UNI-Prep 120-Hour Online TESOL Certification Course

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UNI-Prep's online TESOL Certificate program is 120-hours in length, is fully accredited, and internationally recognized. The course is taught using a combination of videos, readings and interactive assignments. Tutors are available for support at anytime during the course.

Graduates of our program enjoy the respect that comes with the UNI-Prep name around the world. Our TESOL/TEFL courses are designed to be both educational and fun. Our fees are all inclusive and include all fees; there are no additional fees on top of this -- we promise!

Our courses don't have a set schedule; you will work through the course at your own pace and time. Most of our graduates complete the TESOL Certificate program in 2-4 weeks, although you can take up to 1 year if you would rather take your time.

Our goal is to make sure all our students graduate and are completely satisfied with their experience with us. Visit our website to learn more.

  • Fully online - study at your own pace from anywhere
  • Free shipping internationally is included!
  • Accredited and recognized worldwide
  • Choose between TESOL or TEFL acronym

Questions & Answers

Yes, we certainly do. Most students contact us directly with questions, which is why you might not see so many questions asked on this platform.

You do not need a degree or teacher's license to register in or complete our courses. Most of our students are not teachers and do not have a teacher's license - though some do and take our course to upgrade their credentials.

In general, our certificates are accepted around the world. Though every country sets their own rules and can change them anytime, we have not had any students indicate that their certificate was not accepted in a particular country, including China. In fact, a large number of our graduates end up working in China so we are very confident in saying that China accepts our certificate and will...

Yes, it is the same certification. We have designed and structured our courses to maximize savings for our students because we believe in affordable education. We are not the only providers in this price range - but typically others do not include all of the same elements as our course. When comparing courses, check to see if other providers include videos (we do), free international shipping (we...


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  • Support 8.8
  • Fun 6.8
  • Facilities 8.9
  • Safety 7.7
  • Instruction 9.2
  • Support 8.4
  • Value 9.2
  • Academic Rigor 7.1
  • Job Assistance 8
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  • Value 10
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Yes, I recommend this program

Experience for Life

One more accomplishment for my Life. Really good for making new decisions or starting to travel the world.
It is affordable, and can easily fit into any schedule. The videos range from fifteen to twenty-five minutes long, the reading assignments are well organized, and the assessments are straightforward.
The program gives the opportunity to freedom and discover new things. the course is really completed and capable to learn everything fast even if you never thought to be a teacher.
I really Recommend.

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Alejandro Abel
Yes, I recommend this program

Practical, Useful, and Quick!

Recommended! This course is great for those looking to get their teaching English experience started. There is a good balance for general teaching methods and activities to implement once in the teaching environment.

The text is a great review to what was covered in the video portion. Of course the text intuitively goes into more detail to cover any lingering thoughts you may have had during the video. I think they supplement it well.

The quizzes are very straighforward and fair in relation to what was covered in the study material.

A note to those in a time crunch: Because a lot of this was good review and I had a sense of urgency, I was able to finish in less than 48 hours.

Thanks UniPrep! I am sure to revert back to the material once I get a job! :)

What would you improve about this program?
Offer more lesson plan examples. Although not necessary, visual aids in the text and video presentation would bring the material to life more.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Online Program!

This program was great, because it gave me the flexibility to complete all of the study materials and quizzes at my own pace. The combination of videos and reading assignments really prepared me for all of the assessment quizzes. All of the resources were packed with valuable content, and I am excited to start incorporating everything that I have learned into my own classroom this fall. I highly recommend UNI-Prep to all who are interested in teaching English abroad.

Yes, I recommend this program

Great course, loved it!

I needed a basic TESOL certificate to start my teaching career, and this was just perfect! The videos are good ( could be improved on though) and the written material was very good. The material is presented in a clear and easy to remember manner and a logical sequence. The written material is also downloadable, and Uni-prep has a youtube channel you can subscribe to for further reference of the video material.
I'll start looking for a job probably online at first!

What would you improve about this program?
perhaps add videos of class room teaching. Also, some of the links in unit 10 are expired, please update those too!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching Abroad

The course covered basic teaching and language dynamics and provided a great deal of background data and very much emphasized the responsibility of the teacher to facilitate learning. The presentation of educator terms and recommended approaches was certainly a help and was very culturally inclusive. Video of actual classroom teaching in progress could perhaps have enhanced the experience in order to give a more "real-world"understanding of what future teaching opportunities will present. I would recommend this program to anyone who is starting off on the pursuit of educating in a foreign country/

What would you improve about this program?
Videos of actual classroom teaching in progress would possibly be helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

TESOL Certificate

When I was looking into getting a TESOL certification there were so many options. It was hard to tell which programs were quality programs. I was glad to find one that was an 120 hour course that was also accredited. The class was affordable and easy to navigate. I appreciated having both videos and reading materials. I learned a lot of information and feel like it was well taught. I am glad I chose Uni-Prep.

Luis Daniel
Yes, I recommend this program

Pretty good for the cost

I needed a TEFL fast and they delivered. The materials were quite exhaustive and well written. The videos were well explained. There was no practical experience and you'd never know why you got a wrong answer on the quizzes. The course itself is extremely flexible, so that is a plus if you have a full time job. I'd recommend it for sure. There is no practical experience though, but it's understandable considering the course is completely online.

What would you improve about this program?
See if they can get some better feedback from instructors, or a way to get practical experience, though it may be hard considering it's completely online.
Cuddled up in the park at sunset
Yes, I recommend this program

UNI-Prep 120-hour Certificate

While I have some general experience tutoring and casually teaching English, this course was a great introduction into the more professional aspects of being an ESL teacher. I would recommend this course to those who wish to start taking their English-teaching goals more seriously.

It's a great course to prepare you for formal tutoring and even classroom situations. While lacking in specific resources to help with creating lesson plans, UNI-Prep's program makes up for it in its abundance of general lesson plan examples and ideas, along with helpful bibliographies.

Overall, it is a course that meets the introductory needs of the beginning teacher all the way through to a substantive review for more experienced ESL educators.

What would you improve about this program?
The assessment portion of this course was a simple quiz that focused on grasping the main ideas of the unit. While convenient and low-pressure, I would argue that this is possibly the weakest portion of the course. More length and substance to some of the units' assessments would be a welcome improvement.