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Are you ready for a meaningful adventure in Ghana? Then join International Volunteer HQ, the world’s most trusted and affordable volunteer abroad organization, in Africa!

Choose from 6 volunteer project options based in rural villages and townships within the Greater Accra Region. Your program fee includes airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals and 24/7 in-country support. You’ll be accommodated in dedicated dormitory-style volunteer houses, with other like-minded, impact-focused travelers from around the world.

IVHQ is trusted to support the meaningful adventures of thousands of volunteers every year, so before you even depart for Ghana, you’ll receive outstanding personalized service from your expert Volunteer Program Manager.

If you’re all about authentic experiences, diving deep into culture, exploring a country that moves to a vibrant beat, and searching for opportunities to grow, give back and make real connections, then volunteering in Ghana is for you!

IVHQ Volunteer Projects Available in Ghana:

  • Teaching
  • Childcare
  • Sports Education
  • Medical
  • Agriculture
  • Construction and Renovation
  • IVHQ’s Ghana program is available year-round, starting on the 1st and 15th of every month and you can choose to volunteer for periods ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks.
  • Highly affordable program fees from $270 for 1 week - including airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals and 24/7 in-country support.
  • You’ll receive outstanding personalized service from your expert Volunteer Program Manager and exclusive access to superior pre-departure training.
  • You’ll be joining between 20 and 50 other IVHQ volunteers who start in Ghana each month and you'll be joining a network of 80,000+ volunteers.
  • Weekends are free to explore with fellow volunteers - discover the history of the culturally significant Cape Coast, wander through Kakum National Park and more!

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Life changing experience!

The first day that I walked into the West Africa Children's Foundation, I knew there was no where else in the world I was suppose to be. The beautiful children taught me more in a month than what I could teach them in a lifetime. Their love knows no boundaries! My life has been completely changed by these beautiful little souls!

How can this program be improved?
The cultural issues were difficult for me. I cannot stand around and just watch a child get hit for the smallest thing. There needs to be more education about the damage physical abuse can do to a small child.
Yes, I recommend this program
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IVHQ Ghana

My experiences with IVHQ Ghana was the most remarkable experience I could have endured. I have volunteered before in Costa Rica and Europe before but this experience lifted my opinion on international volunteering. I was picked up at the airport by IVHQ staff and they immediately welcomed me, gave me food and housed me for the night before the orientation the next day which was more than enough to prepare for the adventures. I was there for one month working in a community outside Accra. The school, the Virgin Kids Academy was my post for my month stay. I was given plenty of food and lived in a room with three other volunteers. There was no running water but we did have electricity. We had a large tub of water which we would use to wash and bath. It was always plentiful and there was enough for us all.

Madam gave plenty of instruction and feedback for the work assignments which included teaching, cleaning, cooking and setting up educational programs. Her husband is a travel agent so he helped out with the travels. The work was hard more than rewarding. We worked down the street from another group of volunteers so there was enough socializing. The kids are go grateful and happy. This experience made me reevaluate my priorities and made me value my luxuries.

The children are the most energetic and happy people I have ever met. I have never felt so welcome.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Ghana Orphanage Program

I spent the best 6 weeks of my life on the Orphanage program in Ghana with IVHQ. We were caring for over 70 amazing children who never failed to put a smile on my face. They are some of the kindest and most loving children I have ever met. They have so little and yet are so happy and willing to give. We spent our days helping the children get up in the mornings and ready for school, bringing them to school, playing with them, improving their reading and writing, administering basic first aid and helping them with homework. It was so rewarding and enjoyable. Being able to see the difference in a child's understanding of their homework after you spent an evening helping them was great and inspiring. Nursing a child back to health after sickness was also another very rewarding thing I found. I have so many wonderful memories that I will never forget.

At the weekends we had the opportunity to travel so for my first 3 weekends I went to Kokrobite, Cape Coast and the Volta Region. It was great fun getting to hang out with the other volunteers and seeing Ghana. It was very easy to plan these trips and to travel around. It was hard leaving the children even for 2 days and the best bit for me was always walking back into the orphanage after a weekend away and having delighted children jumping into my arms. I hardly ever had a bad moment during my stay in Ghana and if I did there was always a hug from a child available to make me feel instantly better.

Before leaving I was very nervous but any question that I had was immediately answered by the IVHQ staff who also kept in contact during my stay so I always felt at ease and reassured. From the moment I met the local staff I felt welcome and comfortable. They gave us orientation, brought us to our programmes and visited every week. They were fantastic and so nice. If we ever had something that need fixing in the volunteer house or a problem, they got it fixed as quickly as possible. The volunteer house was very safe, clean and comfortable, and the food was delicious! The only terrible thing during my entire stay was having to leave! I'm going back this summer for 3 months and I cannot wait!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Supportive, safe, affordable, & life-changing

I absolutely loved the five weeks I spent with IVHQ in Ghana. The program staff in New Zealand and in Ghana were incredibly supportive from the beginning of my application process to well after I departed from Ghana. The children of Ghana are amazing and will feel like your own by the time you leave.

This program was by far the best value for high-quality support of any volunteer program I've found - I have already recommended it to many friends. I recommend it to you as well!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Ghana Orphanage Work

Not once did I hesitate in choosing International Volunteer HQ as the organization that would provide me with an unforgettable, life-changing experience. After heavily researching other volunteer abroad programs online, I stumbled across IVHQ and knew it was the perfect fit for me. Not only were the prices extremely affordable compared to similar programs, but the staff was also very accessible and prompt in answering numerous questions and sending out more information. I was also able to get involved in the IVHQ Facebook page, which connected me with previous volunteers and played a big role in my ultimate decision to go with IVHQ.

I knew that I was drawn to orphanage work in Africa, but wasn't sure exactly which country I wanted to work in. After talking to past volunteers via the IVHQ Facebook page and seeing their pictures, going to Ghana simply felt right in my heart. From the moment I signed up for the Ghana Orphanage Work Program, I was confident that IVHQ cared about me and my experience because of the apparent dedication they have to their volunteers. I was given all of the information necessary in order to have a successful volunteer experience in Ghana.

From January to March 2012 I was lucky enough to be placed at the Green Program: Achiase Children's Home located in the Central Region of Ghana. Mama Sarah and Mr. Sam are currently providing for 34 children ages 4-18 years old. The Sams also run Bethel Academy, the school that is located behind the home.

There really is no such thing as a "typical day" when volunteering. Sure, some things we did were routine, but other events come up that you have to deal with spontaneously. Every morning we would wake up early to help bathe the young kids, brush teeth, dress them in their school uniforms, and get them off to school on time. During the school day, the other volunteers and I tried to keep as busy as possible. There is always endless amounts of dishes, laundry, sewing, cleaning, and maintenance to do around the children's home. Sometimes we'd unexpectedly have to care for a sick child or take someone to the clinic. Other times we'd go into town to purchase food or other items that Mama Sarah needed for the children. Part of being a volunteer is being proactive and helping even when help is not asked for. In addition, it was nice to sit down for a while and get to know Mama Sarah and have her share stories with us. When the children got home from school it was like a rush of energy. They would come running back to the house, change into their play clothes, and we'd play games or help with homework. At night we held tutoring groups in order to supplement the children's math and English skills at school. On special occasions the kids loved watching movies or having dance parties. They could so easily put a smile on your face! The younger kids usually end up falling asleep on your lap, while the older kids eventually trickle off to bed on their own.

When 2 months was over and I was forced to realize that I had to leave this wonderful place, I didn't know what to do with myself. The way of life in Ghana became so normal and comfortable to me and I absolutely did not want to say goodbye to Mama Sarah and the children. Through this experience, I learned so much about myself and what's really important in life. After coming back to the United States, the things that were once important to me are just that--"things." The people and places I encountered during my two months in Ghana are forever in my heart and I thank IVHQ for providing me with such a meaningful experience!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Memories that last a lifetime. Orphnage Program, Ghana.

Volunteering with IVHQ was a truly a life changing experience. Prior to deciding to volunteer in Ghana I had numerous questions which were promptly and patiently answered by Daniel Radcliffe. From the moment I was picked up from the airport as a wide-eyed and somewhat vulnerable 18 year old girl, I knew I was in safe hands. The fact that IVHQ were able to place my three friends and I together for our volunteering experience proves how accommodating the staff are for all ages and numbers as well as individuals.

We spent our first three days in country at the main volunteer house in Accra with Edward and Eric where we were able to get a taste of Ghanaian life and take part in orientation activities and language lessons-we were even able to attend a wedding with Eddie! We were lucky enough to spend our three months at Achiase Children's Home located in a small town surrounded by dusty orange roads and magnificent greenery, yet only a short two hour bus ride from the capital city (where we were able to satisfy our chocolate cravings).

From our first bombardment of hugs from both the children and directors, Sarah and Frank Sam, we knew immediately they had stolen our hearts and that we would forever have a place with this gigantic family. We spent the mornings getting the children ready for school; helping the younger ones shower and dress, find their missing shoes and chasing them around the home until we ensured their teeth were sufficiently cleaned! After the children had walked the 60 odd meters to the school (missing doors, windows and colour) we helped wash clothes, clean dishes and prepare lunch.

We also had the opportunity to head down to the school and assist the teachers in their lessons or merely carry the sleeping two year old students home for a snooze. After school it was play time! From dancing the 'hokey pokey' to cooking toffee to playing intensely competitive ball and card games, afternoons always seemed to fly by and before we knew it we were called 'home' for dinner (the volunteer house next door ownded by a local woman). It truly was a race to see how fast we could eat so we could head straight back over to the kids to help with homework, have a good old chat and joke with the older kids and Sarah and have the little ones fall asleep on you; like monkeys with their arms clinging around your neck.

Although our days were fairly basic each one was unique and so rewarding. After familiarsing ourselves with the running of the home we were able to see how we could make some improvements to their livelihoods. Through generous donations sent from back home in Australia, we were able to paint the existing school, build a brand new colourful, cement brick classroom equipped with desks rather than planks of wood, purchase a water tank to store water for the dry season and buy LOTS of chicken and fruit in an attempt to fill our children's bellies and supply them the vitamins and nutrients their bodies craved. Not only did we have fun painting the school and classroom but the kids had an absolute BALL; although most of the paint ended up on their faces and bodies rather than the walls.

Other highlights included numerous parties-fried rice party, fruit salad party and fufu party, dancing for hours to Ghanaian pop music with kids as young as 18 months and taking the older children to a national park to walk over canopy bridges. These big events and simple everyday moments instilled in our brains and hearts memories that will last a lifetime. Leaving my Achiase family was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. When Sarah and the older girls were crying it was bad enough. But when 'tough' boys aged 9-12 cry uncontrollably because you are leaving them, you know you have made a difference and had an impact on their life. Needless to say the long journey back to Accra was a tearful one.

On weekends we had the opportunity to travel throughout Ghana where we visited some truly amazing and picturesque places such as waterfalls, slavery prisons, beaches and monkey sanctuaries. This was a great opportunity to meet other volunteers from other programs, where we realized how fortunate we were compared to those with other companies who paid thrice the amount as us for half the support and services we received.

Our trip could not have exceeded our expectations to such an extent without the 24/7 support and guidance of the IVHQ staff in country. Our safety was there absolute, number one priority and if ever we felt uneasy they were available to help us. We were also incredibly lucky to have a cook live with us from IVHQ, Florence or our 'Flo Flo.' Not only did Florence prepare our three delicious meals a day but was always up for a laugh or chat, looked after us when we became ill and was our surrogate mother. Bottom line- she became our best friend who we still keep in contact with six months later, along with Sarah Sam and the children. I cannot speak highly enough of my trip or express how grateful I am for this experience with IVHQ. Not only is the program highly affordable but the staff truly care about their volunteers and the Ghanaian people they are placed with.

Thank you IVHQ!

Yes, I recommend this program


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