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As a WorldTeach India Summer Volunteer, you will serve in semi-urban Ladakh by providing students and teachers with English language instruction. For those schools that have access to computers, you will work in a dual capacity, providing some English as well as some computer literacy instruction. Placements will span grade levels from middle to high school.

During orientation, you are provided with manuals for teaching both English and life skills, and these serve you in your lessons over the course of your service. Depending upon the needs of the school and your skills, you may teach some classes in addition to English or computer literacy.

With our summer program, you can also become TEFL certified to earn credibility and give you an edge in the ESL teaching job market. While certification usually costs about $1,899, with WorldTeach you can become certified for FREE while also gaining priceless in-country teaching experience.

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WorldTeach India

I had an amazing experience in India. My time was spent with many beautiful people! I worked at a free school with children who lived in a neighboring slum. Many of my children had very poor access to education, food, water, sanitation, and shelter. During my time I grew very close to my students. Through my continued compassion, energy, and dedication to their success, many of my students increased their proficiency in English.

During my time I also worked hard to immerse myself into the local community as much as possible. I made friends with the cleAning lady on the complex where I taught and with many of the teachers. I am still connected with many of the families and individuals that I met during my time in India.

My experience was beautiful and challenging. Not a day goes by since 2012 that I don't think about my time with WorldTeach India.

How can this program be improved?
More support on the ground and not just from the U.S.
Yes, I recommend
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A life-changing experience.

The India program has unfortunately been discontinued. It's too bad, because this is the best thing I've ever done. I didn't always have the support I wanted, especially when it came to learning how to teach English, but the Sanmarga Gurukulam--the orphanage where I lived and taught--was filled with amazing people helping to lift children out of poverty. It was beautiful in every way and I'm a better person because of this adventure. I'd do it again tomorrow if I could.

How can this program be improved?
More support on lesson planning and instruction.
Response from WorldTeach

Hi Johnathon!
We're so happy you loved your time in India. Luckily, we're happy to confirm that our India program has not been cancelled. Individuals looking to teach in India for the summer are welcomed to apply! (Including yourself. We're always pleased to see returners!)

Yes, I recommend

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