Study Abroad Programs in Uganda

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Study Abroad Programs in Uganda

Study Abroad Programs in Uganda


A bustling city life, a passionate academic culture, and breathtaking natural wonders are just a few of the reasons why Uganda is an excellent place to take your semester abroad. With access to some of the best tourist attractions East Africa has to offer, Uganda is the hub of cultural immersion full of innovative leaders, thinkers and artists waiting to be discovered. Traveling here means fresh farm to table meals, vibrant colors, unique style, and endless opportunities for language absorption. Challenge your perception, embrace your curiosity, and fall in love with Uganda.

Popular Destinations

No matter which city you decide to call you Ugandan home, you will be surrounded by excellent food, welcoming people and though-provoking academics. The programs available to international students are geared to bring strong minds together in order to tackle local and global issues.

  • Makerere University is the largest in Uganda with 30,000 undergraduate and 3,000 post-graduate students. It is the oldest and most prestigious university in Uganda and the academic birthplace of many notable politicians, activist and artists.
  • Programs cover topics such as Development Studies, Microfinance and Entrepreneurship, and practicum courses that apply classroom learning to real-world challenges.
  • Located in the always moving, ever vibrant city center of Kampala, students can experience all aspects of city life from within an energetic university setting. Opportunities for excursions, intercultural learning and top-notch academics are key selling points for prospective students.
  • Gulu University, founded in 2002, aims to be the leading academic institution for community transformation and sustainable development. As a small university to roughly 3,500 students, Gulu is a tight knit-community with intellectual focus and passion.
  • Their Post-Conflict Transformation program attracts international and local students alike to study the conflicts within Northern Uganda and seek reconciliation and redevelopment for those affected by the civil war.
  • Students have opportunities to travel to national parks, historical sites, the Kampala city center and remote rural villages. With an exceptional hands-on approach to learning and research, students at Gulu University are in the forefront of unlocking Uganda’s potential.

Planning Your Trip

Academic Life

There are over 20 universities, or “post-secondary schools”, in Uganda. Although about 70,000 students are qualified to pursue higher education each year, only 35% are accepted into these highly competitive programs, creating an academic environment full of focused, passionate and driven students.


All university courses are taught in English. Luganda is the most common language and can be learned through daily conversation and interaction although most programs offer an intensive language course as part of their curriculum, giving students a well-rounded foundation for language practice and application.


The accommodations range from home-stays, dormitories and private apartments. Living with a host family is the absolute best way to fully take advantage of your time abroad. Students who decide to live with a host often feel more connected, more appreciative, and have a more meaningful experience in country.

Student Visas

Uganda offers 4 types of visas for all international visitors. You can select the visa that best fits your program duration and travel plans. Passports must have at least 6 months validity:

  • Single entry: $50 USD
  • Multiple entry visa 6-12 months: $100 USD
  • Multiple entry visa 24 months: $150 USD
  • Multiple entry visa 36 months: $200 USD

A Yellow Fever vaccination is required for entry. Malaria is prevalent and all visitors should bring proper prophylaxis and any other precaution recommended by your doctor.

Social Life & Student Culture

Uganda is brimming with incredible opportunities outside of university life!

The cities: Live local entertainment and performances, museums and monuments, nightlife and cozy cafés. A mix of cultures and nationalities come together for a unique and diverse city life. Not to mention the country-wide love affair with football (soccer)!

The landscape: Full of natural beauty, the spectacular views of Uganda will beckon you to explore and discover. Go rafting on the Nile, hike the hills of Sipi Falls, go gorilla trekking in Kibale National Park or discover crater lakes nestled in mountainsides.

The beyond: Feel like an adventure? Hop across the border in one of the many coach buses to Kenya, Tanzania or Rwanda for an East African getaway. Mount Kilimanjaro lies just beyond the horizon, the Serengeti is just across the lake, the Nile River is ready to carry you north. Get going!


  • Boren Scholarship - Awards for International Study: This scholarship is offered to students who desire to study in under-represented parts of the world, such as Africa, Asia, Latin American and Eastern Europe. It is for students interested in national security, sustainable development, environmental issues, disease or economics.
  • Fulbright Study/Research Grants: These grants are awarded to students in both academic and arts focuses. Recipients generally partner with university advisors to design and implement their own research in areas like business, public health, journalism and science.
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