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The CIEE Teach in Spain program offers the flexibility for you to work 5-10 months as an English Language Assistant at a primary or secondary public school in the Region of Madrid or Andalucía.

The diversity of cities and small towns in these areas means you can set yourself up for an immersive local experience or a more urban, international expat scene. You will have plenty of free time to travel, study Spanish, volunteer, or give private English lessons!

CIEE will be there to support you every step of the way! In addition to arranging a job for you in Spain, you will receive a high level of pre-departure support including an online course to help you prepare for your adventure in Spain. You'll get detailed guidance on the visa process and travel and emergency medical insurance. Our 24/7 support and in-country orientation will ensure that you are prepared and connected throughout your entire program with CIEE Teach Abroad.

A CIEE TEFL Certification will give you the tools you need to succeed at being a teacher starting on your first day. Learn more about CIEE’s TEFL Certification Courses.

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Because we work through the North American Language and Culture Assistant initiative with the Ministry of Education in Madrid, only citizens of Canada and the United States are eligible for our Teach in Spain programs.
Finding housing was pretty easy. There was a lot of anxiety when I initially started the process, but once I got started it was no big deal. I think I looked at 4 or 5 places and once I picked a place I got the keys that day. It was also nice because landlords let you pick how long you want your contract to last, so you don't have to sign for a year if you aren't staying quite that long.
Yes, it is enough money to get by. Although, if you want to travel, I recommend doing some tutoring lessons. Since you only work 16 hours a week, picking up 4 to 5 extra hours isn't a big deal-also a great way to meet locals. I made an extra 400-500 Euros a month this way.


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CIEE in Andalucia

CIEE is a great idea for the person who is looking for an abroad setting but needs a little bit of support if things get chaotic. CIEE works with the Junta de Educacion in Spain and reserves spots for "auxiliares de conversacion" to be hired in schools through CIEE, specifically in ANDALUCIA. When you pay CIEE's fee, you are paying for the staff that lives in Spain and runs the program and an orientation that introduces you to topics such as apartment hunting in Spain to different accents within the Andalucian area. One positive (or negative) thing about the orientation is you immediately are meeting fellow English speakers starting their year in Spain at the same time. You have a community, should you choose to be a part of it. Although you are able to contact CIEE at any point, there is NO DIFFERENCE in your job if you went through CIEE or bypassed it and went straight through the Junta (you would be saving a few grand but have a much more complicated and confusing application process). Since this was not my first time abroad, I really didn't need the ready support I essentially paid for, but for the first timers, it may prove to be worthwhile.

Yes, I recommend this program


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