Study Abroad at the University of Auckland, New Zealand
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Study Abroad at the University of Auckland, New Zealand

Combine an unforgettable travel experience with studying at a top-100 ranked university. We are New Zealand’s leading university and offer world-class facilities, excellent teaching and a friendly and supportive learning environment.

In our Study Abroad program, choose from more than 120 subjects to earn credits for your major or explore new areas including disciplines not offered at your home university. Subjects popular with our Study Abroad students include Anthropology, Māori/Pacific Studies, Wine Science, Marine Science, Environmental Science and Film, TV & Media Studies.

Auckland is flanked by two harbors, with stunning beaches on both coasts, beautiful islands a short ferry-ride away and lots of water-related activities. For those who prefer their feet firmly on land, Auckland offers lush subtropical forests for hiking and (dormant) volcanoes to climb. Urbanites will enjoy the city’s many cultural and sporting events, festivals, restaurants and vibrant shopping precincts.

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Art History
Asian Studies
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Food Science and Nutrition
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International Business
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Study Abroad program students pay a single flat fee (NZ$12,750) which covers tuition fees for a full-time program of study and the student services fee.

In 2018 the Study Abroad fee is NZD12,750 per semester.

Please note accommodation costs and other living expenses are additional to this fee.

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  • Fun 7.7
  • Housing 7.8
  • Safety 8.9
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I'm going to miss this place!

Studying in Auckland has been wonderful! It took some time to make the city feel like home, but I love it now. And I may be biased because I don't like cities anyway, but I needed to go to the University of Auckland for certain classes I wanted to take. But I'm happy to say this is a GREAT university. I feel safe, I love the campus, and it's easy to feel removed from the city if that's what you want. There's lots of parks in the city and especially near the campus. Albert Park is beautiful! If you love big towering palm trees go here!!! I love seeing the lit up sky tower at night too. There's lots of ways to spend the day in Auckland, like taking a ferry to a nearby island, climbing Mt. Eden, free museum entries, biking to Mission Bay Beach... I think there is something for everyone! The downside is that the night life is just OK (most clubs have a cover charge), and this city is pretty expensive in general (groceries!!)

I love my classes at the uni of auckland! Amazing how it's such a big university with so many students but I still feel like my lecturers care about my academic growth.

Traveling around New Zealand has been AWESOME. Definitely go to the south island if you are studying in the north island! And vice versa. See as much as you can. New Zealand is beautiful.
I haven't traveled to Australia or Fiji since being here but a lot of people have so that's easy if you want to do that.

How can this program be improved?

It's hard to get out of the city sometimes, I would like more support from the school to let us international students know what we can do and places we can go. Sometimes it's hard for us to seek that out on our own.

Yes, I recommend
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Scuba Diving

There are so many clubs to join when you arrive at University. I would suggest that every student join as many clubs as their interested in as it can be difficult to gage who is the most active, especially if you come by yourself like I did. I recently got my scuba license and went on a trip with the Auckland Underwater Club. It was a blast. I had so much fun. I saw so many fish and other underwater creatures. I would highly recommend everybody get their license.

How can this program be improved?

Communicate housing options a little better. There is a housing shortage and I may have been able to save some money if I knew what my options were before I went.

Yes, I recommend
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University of Auckland Study Abroad

Studying at the University of Auckland has been a pretty great experience, particularly because of it's great location for travel. Classes are just challenging enough compared to my home institution that it gives me a bit of break from school and stress and allows me to learn how to be independent and do things for myself like cook and travel. I enjoy how accessible all different types of activities are from the University, from different clubs, to night life, to traveling to other parts of New Zealand.

Yes, I recommend
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My exchange student life in the University of Auckland

I am a exchange student from Sen Yat-sen University in China. Since I am the only one student getting the opportunity to be exchanged in New Zealand, I was very nervous and anxious at first. But it turns out that my worry were totally redundant.
In terms of study load, I feel quite easy to catch up with my papers since I only enrolled in three papers, which means I can have much spare time to experience the life living and travelling here. The life is cozy and comfortable with the companion of new friends as well as the beautiful scenery.

Yes, I recommend
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Auckland Uni

I have met so many interesting people here at the University of Auckland. My flat is very diverse and so is the student village. There are always people keen to hike or enjoy the outdoors on weekends here. Over the break, I was able to travel to New Zealand's South Island to explore many of the hikes. One of the photos I shared is of Mt Cook. Here I am wearing my home University's department of Environmental Science shirt and looking at Mt Cook. This shows the broad range of my education this university has given me.

Yes, I recommend
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love to stay in Auckland

It has been more than 6 months since I came here.
I literally have had amazing time staying in Auckland.
Compared to Japan, there is nothing and sometimes I feel inconvenient.
However, Auckland has a lot of greens, which makes me always feel relaxing.
I also have met great people and made fabulous memories with them.
Heaps of things have happened only in 6 months and I really feel how fast time flied.
Auckland, New Zealand is the place where people can both work hard on something and relax.
Since I came from Tokyo, where everything moves busily, I am able to stay comfortably in here.
I strongly recommend to choose New Zealand as a place to visit, stay and study.
I love to be in Auckland so much.

Yes, I recommend
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Life on the Long White Cloud

Arriving in New Zealand was one of the most terrifying and coolest mix of emotions I have ever experienced. It is the farthest I have ever been from home and I feel like I fit in better here than I have anywhere else I have been. I have made friends from across the globe ranging from Norway to South Africa. Studying at the University of Auckland has open my eyes to Pacific islander rights, different environmental issues and how New Zealand deals with them, and culturally different ways of how people interact. It has been incredible and I have grown as a person more than I think I ever have in my life.

How can this program be improved?

Create a more supportive staff for students both international and domestic. There were many times where I felt incredibly lonely and I felt that the University of Auckland did not have the supportive staff that it should have. I also think more programming needs to happen to make the University feel more like a University and less like a day to day job. There is nothing happening on campus during the school year other than what happens during O-week. This is such a dramatic difference between universities in the U.S. and the University of Auckland and it is very disappointing.

Yes, I recommend
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Study Abroad Auckland

Everyone is so nice and kind here, especially to strangers! I'm from the southern USA, and at least the way I was raised, you are polite to others (I have actually shocked a fellow student when a server was trying to get his attention, and since I didn't know him and wasn't in the mood to call him "Dude" I got his attention with "sir" as I was taught to as a child, which made him look at me with wide eyes (not the bad kind)). Here in New Zealand it's like everyone has been given "nice-and-kind" shots. I am an antisocial introvert with social anxiety, so asking people questions that I think are stupid really takes a lot out of me, especially things that are known generally by people here. However, when I work up the courage to ask my questions, the people are really understanding and make it seem like it wasn't as stupid as it sounded to me in my head to ask about. It has actually boosted my courage, and has me doing things and going outside of my normal comfort zone. I always wanted to try skiing, and was able to do that, even though I didn't get more than one day on the slopes due to weather, but the second day I tried (the sound of steel on icy snow might just stick with me) and when I went to cancel my lesson that I signed up for the instructors I talked with were very understanding and gentle with me (I might have been on the verge of tears due to having gotten stuck at the top of a slope with no apparent way down without falling), making jokes and trying to get me to cheer up and have a good experience instead of a bad one. Also when I was stuck some students who were there on a school trip for snowboarding gave me advice on how to get down the slope since I was visibly terrified, and when I mentioned that I was scared of falling again since I did it three times the day before they said at least it was only three and not like 30 times so I should be proud of myself.
There are more instances like these, where people are willing to help and be kind to someone, and that has made my trip so far very enjoyable and will continue making my trip enjoyable and a trip I will never forget.

How can this program be improved?

Make optional after hour times during the week for the offices. I'm at least used to offices being open to 5 pm, so the fact that the offices that I would need to go to after classes with questions are normally closed by 4pm... which doesn't seem very practical at a college when there are students who have fully booked days and can only go to ask things in the evenings, after closing hours at 4pm.

Yes, I recommend
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Study Exchange Abroad

NZ has been fantastic. The city is pleasant, it is manageable but with plenty to do and see here. Kiwi's are generally really friendly and happy to help if you aren't sure of something. NZ is a great place to explore and Auckland is a fantastic point to be based in. You can head to the Pacific Islands like Rarotonga, Samoa or Fiji if you need some sun. Or you can head into the countryside of the North Island, great places only being a couple of hours away from Auckland.

I would highly recommend Auckland University for an exchange.

How can this program be improved?

Perhaps more info on clubs and societies to be involved with.

Yes, I recommend
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The friendly university

Since I got here everything has really turned out well. First of all, everything has gone so smoothly, right from the beginning. In the unlikely event you would have a problem with something there is so much help to get. I have always been greeted warmly and felt welcome to ask even the most basic questions, from both administrators and lecturers or professors. The local students are also happy to lend a hand or answer any question you might have.

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I would like to see improved really is the orientation. It would have been really helpful and fun to have some local students engaged in the orientation and be some kind of mentors to the exchange students, to sort of show "the tricks of the trade".

Yes, I recommend
Victor Guilherme

Amazing experience at the University of Auckland

I would rate the University of Auckland as a 5-star tertiary institution because it has the perfect environment for overseas students, an experienced team of teachers and high-tech installations to meet the demands of any international student.
Moreover, there is an international office with prepared staff to assist students along their stay. The university is well located and the people is kind to visitors. You can find several good restaurants and make friends from all around the world.

How can this program be improved?

They could provide suggestions about courses with feedback from another international students regarding the papers as well as a meeting with international students and course coordinators at the begining of the semester.

Yes, I recommend

Great study and living experience at UOA!

Great experience at UOA so far. The campus and clean and relatively new (a number of the lecture theatres are newly renovated). Lecturers are helpful and engaging.

I think the UOA accommodation that I stay in, Parnell Student Village is particularly worth mentioning because it is spacious, well-maintained and safe. Pathways are swept often and any damages such as faulty lights are promptly fixed, usually by the next working day.

I definitely recommend studying at UOA.

Yes, I recommend
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University life for a French girl

In France, I do a double bachelor in Science and Musicology. Being an international student here is good because with the program "Certificate of proficiency" you can choose courses in different faculties, thing that I needed. All is very well organised on the website of the University and it's very helpfull when you have to choose your courses. Also be sure you have what you need to apply for a concession to not be in a course you can't follow.

Yes, I recommend
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Dutchie meets Kiwi!

Studying at the University of Auckland has been amazing so far! I am able to do roadtrips in the weekend and doing the normal studying during the week. The people in Auckland and New Zealand in general are very friendly and will help you when they can! I joined the rowing club to meet some new people from my age and have some friends now that I will always remember. I even was able to go to Fiji in the mid-semester break, paradise!

Yes, I recommend
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Uni of Auckland

I decided to go to New Zeeland alone which was the best decision ever. I feel very safe and i am surrounded by friendly people. The support of study is very great and i can only recommend to go to NZ. Although prices for food and accommodation are relatively high, the accommodation i live in is really great. You get to meet new people and you don't have to be scared of being alone in NZ. I am excited for the break as its getting summer in December. i have joined the kitesurf club and i want to travel around with people i have met.

How can this program be improved?

more courses available for internationals
got declined at the interesting ones

Yes, I recommend

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