Study Abroad at University of Limerick, Ireland
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Study Abroad at University of Limerick, Ireland

UL annually welcomes over 2000 International students from around the world including over 500 Study Abroad students making the study abroad experience at UL truly international! We are an active participant in engaging with Study Abroad internationally and UL is one of the few non-US institutions to be a member of the FORUM on Education Abroad with QUIP approval, UL is also a commitment partner for the IIE Generation Study Abroad Initiative.

In the past, UL has been voted by international students as the number one university in Ireland for providing the Best Student Experience, Best Student Support and Warmest Welcome in Ireland. In addition, UL was voted as having the best overall Living Experience in Ireland and the 5th in the world.

We in the international office want your study abroad experience to be transformative and to help you become more independent, confident, and culturally aware because of your time at the University of Limerick. Come explore and enjoy

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Study Abroad tuition fees are €6000 per semester.
Scholarships of €500 are currently available for STEM students studying at Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner Colleges and Universities

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About UL

I am so grateful to have stumbled upon UL. Not many people know about Limerick, much less UL, especially back home in the states. However this place is a hidden gem. UL gives you the perfect balance; you're able to travel and visit all of the major cities that are so often talked about, but living in Limerick gives you a more cozy and local lifestyle you can't get anywhere else. I was able to live with four irish students, most of my classes were only UL students, and I felt like I was truly part of the school instead of just a visitor. Other schools and countries may boast their incredible views and tourist activities, but at another school I would have most likely been in classes with all Americans, and feel more like a visitor than a student, which wasn't what I was looking to get out of studying abroad (Not to say that I didn't love my fellow Americans overseas! They were just as essential to this perfect semester as everyone else!). There's a huge amount of erasmus students that study there as well, which gives you a unique opportunity to meet people from all over Europe. While it is entirely too cliche, the people really do make the place, and UL has some of the best people. I am happy to say that while Limerick isn't the most hyped up town, the school and the students in it make this one of the most unique, comfortable, and fun experiences for anyone looking to study abroad in Ireland.

Yes, I recommend
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Great Craic in UL!

My experience in Limerick, Ireland and the University of Limerick was absolutely exceptional. I couldn't have asked for more. Luckily for me, I had a very unique experience do to the immense familial connections I have in Limerick. I was happy to have engulfed myself in Irish culture, which was something I had wanted to do since I was a young boy. I had cousins who lived only up the road from me and therefore became very close with them, especially my cousin Mark who will be attending UL this upcoming fall. He and his friends welcomed me with open arms and I was able to assimilate into their friend group as if I had been there all along. We made some memories that will forever be etched into my mind.

In regards to the school itself, UL is magnificent. It has a beautiful campus that seems to be expanding. My classes were fairly challenging, but enabled me to enjoy myself for the four and a half months I was there. The campus housing was great and I felt very comfortable with my living arrangements. In addition, I was very impressed with the food the school had to offer. Both, "The Stables" and "Scholars" pubs which are located right in the Student's Union courtyard were great spots to grab a bite to eat, and of course, a pint... or three. Another thing I was very impressed with was the athletic facilities the campus had to offer. There were two regulation length 3G soccer pitches, a 3G football/hurling pitch, and a 3G rugby pitch. I frequently played soccer on those pitches both during the day and at night (the facility has lights for night sessions).

Socially, UL (located in Castletroy, is only a short taxi ride away from Limerick City. There is much to do in the city and nightlife is great. There are a few different clubs (Icon being the main one) and many different bars (Flannery's, Nancy Blake's, Costello's, etc.) where you can have some good craic.

How can this program be improved?

In all honesty, I don't think there is much to improve if anything at all. I can't think of anything that stood out in a negative light. The University of Limerick does a great job incorporating it's Study Abroad, Erasmus and International Students. Thanks for everything!

Yes, I recommend

Studying abroad at UL was the best decision!

I studied abroad at UL during the Spring Semester of 2012. I knew I had always wanted to travel to Ireland so I decided to study abroad in the country. It was hands down one of the best decisions I had ever made. I chose UL because at the time it was new to my University's options of study abroad destinations and it worked well with the transferring of credits. I lived in the on campus apartment Kilmurry and became best friends with all my room mates. We had a great time attending class together and exploring all that Ireland had to offer! I would highly recommend UL to anyone thinking about studying abroad in Ireland. The International Office is fantastic with helping international students :)

How can this program be improved?

I don't think there is anything wrong with the programme! On a personal level, I would have loved to of made more Irish friends while abroad but I still made great friends from all over the world and the U.S. :)

Yes, I recommend
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My Time in Limerick

My time at the University of Limerick was incredible. I loved living in Cappavilla Village, my roommates were awesome, and it was conveniently located on the upper campus. Things that I needed were available, the head of my village was VERY helpful, and there were resources available for things that I needed. The program that I was involved in was very good although there were some issues that have since been resolved.

Yes, I recommend
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UL is the Best Decision of My College Career !!

Coming to a new college was scary, but UL took that 'scared newbie' status and threw it out right away. I considered my village (on-campus accommodation is awesome, I have my own room, and epic international student roommates from all over the world!!) to be my home within the first week.

The academics have generally high standards, knowledgeable professors, and staff that are always willing to help those who want to learn.

The people at UL welcomed the study abroad students with open arms! I joined field hockey, gymnastics, outdoor pursuits and kayaking, and met people I will be friends with for the rest of my life!!

Very close to the big cities and easy no-stop buses run to the airport if you want to travel, which I did often! But Limerick is not full of tourists, it is the authentic Irish experience, including amazing academic resources, comfortable and cozy living space, and amazing people that will help you learn all about the culture and the history of Ireland. (:

10/10 for UL.

How can this program be improved?

It couldn't!! Completely amazing! P.S. JOIN INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY. They will give you 10-15 euro toured trips to almost anywhere in Ireland.

Yes, I recommend
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Forever Friends at UL

As a first year spending my first semester of college overseas and away from my family, I was very nervous. I wasn't sure how I would adapt to life overseas. I received an invitation to be assigned to a "buddy" a few weeks before I left. Immediately I received an email from my UL buddy! She told me what life was like in Limerick, and what I could look forward to seeing and doing! She was very relatable and very nice! She even offered an alternative way to talk by adding me on many different social media sites so that It would be easier to talk. During the year, she reached out to me every other week, making sure that I was adjusting to life at UL, and enjoying myself. While over in Ireland, my grandmother passed away. Being away from my family made this even harder. She immediately reached out to me and took me to visit a local shopping center to have a change of scenery. I was overwhelmed with the sense of friendship. She still has continued to check in with me, and we hope to meet up before I head home!

How can this program be improved?

I would suggest integrating Irish students and study abroad students. I think a mixer or a meet and greet would be a fun way to introduce people! Also, maybe a trip just for study abroad students!

Yes, I recommend
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UL should be your #1 choice

When deciding where I wanted to study abroad, I found some cool looking places, but UL stood out to me right off the bat. The International Program is one of the largest and diverse programs out there. The first week we had an orientation with all of the international students which was really helpful to get to know the campus, the routines in classes, meet some friends, and explore Limerick before classes started. There are also so many opportunities for international students to get involved. Among some of the clubs and societies that very enthusiastically recruit all students include the International Society, the Outdoor Pursuits Club, Kayaking Club, Music Society, and there is even a Tea Appreciation Society!
Traveling is also an easy and exciting way to spend some weekends! Whether you're looking to go around Europe or stay in Ireland, the opportunities are endless. Some of my favorite trips were here in Ireland. The International Office and the International Society put on trips to different places in Ireland such as the Cliffs of Moher, Dingle, and Cork. It's a great way to get involved and see some beautiful cities.
Overall, my time at UL was so amazing it's hard to put into words. I've made some friends for life, learned about Irish culture, and a lot about myself. You will not regret choosing UL!

How can this program be improved?

I wish I had more information about accommodation before coming to Ireland. I ended up living off campus, but I would've rather stayed in one of the villages.

Yes, I recommend

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The University of Limerick (UL) is an independent, internationally focussed university with over 13,000 students, approximately 13% of whom are international. Established in 1972, UL is a young, energetic and enterprising university with a proud...