InterFuture: Intercultural Studies for the Future
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InterFuture: Intercultural Studies for the Future

InterFuture is an extraordinarily rewarding and challenging experience in overseas cultural immersion and cross-cultural research for current undergraduate students. Since 1969, InterFuture has combined honors programming, cultural immersion, and social research to offer one of the most exciting study abroad opportunities available. We believe in experiential learning as the best conduit to intercultural understanding - and vice versa. Our students engage in meaningful preparatory work in the months prior to departure, and over the course of one or two semesters conduct independent research on locale while living in a homestay. Through intensive preparation, training, and project execution, students learn skills that translate to unparalleled qualification for careers in Education, Business/Management, Government, Social Work, Research, and more. We hope to see your application soon!

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African Studies
African-American Studies
American Studies
Asian American Studies
Asian Studies
Conflict Studies
Conservation and Preservation
Cultural Studies
European Studies
Global Studies
Hispanic Studies
International Business
Jewish Studies
Latin American Studies
Liberal Arts
Peace Studies
Public Relations
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Sustainable Development
U.S. Studies
Women's Studies
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InterFuture program costs generally amount to less than a semester's tuition. We plan carefully with students' best interests in mind, and we offer support to help defray out-of-pocket program expenses. Our goal is to partner with academic institutions to offer exceptional students a truly unique learning experience that is affordable. When a student's academic institution partners with InterFuture to offer direct academic credit hour equivalence for InterFuture work, that student usually remains eligible for institutional financial aid, as well as federal grants, federally insured student loans, and other forms of financial aid.

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InterFuture changed my life

I was 19 and had never been outside of New England when I enrolled in InterFuture. it changed my life. They helped me design my own research project looking at how the history of the slave trade is remembered differently in Ghana, Tanzania, and New England. In Ghana and Tanzania, I lived with host families and spent my days traveling and researching. I was a member of a family, a member of a community, and an independent scholar - not a student running in a pack of other Americans to the regular tourist spots. It was an amazing experience that I would highly recommend to any student looking to do something more - more interesting, more immersive, and more challenging - than the normal study abroad.

Yes, I recommend
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Best study abroad program, period.

InterFuture will change the way you think about pretty much everything, and will give you the most amazing memories. You will make great friends with people all over the US and in cities and villages around the world. You will learn so much through the academic program, but you will also learn so much just from your surroundings, living like a local and interacting with your neighbors. And I can pretty much guarantee you will wish you could do it all over again once it is through. It's a lot of hard work, but the rewards for that hard work last a lifetime. The studies staff is incredible and so supportive through it all, and the alumni network is amazing!

Definitely at least talk to InterFuture and see if it is the right study abroad program for you. You won't find a program like this anywhere else, and it isn't worth passing up the chance to learn more about it!

How can this program be improved?
The only way the program can be improved is by more awesome students coming back to volunteer as staff. They do a great job of training their alumni to come back and run special training sessions for upcoming students, and would love to see lots more new students doing this!
Yes, I recommend
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Do it!

InterFuture provides a rigorous academic program together with immersion in a culture. I loved my host families and the opportunity to explore my research locales (England and Ghana) with a specific purpose - to learn more about my chosen research topic. The staff were amazing to work with before going abroad, as well. Ten years later and I still have so many close friends from this experience, both in the US and abroad!

Yes, I recommend
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InterFuture: A unique way to experience the world around you!

InterFuture provided me with an amazing opportunity I wouldn't have had anywhere else and a chance to do the reasearch I wanted to do in the places I wanted to do them. It was an immersive experience that has impacted how I look at and engage with the world around me and gave me an opportunity to learn how to participate in my community and the communities of others in a thoughtful way. The program allows for up to two locales of research and encourages a culturally competent approach to thinking about and engaging with the research subject of your choice.

Yes, I recommend

About InterFuture

InterFuture is an extraordinarily rewarding and challenging experience in overseas cultural immersion and cross-cultural research for current undergraduate students. Since 1969, InterFuture has combined honors programming, cultural immersion, and...