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Global-Cultural Solution (GCS) offers a distinctive opportunity for committed volunteers to make a lasting difference in the lives of needy and vulnerable in society and promise a rich and transformative experience for those willing to open their hearts and share their talents. When you volunteer with us, you soon see how your participation makes a world of difference to those you touch. Since our operations started in 2007, it now has volunteer programs in most parts of Ghana, notably Volta and Eastern regions. We are committed to providing true, reasonably priced and meaningful volunteer programs in Ghana with high sense of urgency.

Recently, the country has been attempting to improve the quality of life for the people through youth empowerment, education, healthcare, environmental protection etc. Unfortunately, there are still numerous issues the country faces today, such as malnutrition, disease, and economic divides.

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No, a college diploma is not needed for this program.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Rewarding Volunteer experience

I had an unforgettable and rewarding experience volunteering with Drifting Angels Orphanage in Tsito,Ghana. Global Cultural Solution placed me with the orphanage and they provided me the info I needed and the support by checking in via phone and dropping in. I liked that they were local as they had local connections and a very good feel for the area. The cost was very affordable. Being my first time volunteering abroad, GCS made me feel safe and provided me with references of past volunteers to contact. All of them had great things to say.

I spent about 2 months at the orphanage and they became like family. I was able to do fun activities with the kids, and be a part of their everyday life which included some work, but mostly fun learning, playing, and some amazing local homemade food. I recommend both Drifting Angels Orphanage and Global Cultural Solution.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Jesus Loves Ghana

I would first like to thank Global Cultural solutions for their continued hard work and dedication on my trip. Above all I am thankful to them for placing me in an amazing orphanage program. My life has truly changed both emotionally and spiritually through the unique opportunities presented through this program. Ghana is a predominately Christian nation and I deeply enjoyed developing my faith through their Love of Christ. Going into the trip my mentality was “Not to change the people” “Not to help the people” But instead “Grow with the people.” The experience at the orphanage does just that. It allows a volunteer to naturally be involved in all areas of the children’s daily routine, which helps to build strong lasting relationships. You will notice on your trip that there are many opportunities to stretch yourself outside your comfort zone. Many times in my life I have not seized these opportunities and have been held stagnate by fear, anxiety and pride. The orphanage will allow you to be proactive. That being said it is you and you alone who know the deep fears of your heart and how it effects your life. It’s your choice and initiative to bring them into the light. I brought my pride into the light while testifying in front of a large church congregation. I was scared but I noticed once I fought through the discomfort that I began to feel myself freeing in a new way. The children through their actions and Love of Christ gave me the courage to stand and admit my weaknesses. My life has totally changed because of this trip and I give all glory to Jesus Christ because surely through Him we can accomplish anything.

What would you improve about this program?
Although the company does not officially affiliate with a religious denomination I believe it is important to express how Christianity is a driving force and corner stone in the Orphanages structure. I believe this will attract Christian volunteers and should be mentioned for the benefit of the children.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Organization

I took a few trips with Global Cultural Solutions and I thought they did great. I was able to speak to past volunteers before traveling as well as the staff. I also liked the fact that they would visit or call while volunteering. One feature I think that sets them apart is that they are small and local. This means there is more direct contact and a chance for really learning about a community.

What would you improve about this program?
Better structure/follow up
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