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Teach and travel


We offer accredited online TEFL and TESOL courses, at affordable prices to help jump start you in to a teaching career. We will give you life time support searching for jobs. We have a lot of connections with offline and online English companies so we are confident to find you work once you have completed the course.

We have a big support and following through our social media platform, which you can join and feel apart of our family.

You can check out our Facebook page where we advertise online and offline jobs.

  • Internationally recognized TEFL certificate – so you will be able to find a job anywhere in the world
  • Flexible learning – so you can fit it around your hectic lifestyle!
  • Lifetime access to our TEFL Jobs Center –so it’s that little bit easier to find your dream TEFL job
  • Course by an established course provider
  • Qualified tutor support throughout course – so that you learn from the best and get help and advice from an experienced TEFL teacher.

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Questions & Answers

No, you do not need a BA degree to take our course.

I paid for the course that comes with a hard copy, so no I did not have to pay an extra fee.

I received my digital documents the after completion, and waited 4 days for my hard copy. It also came with a stamped verification letter and transcript


based on 49 reviews
  • Instruction 8.8
  • Support 9.2
  • Value 9.2
  • Academic Rigor 8.1
  • Job Assistance 8.3
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Yes, I recommend this program

Jacqui - Sweet and short

I highly recommend this course, its to the point. The method of instruction is not tedious pages of notes and information. I found the course very enlightening, motivational and educational. I have received valuable hands-on, know-how, in implementing new ideas and structures into the classroom. I moved forward to each module with excitement.

If you are looking to further your foreign teaching it is a must. TESOL is becoming a hard requirement when teaching abroad.

Thank you again. Happy days. Ps. I already recommended it to my friends.

What would you improve about this program?
Just allocate marks to each question. I wasn't sure if it was long or short answers in certain circumstances.
Yes, I recommend this program

Good course for teaching in Europe

Hello my name is Jan and I am from Germany. I moving to Spain and want to teach German and English in Barcelona. I have been teacher for 11 years in Germany and look for new challenge. The company is very good with assistance to job support and they help me. I really enjoy taking the course with the videos and information in each lesson. My tutor James was on messenger if I need help. He help me with lesson plan and classroom management assignment because it was a challenge for me. I hope to meet new friends in Spain when I go there, Danke James and ITT

Yes, I recommend this program

Happy with outcome

I was very happy with the outcome of the ITT course. What I needed was very simple! Get TEFL certified, then get employed. I was able to complete the course within 4 weeks and as soon I had completed the course I received my certificate and started working. I am now teaching online to Chinese students and am applying the skills I learned from the course. There was also a few lessons on Business English and I am hoping to find some older students to teach on my days off. If you need help finding a job, ITT will be able to assist you.

Yes, I recommend this program

Happy, happy, happy

Hey fellow teachers wanting to become TEFL certified. If you are thinking about taking the ITT TEFL course, for teaching abroad or online, then I highly recommend this company. They do every thing very professionally and respond very quickly to any concerns. The course itself is very informative and user friendly. No need to be a technical wizard as everything is easy to follow. I like the fact that there are no fixed schedule, you simply login in your spare time and complete lessons. I'm very happy to be now teaching on two different platforms and looking forward to the future when I may teach in Dubai.
Thanks guys!

Yes, I recommend this program

Amazingly surprised

I was surprised by this course, very modern course platform with videos and text for each lesson. I took a groupon course before because my budget was low, but the online company would not accept the certificate so I trolled the internet looking for another one (still with a low budget). I showed my employers the ITT website and they said it would be fine to use their certificate, so I went ahead and signed up. What else appealed to me was the fact that they have online teaching modules. Overall very happy with the course.

Yes, I recommend this program

Good course for the Value

It was a good job I learned how to do lesson planning, because as soon as I walked in to my class for the first time in Thailand, it was very evident that I would need to use my new found knowledge. The deputy head sent me a lesson plan template and asked me to fill out the first weeks plans and it was a little overwhelming, but I got through it well in the end. My new school had no problem with my TEFL certification, so I'm happy I received a certification at such good value. I have to also point out that the staff were friendly.

Yes, I recommend this program

10 out of 10 from me!

I'm giving ITT a 10 because of the way they helped me with job placement. I really wanted to live in Japan because I have visited there many times and have Australian friends there. I was looking for a TEFL provider that would help me to find a job in Tokyo because that is my desired destination. Before enrolling to the course I spoke with an adviser over the phone who insured me they had contacts in Japan that would give me an interview. So I took a risk and signed up. They did not disappoint and hooked me up with an interview a week after the course. I passed the interview and will travel to Japan after the school break. Good stuff ITT :)

Yes, I recommend this program

Great customer support

ITT is a great course to take for value for money. The support I had throughout the course was on point and I learnt some great new methods for teaching. They are very responsive with messages and gave me great structured answers. ITT made it easy for me tp complete the course, because there is a chat box on their course platform, so if you ever have a question, the answer was just a click away.
They were also very helpful when it came to giving me advice for authenticating my certificate. I ordered a hard copy certificate and it arrived within 8 days.

No, I don't recommend this program

Terrible Program

I signed up for this program because it seemed like the best value for your money, but I was wrong - it has absolutely no value. Worst customer service experience I have ever had. The company was completely useless in terms of anything related to getting the certificate authorized for visa purposes, which is really the only reason anybody needs it. I sent countless emails to customer service & got crickets - until I asked for my money back, & then suddenly somebody was there ro say no, sorry, no matter what we are keepimg your money. Do yourself a favor & pay a little more for a better certificate through a better company. Don't make my mistake.

It's me
Yes, I recommend this program

Hello my friend

Hello everybody, my name Sonica, I from Serbia. I take TEFL course with ITT and they are new friend to me now, thank you for help when I take the course. My English is not the best and ITT was understand about this. They help me so much with course. I need to ask tutor for help with every unit and they talk to me every time I send message to tutor. If my tutor not help me, for sure I fail course. Now I have certification, I can teach basic English to student in my home. Very good service, thank you.

Yes, I recommend this program

Happy with this course

Overall I was pretty happy with the course. After doing a lot of research on online courses and reading what every course provider offer, ITT offered the same as the others, but the prices were cheaper, and at the budget I had, this course was perfect for me. Tutor support was just a click away, with their chatbox in the course platform, not that I needed it much, but it was nice to see the support there if needed. I didn't opt for job placement support but it didn't matter because I had no problem finding a job with my certificate. Will recommend ITT, tHANK YOU

Yes, I recommend this program

User friendly

Hi guys, I'm Alex from the UK and I want to share my experience with ITT. I was very happy with this course, because they are very responsive when you have a question that needs to be answered. I'm not the best when it comes to reading and writing so I made it clear that tutor support will be essential. ITT was very understanding and made me feel confident about taking the course. The tutor must of thought I was a little dumb with some of the questions I was asking haha, but she was very nice to me. I passed first time and am now working for Cambly. Thank you ITT

Yes, I recommend this program

Great value

I work for an online company teaching English to Chinese students and my boss messaged me to say, have I got tefl certification! I didn't have one at the time and apparently it is regulation to have one. So I scaled the internet and was overwhelmed by how many companies there were offering online tefl courses. I saw them really cheap groupon courses but I've heard so many bad things about them, and actually my boss said said they wouldn't accept them certificates anyway, so I dodged a bullet there.
I recommend ITT, their course is easy to navigate through, with great tutor support.

Yes, I recommend this program

The company do what they say they will do

I would say that ITT was a good choice to take my TEFL course, they pretty much do everything they say they will do on their website. Tutor support was good when I needed help with my classroom management assignments, they also offered me job placement support, but I didn't need it due to me already having a job, but I appreciated them asking me. The course was easy to follow and I breezed through it pretty quickly, while leaning a thing or two. I think I would recommend the course if ever my friends need a TEFL.

Picture of me
Yes, I recommend this program

Thank you so much

I just want to say a big thank you to ITT for your support in securing me a job in South Korea. I think it's only fair that I write this review in thanks for all the support I received after I completed the course. I live in South Korea and want to stay here for good, it's a beautiful and wonderful country. I recommend any teachers to work here.
Although it took a few days for ITT to reply to my request, I'm so happy with the final outcome. They helped me secure a job in Seoul and my dreams have come true.
I will be recommending ITT to my friends, thank you :)