TEFL Certification in Antigua, Guatemala

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Become a certified English teacher by earning a TEFL certification with Maximo Nivel in Antigua, Guatemala. TEFL Certification is your passport to living and working as English teacher anywhere else in the world!

The 4-week/150-hour certification program includes more than 15 hours of practical English teaching and observation of experienced teachers. Groups are small with usually 2 to 14 people.

The TEFL Program consists of 12 modules:

- Learning & Teaching Theory
- Lesson Planning
- Class Management
- Critical ESL Techniques
- English Grammar I
- English Grammar II
- Teaching Grammar
- Teaching Vocabulary
- Teaching Speaking & Writing
- Teaching Listening & Reading
- Teaching English with Games
- Assessing & Testing Learners
- Introduction to international English exams: TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge

Maximo Nivel is internationally accredited and the Maximo Nivel TEFL Certificate is accepted by institutes, language schools, and universities around the world.

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I'm in the states right now....but looking forward to heading to Cambodia to teach at a school there. I was teaching for Oxford Language in Guatemala since 2 weeks after my certification.


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  • Difficulty 8.5
  • Job Assistance 9.5
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A Wonderful Experience in Antigua!

Although I had experience in the educational setting, as I had taught in a special education classroom for four years, I was not familiar with the practice of teaching English as a foreign language. I discovered Máximo Nivel online and decided to take the TEFL course in Antigua. During my time at Máximo I was able to learn a lot from the experienced staff. They introduced me to the whole new world of teaching English. Through observations as well as a week of practical teaching experiences I was able to put many of the techniques and skills I learned into practice as well as improve throughout the course from constructive feedback from my teacher. I now feel like I have a better grasp on the world of teaching English. I have been able to implement some of the information and techniques as I have been teaching English for about two months now. I have also been able to stay in contact with the staff at Máximo and they have (and will continue to) provide suggestions or assistance as I continue on my journey of teaching English.

How can this program be improved?
The information and techniques I learned from this course were very beneficial, but I would have liked to have had a little more focus on teaching children. It is a very different concept as to teaching teens and adults. I am able to use the information and techniques in school settings with children as well, but teaching young children requires more hands-on activities at a different pace.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Guatemala is beautiful and a great place to get certified to teach ESL.

Taking the TEFL course at Maximo Nivel is a great way to teach abroad. It was hands on in small classroom settings. 3 weeks of coursework one week of teaching in the classroom, observations, a week of grammar and creating an awesome portfolio of your work.at the end! The staff at Maximo was extremely helpful and professional. My home stay was fantastic and being able to work in a small group setting made my experience exceptional. Guatemala has a lot to offer in many aspects and I highly recommend this course. It was a lot of fun but challenging. The Tefl certifications gives you the ability to work anywhere in the world.

Yes, I recommend this program
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A complete tefl program

For a well rounded program Maximo Nivel would be at the top of its class. I originally knew about this school thru some friends that took the course before me, i saw a lot of the coursework due to my colleagues references. Their material is very strongly correlated to a very interesting teaching technique yet a challenging one. I was part of the july-august 2014 class, we were only 3 classmates which made the program very intense and had a direct feel with the material. The teaching staff was very friendly and our personal teacher had a very strong knowledge of the material. Guatemala is a very mistical and beatiful place, it is safe, convenient, cheap, and culturally inclined. If your up for a change in your life and discover new life experiences that are going to take you all around the world then Maximo Nivel is the program for you.

How can this program be improved?
Well add some more practical teaching hours, and a job placement program.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Highly Recommended

This an an excellent course in learning teaching techniques and methodologies related to TEFL as well as a thorough review of the details of the English language. The course also covers job seeking help and common international English exams. My instructor Suzanne is amazing and was able to impart a huge amount of information in a clear and lively manner.

The fact that Maximo Nivel is an English school as well as a TEFL course provider means the course content is extremely relevant and is grounded in practical experience. The opportunity to observe classes and talk to current English teachers working at Maximo Nivel was also a huge plus. The support staff at Maximo Nivel are extremely helpful and I felt comfortable during the entire course. After the course I was fortunate enough to secure a job teaching English with Maximo Nivel in Guatemala and continue working with a great organisation.

The TEFL course with Maximo Nivel has given me the confidence and knowledge to teach English anywhere in the world. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in TEFL or a new experience.

Yes, I recommend this program
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A truly amazing experience that I'll never forget!

I wasn't sure about all of the hype about the "teach English in another country" on the Internet, but I decided to go for it. As it turned out, it was much more than I had hoped for. The TEFL class was amazing and the TEFL instructors couldn't have been better. The course is rather intense which helped all of the students bond like family. It was truly an amazing experience. The staff at Maximo is just as fantastic. They are there for our support and will do whatever it takes to help you succeed. During the course, we had the opportunity to give mini lessons to actual students to develop what we were taught in class. The course culminated with a practical teaching week where we took over an actual class for a week. The students here are amazing and the whole course, although a lot of work, was very fun.

I have come from other careers in the helping professions such as firefighter, paramedic, police and private security. This is the last career that I will have before retirement in about 5 years. It is a satisfying endeavor and a perfect note to end my professional life on. Although I'm close to retirement, the age group of the students in my class varied from 19 years old to 57. I would recommend not only Maximo Nivel as a school to obtain your TEFL certificate, but also teaching English as a foreign language, whether you are starting out your career or ending it like I am. Either way, there are jobs available all over the world. I have been offered several since I've been in Guatemala. A TEFL certificate is really a ticket to see the world and live in other cultures.

A truly amazing experience that I'll never forget!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Take TEFL, I say!

Maximo Nivel's TEFL course in Guatemala was spectacular! I learned that is possible to be completely yourself while teaching. You don't have to keep a facade to seem a higher person because you're not a higher person. You're just a teacher, and what would you be without your students? A person with markers and a lot of grammar knowledge. That was something that made me very uncomfortable about teaching--that you stand at the board, everything centers around you and what you say. But, now I've been introduced to student-centered learning. I've taken a breath of fresh air. It's a beautiful thing. The students believe that you're teaching them, but really you're just guiding them. They're teaching themselves, and each other. You just gave them the opportunity and the materials. I love that. It's a beautiful way to see teaching. I learned that you can teach in so many different ways, and still be effective. In fact, the difference in teachers' teaching styles is beneficial to students. If all they see is one style, that's all they'll know, and all they'll learn.

How can this program be improved?
More chikys. Chiky cookies are needed every day. :)
Yes, I recommend this program


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