Studying in Tanzania means getting up close and personal with the African way of living. Whether you are interning and working alongside Tanzanians, appreciating the African wilderness from the back porch of your home-stay, or getting up close and personal with all of Tanzania’s incredible wildlife, you are bound to have an experience unlike any other. Take advantage of this unique opportunity, study abroad in Tanzania!

Wanting to stick to the capital or head to the bush? Choose a program that is located in a place you won't mind "calling home" for a few weeks!


Tanzania's capital and biggest city, Dodoma is a popular location for international students. There are two universities here: St Johns University of Tanzania, owned by the Anglican Church of Tanzania, and University of Dodoma. Both offer many programs for international students, but students interested in international development efforts in agriculture, politics, and finance will be most pleased by their offerings.


Safari lovers unite! This small, hospitable town is located just a few hours from the country's largest national Park, Ruaha, in the heart of the Tanzanian wilderness. A study abroad program here allows for a more immersive experience for students. Witnessing Africa's "Big 5" up close is only one of the town's many perks!

Sure, many different types of study abroad programs operate in Tanzania, but what does that mean for you?! Essentially, you have choices. Take advantage of the opportunity to decide which provider best suits your goals and budget for your experience! Research is key here.

Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a study abroad program in Tanzania.

1) Language Are you interested in deepening your knowledge of a foreign language? Don't rest on those English laurels! Instead, pick a program that will allow you to study the Swahili language (and finally make sense of the lyrics to many songs in "The Lion King!"). Being able to converse, even casually, in the local tongue will help you to better connect with the Tanzanian people.

2) Housing Different programs will offer different accommodation options to their students. Some will organize all of your housing in a local hotel, others will organize a homestay for you with a family, and still others may only set up camping excursions (now's as good a time as ever to get down with nature!). If you're not up for spending every night under the stars or sharing a bathroom, be choosey with the program you select. No sense in exasperating discomfort!

3) Immersion and Cultural Activities It's likely that your study abroad program will include a fun itinerary of social activities to fill up your weekend calendars. Whether they are day trips to museums or craft shops or longer, more in depth excursions (a weekend in Kilimanjaro, anyone?!), these trips are likely to compliment your studies and further your understandings of the Tanzanian culture! Find a program that offers the type of activities that YOU are pumped to participate in.

Talk about a LOOOOOONG, expensive flight! If you are looking for a way to lessen the financial burden of your study abroad experience, high tail it over to these websites and try your luck on some scholarship money.

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Study Abroad in Tanzania

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CIEE Community Development, Language + Culture in Iringa, Tanzania
9 reviews2 interviews

Explore the challenges facing Tanzania, including sanitation, disease...

The School for Field Studies (SFS)
SFS Tanzania: Wildlife Management Studies (Semester)
13 reviews5 interviews

Explore the iconic landscapes of Tanzania. Meet the country’s...

EDU Africa
Customized Faculty-led Programs in Southern & East Africa
Multiple Countries
9 reviews2 interviews

EDU Africa develops and facilitates academic faculty-led and service...

SIT Study Abroad
SIT Tanzania: Wildlife Ecology Programs
4 reviews

Explore the balance between ecological concerns and socioeconomic...

SIT Study Abroad
SIT Tanzania: Coastal Ecology & Natural Resource
1 review

Examine coastal ecology and natural resource management in one of the...

Sustainable Development Program in Tanzania
3 reviews

Learn about political ecology and women’s rights in the African...

SIT Study Abroad
Study Abroad Tanzania: Climate Change & Sustainability

Visit Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and the...

The School for Field Studies (SFS)
SFS Kenya: Wildlife, Water, and Climate Resilience (Semester)

While studying the many Discover the many approaches to conservation...

The School for Field Studies (SFS)
SFS Tanzania: Carnivores of the African Plains (Summer II)

Tanzania is home to more than 35 species of carnivores, including the...

The School for Field Studies (SFS)
SFS Kenya/Tanzania: Fundamentals of Wildlife Management (Summer I)

The world-famous national parks and reserves of Kenya and Tanzania are...

GEO Study Abroad
Intensive Swahili in Zanzibar

The Intensive Swahili in Zanzibar program offers you an opportunity to...

EDU Africa
Community Public Health Summer Program in Tanzania

The 4 week Community Public Health study abroad program, in...

International Volunteer Travel
Tanzania Swahili Language Program

The goal of our Tanzania Swahili Study Abroad Program is to make...

Holbrook Travel
Wildlife & Culture Study Program in Tanzania

Come study abroad in Tanzania with Holbrook Travel! On this trip you...

Cross Continental
Language Immersion Program in Africa
Multiple Countries

This program is perfect for those who are interested in foreign...

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    Kilimanjaro Marangu Summit and Camping Safari - 11 Days

    Trek through forest, grasslands, and alpine desert via the Marangu...

  • Purposeful Nomad
    Tanzania: Land of Wild Beauty

    This unforgettable 14 day odyssey will take you from the far reaches...

  • The Small Things
    Social Impact Visits in Tanzania

    Come and experience Tanzanian culture and learn about international...

  • Alaitol Safaris
    4 Day Tanzania Classic Safari

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  • Lappet Faced Safaris
    5 Days Serengeti Migration

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  • Lights on Africa Destinations & Safaris
    4 Day Tour Serengeti, Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater

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  • Edelweiss Bike Travel
    Edelweiss Motorcycle World Tour
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  • Nature Bound Africa
    Bush to beach Safari Adventure in Zanzibar, Africa

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    Kilimanjaro Trekking

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Chameleon on waterfall hike

We had a 4-wk rotation in Tanzania and we had an amazing time. We spent two a week in orientation, 2.5 weeks working in women’s health at KCMC in Moshi, and reflections following that. Our program...

Table Mountain

I'm a college professor, and my colleague and I took 12 undergraduate and graduate students to South Africa for a study abroad program to compare historical influences and criminal justice system...


I absolutely loved SFS Tanzania. The staff and faculty are all amazing, and you are able to have so many unique experiences that you can't get anywhere else! Also, you really feel like you are able to...

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