from all across the world in my classes. I found Galway at my home university; I had known for years that I wanted to study abroad in Ireland and once I started doing my research I learned that NUIG had a business school and it would allow me to still graduate on time.

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Rachele Carbutt - Environmental Science

I chose NUIG for the opportunities it allowed me. The academics are strong and the city allowed me to connect with many different people. I found many friends through the clubs and societies and got to participate in activities that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to partake in. The Mountaineering Club was a favourite of mine. It allowed me to practice one of my passions in a completely new landscape with new people and see Connemara in a unique way, as well as gain new skills. Some of my best memories were created with the clubs at NUIG.

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Study Abroad Experience in Galway, Ireland

Studying abroad in Galway was the most remarkable experience in my life thus far. I feel as though studying in Ireland has helped me to become more culturally educated, well rounded, resilient and understanding of the world. I am incredibly thankful for taking advantage of this opportunity and reflecting on it has been extremely rewarding. Besides the diverse educational benefits through broader perspectives, excitement of a new atmosphere and opportunity to travel much of Europe I am especially touched by and thankful for the people I have met from Ireland and from all over the globe. Some will be lifelong friendships that I value so much and wouldn’t have otherwise met these incredible individuals hadn’t I stepped outside of my comfort zone. I took a History seminar called “The First World War: Transnational Perspectives”, a Philosophy course, “History of the Irish Thought”, An Urban Geography course and a Microbial Infectious Disease course along with an online thesis seminar through my home University. The Faculty and students at NUIG were incredibly welcoming and kind. Professors are approachable and willing to help their students. At first there was a bit of a cultural learning curve and I needed to adjust myself to the University’s style of teaching, but quickly adapted. It wasn’t long before Galway felt like a second home. Galway city has a lovely charm to it and although I was thankful to have explored other cities such as London and Paris during my Study Abroad endeavors, it is safe to say that Ireland was my favorite and I would encourage other students who are filled with wanderlust to go visit and study there because it is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

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Ask anyone who has studied at NUI Galway – it really is a place apart. Our riverside campus is warm and welcoming, and at the same time filled with ambition. It is home to a diverse and vibrant community of staff and students who are dynamic,...