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American Accreditation—internationally recognized—Master’s level credits from Fairmont State University, USA.

Vantage TEFL Certification is a 4 week, 120-hour, In-class course with 6 hours of observed teaching practice in Bangkok, Thailand.

Their TEFL Certification courses and comprehensive job coaching, career support and visa arrival assistance in Bangkok, make Vantage Thailand’s one-stop teacher training destination.

Vantage is unique in that it has two footprints in Asia. They have agreements with Thailand’s leading recruiting agencies who place 100+ teachers annually in addition to their network of Thai academies, universities, and corporate clients.

In their TEFL Silk Road program, you’ll get US$500 off your TEFL tuition with a guaranteed job in China earning a highly competitive US$2,550 monthly package along with a US$860 signing bonus.

They also offer a 120-hour Combined Course, blending online curriculum study with live observed practice teaching.

  • The TEFL Silk Road—Teacher certification training with a guaranteed job (and a TEFL tuition discount of US$500)
  • Provide expert job support. They’ll craft your own Power Resume that makes an impact in the six seconds. They’ll coach you on interviewing techniques and job searching strategies.
  • Every Vantage TEFL course is independently moderated by TEFL experts
  • Authorized Cambridge English Test Centre. They have expertise in delivering world-class exams to Thai schools, universities as well as executive testing for our corporate clients.
  • Work with Vantage: Exciting opportunities for becoming a recruiting partner.

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An experience teacher takes TEFL

I was a little different from the other trainees in my class in that I had worked as a teacher in before I took my TEFL course. I already had significant time working in a classroom. Having said that, I came to realize how well designed the Vantage TEFL Certification program is. It basically delivered everything it said it would do and then more.

Yes, this course is intensive. You’ll be more than busy over the month, but at the same time, even for an experienced teacher like me felt like I learned quite a bit.

We did our observed practices at Thailand’s oldest nursing college. We had some 15 to 20 students in our class.

The lesson planning we got from trainer Chris really was an invaluable help to keeping the students engaged through the hour. His feedback afterward was equally valuable. He had a way of presenting weakness as challenges and I could see how both I and the other trainees got a little better as each and every class we taught during the practicum went on. For me, this was by far the most important part of the class.

The TEFL requirement was for 6 hours of observed teaching, but we got a significant number of extra hours (at our request) because “our” students also wanted more English lessons. I believe they liked us as much as we loved them!

Everyone at Vantage was really helpful and they really put the student’s interest first. I would recommend Vantage to anyone who was serious about becoming a successful teacher.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Meeting my Demanding Expectations

I was initially interested in doing a CELTA course, but I chose the Vantage TEFL program in the end as I have an interest in teaching kids and the former focuses its training exclusively on adults.

I also wanted a global recognition, and the American accreditation of Vantage was an important consideration. Vantage has external moderation of all its courses and, as I learned during my research phase, that this is an essential requirement of any educational accreditation.

The course itself was great. It was very intensive as it covered more material than I first thought.

The heart of the TEFL program was the practicum. The live teaching that we did in front of first and second-year university students was fantastic. We had good sized classes that ran right on schedule so we have to learn to be precise in creating lesson plans that would factor not just the class content, but the time constraints of the class as well.

I also had to observe other teachers – both experienced instructors and new trainees like myself. Detailed observations were required that I then had to discuss with the lead TEFL trainer.

The students were really fun to teach. I think I learned as much about Thai culture as they did English! This was a great course, excellent taught and very well organized.

How can this program be improved?
Hmmm....tough question. Perhaps Vantage could advertise their program more. It's too good of a gem to hide.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Excellent TEFL experience

We were been very lucky to have Chris, who’s a highly experienced teacher as our Lead Trainer. He’s been doing this something like 25 years as a teacher and a trainer. He also has extensive experience in developing customized courses and curriculum development. This was really evident (and more than helpful) in the feedback I got in creating my lesson plans.

The teaching practice sessions at the nursing college for the teachers and students gave me a completely different outlook on how to teach people from a different culture with different learning backgrounds and different language proficiency levels.

The sessions we did about language proficiency were eye opening. This was something I really hadn’t considered before. We learned how to ascertain the language proficiency level of an individual student and then create lesson plans that were tailored for the English level of that student.

Chris’ feedback after every session was extremely valuable and this helped me to better my teaching until I reached a point where I was considered to be quite good.

I’m already working at a school, so I really didn’t sign up for their job consultation services. Nonetheless, their resume writing and interviewing techniques are techniques I will definitely use in my next job search.

I would definitely recommend this TEFL training to anyone who has the passion for teaching.

How can this program be improved?
It's great the way it is!
Yes, I recommend this program
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...from a Combined Course Student

I did the Combined online and, from Vantage, the classroom package. It was an amazing experience. The online section of the course allowed me to learn at my own pace and worked full time at the same time. This part of the course is extensive and covers everything. The video portion supplemented the text well.

However, the online course alone didn’t make me feel that I was ready to teach. I felt I have an idea on how to teach, but I was still anxious about doing the practicum teaching.

Chris and Kevin from Vantage invited me to join the current In-Class course, not just for review, but to participate in the peer teaching activities of the class. I talk to Chris about my anxiety in doing the practicum and he assured me that peer teaching will help me prepare.

I was hesitant at first but it worked out well. Peer teaching was a very helpful tool in boosting my confidence before the practicum. The feedback from Chris and insights from my co-trainees were priceless. I also observed how my co-trainees were teaching and learned a lot from them. After several peer teaching runs, I felt much better and was confident to be in front of a class.

To sum it up, I feel I am a better teacher now than before I started the course. The certificate is worth every penny spent.

How can this program be improved?
Really can't think of anything that could have done better. It would have been nice to have coffee provided, but then again they had fantastic coffee at an Italian shop 2 minutes away.
Yes, I recommend this program
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For those with a passion to learn, excel and travel

I am a Training Team Manager for a company in India and I found the course absolutely fantastic and truly worthwhile. The course gives you an opportunity to relearn and exercise the English language like the way it has never been done before. This is truly for someone who loves the language and would like to impart the knowledge gained in an effective manner and in any part of the world. I'm extremely proud to say that I was trained by the best. Chris, who has more than 20 years of experience in teaching is absolutely one of a kind. His immense knowledge, understanding, patience and exceptional method of training is what makes the course so invaluable and wonderful. Kevin is the best job coach that you could ever find (has a world of language and travel knowledge up his sleeve) and Ryan, is a superb language trainer (I still can't believe how I can now speak basic Thai). These are not just world class trainers but mentors for life. I've had an amazing experience with Vantage TEFL and I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who has a passion to learn the language thoroughly, excel in their methods and travel to impart your language skill.

How can this program be improved?
Vantage TEFL is great the way it is.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Training Experience at Vantage for TEFL Certificate

I finished my certification in 2016 and have to say it was a great experience. My concern in getting a certificate was that I really wanted a challenging program that gave me the skills and knowledge to become successful in the classroom, not just get a teaching certificate.

The training was excellent and provided me with feedback and ongoing training to understand what I needed to do to improve and to create effective lesson plans that would be successful in the classroom.

The lead trainer, Chris, was very inspirational and drew upon his 20+ years as an English teacher and materials and curriculum development background and forced me to dig inside myself to bring out my best.

Equally important was the camaraderie we had in our class. We were not only learning but having fun at the same time. This made for a very close group of students and we spent time together outside of our classes. This was a great support – and peer feedback in the class – while taking this intensive, month-long program.

After finishing my certification I found work pretty quickly. My Vantage TEFL Certification bumped my pay up to a level that will pay for the entire course fees in less than one year.

I also got excellent help and support the job front. The had a separate trainer – a guy who’s work as an English teach, an oilman and a banker – show us how to craft a resume that really brings out our skill sets and make a strong impact within seconds. He did special sessions on interview coaching and I learned techniques for showcasing my skills and how to handle objections.

I would recommend Vantage without hesitation. Everyone was very nice and service-minded as well. There’s no doubt I got a world-class teaching training program in an amazing location.

Yes, I recommend this program


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American Accreditations—Internationally Recognized—Masters Level Credits.

They’re Thailand’s highest-rated TEFL program and they offer a 120-hour, In-Class TEFL course, with 6 hours of observed teaching practices.

Vantage TEFL Certification is the...