Looking to have the most kick-butt summer of your life?! Want to learn Portuguese, study up on international business, all while immersing yourself in an oh-so-Latin culture? Then look no further than a summer study abroad program in Brazil.

Just think: you can stay with a local host family, dance in the clubs, hit up the beach, and take awesome classes. The culture of Brazil is welcoming and vibrant; the country's geography has a mix of urban and rural attractions, with historical and cultural landmarks all over. Explore the culture of Brazil's largest cities with your developing Portuguese language skills. Get the most out of your study abroad experience!

Whether it’s Rio de Janeiro, the capital Brasilia, Sao Paolo, Salvador or Florianopolis (recently dubbed the best place to live in Brazil, so it’s probably not a shabby place to study in), all the programs you need are right here on our website.

Florianópolis, a city situated on an island in southeastern Brazil, is modern and cosmopolitan yet also blessed with tremendous natural beauty. Floripa, as it is called by locals, showcases over 42 beaches, rolling mountains, Atlantic rainforest, soft white sand dunes, and an array of offshore islands. As a complement to its natural beauty, this popular city has been named one of the best places to live and do business in a country that is rapidly becoming an economic superpower.

And this is just ONE of the many awesome cities you can explore while studying in Brazil next summer. So find a program (there are a few to choose from, if you haven't noticed!) then get booking that plane ticket.

Also, you should also take into account whether you'll be studying abroad through your university, a third-party, a university affiliate or direct enrollment. If you know what you want to get out of your study abroad experience, finding a program to cater to that will be much easier!

As one of the world’s most alluring countries, Brazil is South America’s goliath: beautiful, sparkling white beaches, untouched rainforests filled with verdant trees and unique wildlife, and vibrant metropolises that rival any around the world.

Whether it’s celebrating by dancing and having a good time during Carnaval, or trekking through the world’s largest rainforest in the Amazon rainforest, you will never run out of things to do in Brazil. In essence, every possible thing you could possibly want to do, you can find in Brazil.

Some General Facts

Brazil is in the Southern Hemisphere, so our summer (U.S.) is actually their winter. During the winter, the weather varies greatly from the North and South. Firstly, it will not rain as much as it does in their summer so you’ll have no worries about keeping dry. Depending on where you travel, you can experience a myriad of climates: the south snows very occasionally while the north keeps its tropical, warm and humid climate. Basically, expect great beach weather during the winter in the North, and expect a small amount of snow in the south.

Though the Iguazu Falls are most beautiful and powerful during their summer months, it is still a very pleasant visit that certainly warrants an entire's day visit.

Brazil does require a visa of US citizens, so keep that in mind while you’re preparing for your studies abroad.

In Brazil, the currency is the Real. In general, the most accepted card is the Visa. (For safety reasons, be sure to use the ATMs inside the banks and contact your respective bank for information on ATM fees).

Brazil is famous for its leather goods and shoes. Other items unique to Brazil are coffee, gems, music traditional handcrafts, lace, embroidery, and artifacts from Brazil's indigenous tribes.

Brazil’s national language is Portuguese, but you can generally get by on Spanish and English.

Benefits of Summer Study Abroad

Summertime is probably the best time to study abroad for students. Often, commitment to school and desire to graduate on time prevent students from studying abroad during their years in college. During the summer, you can still earn college credits while avoiding losing a semester from winter or spring semester study abroad. Obviously, the best part of study abroad is the chance to learn a new language, experience a different culture while becoming a part of the global community.

Study abroad is also a time for extending your own classes further. Experience the Santo Cristo you’ve been reading about in your history classes. See the beautiful rainforests and wildly unique wildlife the Amazon Rainforest is famous for while understanding everything firsthand you’ve been learning in your environment classes. Overall, summer study abroad provides students with the perfect opportunity: feeding your desire to go abroad and squeezing every ounce from campus life.

Why Brazil is Best in the Summer

In my honest opinion, I cannot lie to you and say Brazil is best during our summer. Carnaval, Brazil’s annual festival (similar to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras) takes place during our winter or Brazil’s summer. Carnaval is a time you will never forget, a time where you will amass a myriad of amazing experiences and moments of understanding yourself; there is no better time to go to Brazil than in the summertime during Carnaval.

However, there’s the flipside: this directly conflicts with many colleges’ spring semesters, and many students may not want to miss a semester at school. I don’t want to dissuade you; summer is still a great time to visit Brazil. Don’t let the lack of Carnaval discourage you from visiting Brazil because the country just has so much to offer on its own. Whether it’s the beach, amazon rainforest, city-life or delicious Brazilian barbecue, it will be an experience you will cherish and remember for the rest of your life no matter the time. Really, Brazil will not disappoint, no matter the time of year. Plus, the beaches are reason enough to go to Brazil (even if you’re from California) no matter the weather.

Packing Tips

Two things: mosquito repellent and sunscreen. You can probably find these things once you’re there, but packing some extras before you leave is never a bad idea. A small light jacket will suffice along with an umbrella for those rainy days. After that, be sure to pack shorts and t-shirts because it will be humid and hot there. If you’re studying closer to the south of Brazil, be sure to bring warm jackets as temperatures will reach 32 (Fahrenheit) degrees at times.

Scholarships: Brazil

If you are concerned about the high costs associated with many study abroad programs, don’t let cost alone be a major roadblock preventing you from embarking on a really wonderful adventure!

Contributed by Albert Ji

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