Study Abroad in Stockholm, Sweden

Study Abroad in Stockholm, Sweden


Ah, Stockholm, “Venice of the North.” Home of the Nobel Prize, ABBA and the Swedish Monarchy, the capital of Sweden is classically European, but it never shies away from the contemporary. Made up 14 islands, each with it’s own distinctive flavor, connected by 50 bridges, there is no shortage of corners to discover while studying abroad in Sweden.

The winter will be long, but with more 80,000 students and 20 universities, great museums, green spaces and great bars and restaurants, study abroad students will find it easy to embrace the Swedish way of life.

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Popular Destinations

One of the most popular districts is Södermalm. Once working class, it’s now trendy and chic. SoFo (South of Folkungagatan) draws many to media types, designers and artists who frequent the bars, boutiques and bohemian art galleries. Bars here tend to be more low-key, and there are many alternative and electronic music venues. The district also has some of the best views of the city. So sit back, sip your drink and enjoy the scene!

The medieval quarter of Gamla stan, is the beautifully preserved historical heart of Stockholm. It’s picturesque classic architecture, winding cobblestone streets and waterfront views are best discovered on foot. In the northern part of the Old Town you’ll find the Royal Palace and the Swedish Parliament. Nearby, escape into the cool interior of Riddarholmskyrkan, a gorgeously preserved medieval church.

And if you really want to blend in, get in the habit of having a fika (coffee break), along with a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun). Swedes may often seem serious, but they’re quick to tell you that they are only seriously committed to taking fikapaus during the workday.

Planning Your Trip


There’s no getting around it, costs are higher in Scandinavian countries. However, with a budget and an eye for a good deal, studying abroad in Stockholm is more than possible. Check with your program or local university for student deals and discounts.

An average sandwich lunch will set you back about 60- 85 kr ($9-13), a beer about 50-70 kr ($7.50-10.50.) Buy your jeans and tees in the States, a pair of Levi’s will go for as high as 900 kr ($135).

And the price of milk? 8.90 kr, or about $1.33.

Culture Shock and Support

Language won’t be a problem as many Swedes speak excellent English. However, many visitors describe the Swedish people as “shy” and “ reserved,” but if you put in a little extra effort you’ll find the payoff to be tremendous. Don’t be afraid to make the first move, you’ll find that Swedes are unfailingly polite and ready to help!

Student Visas

Tourist visas extend for 90 days. If you will remain in Sweden for longer than 3 months, apply with the Swedish embassy for a year-long student visa. Applicants must show proof of university acceptance and evidences of sufficient funds to support their time abroad.

Check with the local consulate near your permanent address about student visa requirements. You will need 4-6 weeks for a passport if you don’t have one and 2-6 weeks for the visa.

For more information on, visit the embassy site

Written by Julia Brady


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