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With an extensive coastline, a vast area of Amazon rainforest and the Andes, Peru gives you the opportunity to visit South America and see much of its character in one country: wildlife, beaches, historical sites and mountains.

Join us in our Archaeology project to learn more about the Incan & Wari civilization, work in the heart of the Amazon in our Rainforest Conservation program, or help improve the lives of local children in a Care, Sports, or Teaching project. You can also intern in Medicine & Healthcare fields and boost up your resume!

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During my stay in Peru, I didn't travel to the rainforest, but I would think it is best to dress in layers depending on the weather and time of year travelled there (nothing too heavy as it will probably get warm there). Also, definitely important to have bug spray/mosquito repellent or some kind of netting for protection from the different insects in the rainforest.
I did my volunteer abroad 7 years ago and at the Animal Conservation in Peru so my perspective may be a little different, but while I was there volunteers are supervised to an extent. However volunteers are left alone when not working which is quite often, and its hard for new volunteers who don't know much of the area. Doing more group activities not related with volunteering would help people...


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Peru with projects abroad

My trip to peru to volunteer with projects abroad was amazing. The staff was very helpful from the time they picked me up in cusco untill I left. They showed me everything I needed to get to and from my placement and to get around town. If I needed anything I could call someone at all times. Living with a local host family was a huge highlight of my trip. I would definitely recommend this program.

Yes, I recommend this program
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An Amazonian Adventure!

The Rainforest Conservation project in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest on the banks of the Madre De Dios River was a wonderful experience which I will never forget. Day to day activities included bird-watching from different platforms of varying heights in the Rainforest (the highest being atop the Caopy Bridge which was 42 metres above the ground!), going out on a caiman hunt at night in a boat with other volunteers, collecting butterfly eggs in the Butterfly House, cutting grass with machetes to feed exotic Tapiers and preparing food to feed the different species of monkeys, exotic birds and jaguars in the Animal Kitchen of the Taricaya Ecological Centre's Lodge.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Step out of the box!

My experience in Peru overall was amazing! I loved the family I lived with; they took really good care of me. I loved the children I worked with, although it was challenging at times. I met a lot of really cool people from all over the world. I enjoyed traveling throughout Peru, and experiencing new things. I learned a ton.

However, I wish I knew for certain that more of the money I paid to volunteer abroad went to the families and the local communities we were there to serve. The project wasn't incredibly well-run, although the coordinator I had the most contact with was fabulous. But sometimes school supplies, etc., were hard to come by, and I felt that the money I paid to the program should have gone more towards items and activities like that.

But overall, as I said, I would encourage everyone to step out of their box and take a chance to meet new people and experience a new culture! There's no better way to learn!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Good for newbies

Projects Abroad is great if you have not volunteered abroad before. There is a lot of support in the home office and staying with a family is a really great way to learn the culture. I volunteered at a special needs school and the teachers and the students were wonderful. I prepared activities, which the office can help you with. Peru is a wonderful country to go to and I would recommend it to anyone.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Projects Abroad Peru: AMAZING experience!

I had the most amazing experience in Peru with Projects Abroad. Not only was my volunteer experience amazing, but my host family was so generous, understanding and friendly (especially since I had nooo previous knowledge of Spanish) and the other volunteers were all so supportive and fun. You truly feel like the other volunteers are family. I made some of my best friends there, and still keep in touch and travel with some!!
Amazing program.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Convervation Taricaya Lodge

Working with exotic animals was a huge experience to be a part of. Most individuals only see jaguars and monkeys in zoos, but getting to work and feed them firsthand was an amazing oppurtunity.

Some difficulties of living at Taricaya Lodge was the food. The cook serves these huge meals that makes you feel like there trying to make you fat before they eat - the children story Hansel and Gretel. It is similar to food that you would eat at home, but some of the tastes are different because things are locally grown and not shipped as you would get at a grocery store. Taricaya Lodge tells you that they provide water which they do - to an extent. The water is murky brown and upon arriving at the lodge staff warn you of the danger of drinking it and that you can go buy some at Amazon Planet if you are not comfortable which is a ten minute walk away. The people that you are in contact with before your departure to Peru really need to inform you that you need to change money over. Other like myself only changed a little money to Soles(local currency) because we did not believe that we would be leaving the Taricaya to buy anything - we ended up have to drink our water sparingly which in a humid climate is not that healthy.

Taricaya Lodge sets daily routines for everybody that they write on a board every evening. You change activities daily, but the staff will take into account something that an invidividual does not wish to do.My most favourite activity was animal feeding - you prepare all the animals meals and than serve it to them. The monkeys were the funniest to serve because they like to climb on you in their haste to get to the food before everybody else - The baby howler monkey, for example sits on you while she eats.

My only advice is to do everything at least once - your in the Peruvian rainforest, step out of your shell because you only live once and 5 years down the road you'll regret not getting in that cage.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Fantastic Project

I did the Inca Project in Peru. I found the project amazing. Living in a small community in Peru was a great experience. The day to day lifestyle for this project was a lot of fun, there was a lot of hiking and work with machete's along with community work such as dentistry work and helping at the local school. It was quite a physical project, but very rewarding. At the Inca project all volunteers live together in a converted barn and everyone is looked after very well with delicious cooked meals. I would recommend this project to everyone.

Yes, I recommend this program
Katie Boyer

I will never forget my ProWorld volunteer trip

My ProWorld trip to Peru was easily one of the greatest and most memorable times of my life.

Constructing cleaner burning stoves was one of the best, most memorable parts of the trip because we made a contribution to a community in need in a personal way.

Before becoming a volunteer abroad, I had never thought about the effects of indoor air pollution. Clean air and water are basic things we take for granted that everyone deserves access to.

Everyone should open their eyes with an experience volunteering abroad. ProWorld makes it easy to make a difference around the world. ProWorld Peru looks out not only for the volunteers but also the local community. I would recommend the program to everyone.

Yes, I recommend this program


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