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Take that first step towards a great adventure and apply with Canadian Connection. We help ESL teachers find excellent teaching opportunities in private and public schools throughout South Korea. Free housing and airfare provided. We assist you every step of the way from your interview to your arrival in Korea. We also offer continued support during your year abroad.

Canadian Connection will do the following: Match applicants with an appropriate school, Negotiate your contract, Collect documents and process working visa, Make all travel arrangements, Supply teachers with travel kit which includes maps, travel guide, cultural insights book, and an introduction to the Korean language brochure, Put teachers in contact with current/former teachers, Act as ongoing liaison between the school and the teacher.

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In Good Hands

From the very beginning of my recruitment, I found the staff at Canadian Connection to be very professional and helpful. They contacted my wife and I about a teaching opportunity within days of meeting us at an information session, and ensured that our application and interview process went quickly and smoothly.

Once we were hired, Canadian Connection provided a great deal of support for us before we left for Korea. They helped us prepare the necessary documents, and held an in-depth information and debriefing day for all Korea-bound teachers in Toronto (and even gave us free lunch!).

Once we arrived, the school was friendly and receptive. There was a party for our arrival, and we got to job-shadow the outgoing teachers for a week before starting our daily classes.

So far, this has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. Thank you, Canadian Connection for providing us with the opportunity to enjoy another culture, as well as a rewarding position with excellent benefits!

Yes, I recommend this program
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The Best Year of your Life

I have been in Korea for nearly two years now and my experiences seem to only get better with him. Of course Korean culture takes time to get used to, learning how to get along here, how to talk to people and how to handle social situations takes time. But, it's well worth it. It's truly a great feeling to have a job that you enjoy going to every day. It's a rewarding job, and moreover it's an incredible opportunity to grow personally. I came here right after university graduation and it's probably the best decision I've ever made. Can't say enough about how much I love teaching and living in Korea, and how much Canadian Connection helped make that possible.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Very helpful, Easy, and FUN!

Canadian Connection is a very reliable company to choose when going to Korea. Me experience with them has been excellent. I applied online and got a response right away. They were extremely nice people who offered tips, advice and were open to talk throughout the whole process. The orientation into Korea is not only extremely helpful but a lot of fun. They make sure that you know all the foreigners that will be living in the same area as you and keep you up to date on all social activities. You cannot feel lonely coming here with Canadian Connection. In terms of the teaching, they give you a wealth of information and teaching tips and are always open to talk about how to improve if you have an issue. Their open door policy and small community make this company.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Overall a Great Program

This is overall a great program. My husband and I had a great Experience while living in Korea and Canadian Connections really helped us get started. Teaching in Korea was the best experience we have ever had, and although the lows sometimes overshadowed the highs, the experience is one we will always remember fondly.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Suncheon Rocks

From start to finish the experience with Canadian Connection was professional and absolutely reliable. The pre-orientation was helpful to answer some of the early question. The orientation once in Korea was outstanding and helped forge relationships that were maintained throughout my stay there and beyond.

I was lucky and had a great school, co-teacher and principal. My apartment wasn't bad, had good furniture and was clean. It was convenient with a gym, grocery store and pretty much all you needed nearby. Of course, there were some frustrations with language barriers and cultural nuances, but over all I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Yes, I recommend this program
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LOVE Canadian Connection

Shane and his staff are awesome. They do everything they can to help with the whole application process. I always said it walked the perfect line between hand-holding and throwing us right in it. By that I mean they didn't do too much or do too little, they let us learn things on our own while helping us stickhandle the tough stuff.

We were lucky to have found them!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Happy in my adventure

I like our small city, life is good here. I enjoy my job, I work in a nice school and live in a nice apartment. I have small complaints, but none are note worthy.

There are many festivals, beaches, and mountains here. I am never bored. I have enough left over at the end of the month to travel and to send money home.

Overall I am happy with my recruiter. Our orientation prepared us for what to expect, we stayed in a nice hotel while we were there, and they explained our contracts and general ups and downs clearly.

Yes, I recommend this program

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Canadian Connection is an ESL recruiting agency that operates in South Korea. Every year we help hundreds of teachers find opportunities to teach English in South Korea. This is a tremendous opportunity for young adults to travel the world while...