Study Abroad at the University of Auckland, New Zealand
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Study Abroad at the University of Auckland, New Zealand

Combine an unforgettable travel experience with studying at a top-100 ranked university. We are New Zealand’s leading university and offer world-class facilities, excellent teaching and a friendly and supportive learning environment.

In our Study Abroad program, choose from more than 120 subjects to earn credits for your major or explore new areas including disciplines not offered at your home university. Subjects popular with our Study Abroad students include Anthropology, Māori/Pacific Studies, Wine Science, Marine Science, Environmental Science and Film, TV & Media Studies.

Auckland is flanked by two harbors, with stunning beaches on both coasts, beautiful islands a short ferry-ride away and lots of water-related activities. For those who prefer their feet firmly on land, Auckland offers lush subtropical forests for hiking and (dormant) volcanoes to climb. Urbanites will enjoy the city’s many cultural and sporting events, festivals, restaurants and vibrant shopping precincts.

New Zealand
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Direct Enrollment
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Art History
Asian Studies
Criminal Justice
Cultural Studies
Earth Sciences
English Literature
European Studies
Food Science and Nutrition
Global Studies
Health Sciences
Hispanic Studies
International Business
Latin American Studies
Liberal Arts
Māori Studies
Marine Biology
Media Relations
Museum Studies
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Sustainable Development
Theater, Drama and Dance
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Wildlife Sciences
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Study Abroad program students pay a single flat fee (NZ$12,750) which covers tuition fees for a full-time program of study and the student services fee.

In 2018 the Study Abroad fee is NZD12,750 per semester.

Please note accommodation costs and other living expenses are additional to this fee.

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  • Housing 7.8
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I love that University of Auckland gives its students so many opportunities to be social. It's very easy to meet new people and make new friends with so many different events happening on campus, as well as through group fitness classes. This also extends to the residence halls. I live in Grafton Hall, and I met many people I consider good friends through the different social events Grafton Hall held during the first month of the semester. The Grafton Hall Facebook page also allows residents to post when there's a movie or a rugby game on TV, and so people with the same interests get to meet each other. I think my favourite room in Grafton Hall is the games room, because my friends and I play pool downstairs almost every day and I also get to meet other residents who are relaxing in the games room also. What I've enjoyed the most about my study abroad experience is that I've met a lot of students from a variety of countries, and through them I've learnt so much about their cultures and how they differ from mine.

Yes, I recommend

Small Town Big City Adventures

After living in an isolated bubble that is my home Uni, I was ready to get out into the world. Coming to Auckland Uni has given me the chance to feel like living in a city without having to deal with the actual problems that a big city offers. Living in town, and studying so close to the center of everything is an amazing experience and I'm so thankful. There's nothing better than finishing a late lecture and hopping over to Queen Street for food & drinks, or taking a shopping break in the middle of the day between class.

Yes, I recommend
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A journey of self

Sure, coming here going to a big university, exploring nature, travel to Queenstown and do the world biggest swing, making new friends and living life somewhere new is all fun and exciting. But, the most important thing to me has been the focus I have had on myself and how to become an even better version of who I am today. Coming to such an active and social place has really put me on the right track when it comes to being interested in working out, eating healthier and enjoying the little things. Of course some stress occurs now and then, but with the student gym's yoga classes and my healthier snacks I know I will pull through. Also, a party now and then doesn't really hurt - besides my head the next day..

How can this program be improved?

The price should be adjusted to how many classes the student enrols in. I had to pay full price when all I needed was two classes. I enrolled in three classes to take enough points to hold a student visa, but still paid way more than necessary.

Yes, I recommend
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University of Auckland exchange

I've spent the last month and a half at Auckland uni, following courses I never thought I would take. The diversity here is amazing, in courses but also in the people and the food. The city is close to the university and there is always something happening. I've not traveled far yet, but I've walked the waterfront and found a new favourite bookstore, even if I mostly borrow stuff from the many libraries the university has. It's far from home but it's so beautiful and wonderful that I'm glad I get to spend 12 months here.

How can this program be improved?

The main improvement to the university and the program would be more access to Mac computers, as everything seems to run on Windows while most students have Apple laptops and this have trouble connecting hard drives to the computers available through university.

Yes, I recommend
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Study abroad experience at The University of Auckland

Let me start by talking about the preparation I did before I came to Auckland. The process of enrollment is explained very clearly and the videos I found on the Internet were very helpful. That makes it easy for international students to get the enrollment done before they arrive in New Zealand.
My overseas experience started with planning my study abroad which included my visa application, insurance, accommodation, etc. It was not always easy to plan all these things on my own but when it was all done I was very proud of my accomplishment. During the study abroad you become self-sufficient, because there are always many new things you have to handle.
When I arrived at the University of Auckland I really appreciated the orientation week during which I learned how to use the Internet system, where I can go if I have any problems, and which possibilities I would have during my studies at the University. Furthermore, the orientation week was a really good opportunity to get to know other students and make friends. However, some parties for overseas students would be another good idea to meet new people and make friends.
The teaching system at the University of Auckland is really different from the system in my home country, but I really like it. Some courses have group work/discussions, and the lecturer always points out the important things in various ways so that the students do not get bored. In class there is always communication between the lecturer and the students and this is the best way for international students to practice their oral English. The teacher’s English is usually easy to understand, but sometimes it is a bit difficult to understand the students’ answers because of the speed they speak at. After a while I got used to it and I understood more and more.

All in all, my study abroad at The University of Auckland is an experience I would hate to have missed. I will always think about my nice time here after having finished my study abroad at the UoA.

How can this program be improved?

Parties for overseas students to get to know knew people and make friends.

Yes, I recommend
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U of Auckland Study Abroad

Studying abroad here in Auckland has been fantastic. I'm not a massive fan of the city however, and to me the draw of New Zealand has definitely been being able to get away for weekend trips or longer during breaks. The University provides some trip opportunities through the international student club, but it is crucial to go out and get your own experience; things definitely won't just come to you. Make sure you go to the club fair on campus, and work on finding your own ways to build relationships and make travel plans, or else it can feel a little lonely in the city with the routine of class.

How can this program be improved?

More opportunities to meet other international students

Yes, I recommend
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The Scuba Club

My favorite thing about the University of Auckland is the amount of clubs. One club that I joined and absolutely love is the scuba diving club. I had never scuba dived before in my life, but I have always wanted to try it. The people in the club are incredibly cool and nice. Joining the club helped me meet more people than I otherwise would have. I was also able to get certified to go scuba diving with the course they provide.

Yes, I recommend
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University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is a great place to study! Being so close to the city centre there's always events going on! There really is something for everyone here, whether its museums, adventure activities or beaches!

The classes are good, and the lecturers are really helpful and knowledgable. The flexibility of papers makes choices of what to study easy! The work load isn't too heavy and is spread out throughout the term!

Only downside is that clubs/bars are average and pretty expensive, as is everything else in auckland (groceries, activities etc)

How can this program be improved?

It is often tough to get out of the city, or know of places out of the city worth visiting, so it would be good if the uni could run events to get around a bit or at least provide info in the area.

Yes, I recommend
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First Day in Auckland

When my flight landed I didn't arrive at my flat until early morning of Saturday, 2 am to be specific. After catching up on my sleep i headed out to town to explore. I didn't have any data and I was all on my own. Wandering the streets I asked multiple people for directions to Queen St. or to a market, everyone was so nice and really helpful. I cannot describe the experience of being on your own and exploring a city on your own, it a beautiful thing. Thank you University of Auckland, for some of the best experiences of my life I have received so far.

Yes, I recommend
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I wish I had more than one semester to spend at UoA

Choosing to study abroad in Auckland was a bit of a snap decision for me, since I already was abroad during the semester before the one in which I would have to do my semester in Auckland in order to graduate on time. Nevertheless, the application process went unbelievably smoothly from UoA's end which was amazing for me since I was away from my home institution during the process which could have made things really complicated.
Once I got there, the entire semester was great. The classes are challenging but fair, and the lecturers approachable. I chose a combination of Stage 3 courses in my major (Statistics) and other courses that were of interest to me. I very highly recommend taking a class in the history of New Zealand as my time here has emphasized over and over how little my education thus far had covered New Zealand history or Pacific history in general.
The campus is very well situated to give students easy walking-distance access to the CBD, and is well connected to the bus lines. Student housing is also well placed within a short walk from campus, and has a very friendly and helpful staff.

How can this program be improved?

I would have liked to get emails about talks that were being hosted by various departments. I assume that these are generally advertised by the departments individually and therefor study abroad students hear less about them. I relied on bulletin boards for information about upcoming events, but those were often outdated or cluttered. This is a pretty minor point though.

Yes, I recommend
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A wonderful experience

Well let me start from the enrollment. All the process is clearly noted and I found it easy to handle all the things by myself. Meanwhile I felt a sense of accomplishment when all things like accommodation and courses had been done. The overseas experience included not only the education but also the experience you got. I had to do everything alone and used to being alone. However maybe there should be some parties for overseas students to have fun and make friends. I found it difficult for me to communicate with others.
I am really into the teaching system here which is different from China. I mean there are kinds of courses like tutorials and lectures as well as labs. In addition the mid-term break is brilliant and I could go out to have a look at Auckland and other cities.

How can this program be improved?

A more attrctive orientation.

Yes, I recommend
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Living, Studying, Exploring in Auckland

I applied the study abroad program in March 2016 and received my offer in April. I couldn't forget how excited I was on the day offer came to my mailbox. Before came to Auckland, I had been expecting for several months and searched information about every aspect about New Zealand. In April, I watched a travel show on TV called XFun China. The hosts explored delicious food in the whole New Zealand. The cuisine shown in film looked really fantastic and attractive. And this film made me feel more excited about studying abroad in Auckland. Help from The University of Auckland and information on websites made me fully prepare for studying, living in Auckland.

I arrived in Auckland on 13 June after 13 hours flying and I was a little tired. The weather on that day was cloudy. My hometown is Chengdu. The weather in Chengdu is always cloudy without sunshine. So when I saw the dark cloud in Auckland’s sky, I was a little disappointed. But now, the blue sky and sunshine make me fall in love with this beautiful city. As we all know, good weather always make people in good mood. Auckland’s weather in winter is very special, there was sunny seconds ago, but showering later. No time for reaction. It is really like baby’s mood. In addition, wind is so strong in Auckland because it is a coastal city. Sometimes I feel that I am almost blown up. I haven’t been to Wellington, world's windiest city. But I want to experience how unbelievably strong the wind is in Wellington.

Let’s talk about studying in The University of Auckland. When I first attended the class, I couldn't get used to teacher’s talking speed. Therefore, there was nothing to get at the first class. And after the class, I felt exhausted because I had to pay much attention to hear what lecturer said. It took me about two weeks to fit in English teaching environment. After that period, I find I am totally attracted by the class. In every class, lecturers bring out new knowledge basing on previous class smoothly and illustrate important points in various ways. At the same time, lecturers and students communicate much in class. During the communication, I can have deeper understanding of the knowledge. Of course, I will join in the communication and discussion sometimes. That is a good way to practice oral English and thinking in English. But nothing is perfect, I get a thing really disturbs me for a while. That is many people talk in silent study area and the sign is like invisible. This phenomenon in Faculty of Engineering is serious. Hope the university can improve it.

Overall, I think study in The University of Auckland is fantastic. I can’t forget this experience after finishing my study abroad in UoA.

Yes, I recommend

Pretty awesome

New Zealand is a long way to come abroad from the UK, but I can confirm that it's definitely worth it. I've taken up kayaking while I've been here, and it's already been a great way to see some dramatic landscapes, whilst also getting the thrill of being tossed around a bit on white water. The kayaking and canoe club are also super friendly, so I'll happily recommend them to anyone looking to sign up. I've not missed a trip yet and hope that continues.
When not out on club trips, there's loads to see here. There are some awesome sights less than an hour's drive out of Auckland. And I've not even been to South Island yet, but I hear that's amazing too!
Work wise, it's different to back home. You're expected to be able to do more things on your own. However, it's still doable, and the lecturers are happy to provide support when asked.
I will warn that it is more expensive to live here, but save up and come anyway!

Yes, I recommend
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Auckland Study Abroad

Not many places can top New Zealand's views and environment and I'm happy to be spending the semester in a place as diverse as Auckland. The student body makes it easy to meet students from different parts of the world with varying interests. I've enjoyed meeting others through clubs and sharing my own background as well. Though courses keep me busy I have definitely found some great friends in the clubs I have joined during my time at University of Auckland.

How can this program be improved?

More support could be offered to ease the transition into the school. Programs exploring Auckland during orientation week or even a Facebook page set up to meet and communicate with other students new to campus could have really helped me. It is hard to meet others in your situation and find students who are looking to experience New Zealand for the first time. A crash course of university basics could have also been helpful in terms of or even helping to connect new international students with a local student as a form of support.

Yes, I recommend
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Semester at University of Auckland

Loved the experience at the university. There is a great social scene, the location of the university is perfect, and everyone is very nice. Classes were great and offered me a new opportunity to grow as a student. Also enjoyed the ability to travel around and explore the country on weekends and holidays. Getting to meet so many amazing people and see some incredible places have made this such an epic experience.

Yes, I recommend

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