Central College Abroad - Study & Intern in Granada

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Study Abroad in Granada - Courtesy of Katie Bukkam
Study Abroad in Granada - Courtesy of Katie Bukkam
CCA Students in Spain
CCA Students in Spain
Central College Abroad Students in Granada
Central College Abroad Students in Granada
Central College Abroad Students in Granada - Courtesy of Katie Bukkam
Central College Abroad Students in Granada - Courtesy of Katie Bukkam


Granada is a city at the intersection of two beautiful cultures. It is a jewel of Arab civilization on the Iberian Peninsula, as well as a modern city of 250,000 at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In the streets, you’ll see both mosques and 16th century cathedrals. At the dinner table with your host family, you’ll practice Spanish and hear their perspective on the city. Everywhere you go, you’ll see the harmonious blend of Islamic and Spanish cultures unique to southern Spain.

Central College Abroad in Granada is a language immersion program, combining coursework and time spent with the local population. By the end of the semester, you won’t be speaking classroom Spanish but the authentic language of the people.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Take time to immerse yourself and discover something new!

My semester abroad here in Granada has been amazing! I never thought I would leave the small town life in Iowa as I grew up on a farm. But, it just so happened a semester 'freed' up for me so I dove in and applied for this program.
My time here has truly helped me find my inner being and has helped me grow as a person. Though you are able to depend on your new friends and staff abroad, you're also able to find just how independent you can be.
Taking class every day for 4 hours hasn't been bad at all. I'm in the Intensive program and have class from 9am-1pm every day Monday-Friday. This class has really helped improve my Spanish and I am feeling more comfortable using the language.
Each day brings something new as you learn the Monday-Friday and weekend habits of the locals. And, having the chance to live out the culture the 4 months I've been here has been such a learning experience! There is never a dull moment. From test tasting olive oil and wine and getting to see a Flamenco show and a bull fight, it has been worth every minute!
Of course when you study abroad, you may encounter difficulties along the way, but no matter what life brings there will be easy and hard times. And remember you people around you who can and are willing to help you get through any difficult times. You just need to stay positive and believe in yourself, and everything will be okay! Trust me!
So what are you waiting for? Take the next step towards learning and living a strong, rich culture in Granada, Spain!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Central Abroad in Spain!

This program is a great way to see and be immersed in the culture of a different country. Central places students with host families using a simple questionnaire. The woman that I have been places with could not be a more wonderful host-mom. She always asks me how my day was and makes sure that I get enough to eat. Also,the locations that the students are placed in are normally close to at least another student, so no one has to walk to school alone.

The academics of this program are also arranged so that students are really getting an education, not just hanging around. For the first two weeks we went through an orientation, about the city and also reviewing the Spanish that we may have lost over the summer. To get to know the city better we went on walking tours being led by one of the professors at the university. He knows his stuff and it was a great time. The orientation really helped us to have a little refresher before diving headlong into classes taught only in Spanish. There is a wide variety of classes that we get to choose from and they also vary the level of difficulty so the students who don't have as much of a Spanish background can still be in this program.

The city of Granada itself is a great place for students because of the large university. Many students come from around Spain to attend classes here.The daytime has plenty of options for shopping and walking around seeing the incredible beauty of the old town. Also, the more touristy attraction of the Alhambra really isn't all that touristy at all. People flock there to see the ancient city and take great shots of the city below. The nightlife in Granada is good for students, if they choose to go out. There are plenty of tapas places for those who like to sit and talk, but there are also the packed discos/dance clubs for those who like a little more adventure.

The director of the program here in Spain is a great woman who cares about her students and makes sure that we are getting the most out of our time here, but also lets us have some free weekends to get to know things on our own. She arranges side trips to the other famous cities in Spain and gives us the opportunity to see the other important parts that make up Spain.

Granada is a wonderful place for students to learn and experience another culture. Central College Abroad really allows us to do that. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to see Spain.