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UBELONG offers 1-week to 6-month volunteering opportunities in Cusco, Peru.

Volunteer in one of these world-class projects:

--> Caring for vulnerable children
--> Caring for the elderly
--> Assisting at an after-school center
--> Caring for children with disabilities
--> Assisting at a shelter for abused girls

--> Kindergarten teaching
--> Elementary school teaching

--> Psychological counseling
--> Medical assistance
--> Public health education

--> Cultural enterprise development

--> Light painting and renovation

--> Assisting at a sports center

Visit ubelong.org for more detail - the journey of a lifetime starts there!

  • **24/7 in-country support
  • **Volunteer on projects that truly need you
  • **Live in the heart of Cusco and enjoy delicious meals every day
  • **Go with a US based organization - legitimacy and peace of mind
  • **The #1 program in Cusco and with the best reviews!

Questions & Answers

It seems you must be at least 18 years old to volunteer. Take a look at the FAQ page for more questions! https://ubelong.org/volunteer-abroad/cusco-peru/ Hope this helps you!
Throughout your programme mentors will offer their support to help you have the best experience whilst on your stay.
With so much choice it can be hard. For me when I chose my programme I knew I wanted to go to South America as I had not been to that part of the world before. After lots of research into the courses and the place I found Peru was the place for me. Reading reviews of other people's experiences also helped me to decide.


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  • Impact 8.8
  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 9.3
  • Value 9.5
  • Safety 9.4
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Return visit to project was very rewarding

My first visit to the project in November 2010 was so positive that I decided to return for another two week placement this past January 2012. My observation was that the education projects are even more developed than a year ago. There’s more structure and organization, and volunteers are more connected with the community. That’s good to see, there’s clearly been improvements to what is already an incredible operation.

Yes, I recommend this program
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After-school center in Cusco

Normally I don't think I am very good with kids, but I had so much fun with the kids in Cusco. I worked at the after-school center for one week. We were only with the kids for a couple of hours a day. At times it was difficult because many of the children came from difficult homes, and almost all of them were dirty or didn't have more than one change of clothes. The language barrier could be frustrating (my Spanish was limited, and especially more difficult because kids are hard to understand sometimes even in English) but (as cheesey as this sounds) a smile is universal. It didn't feel like we were doing life-changing work, but just making kids smile and laugh for a couple of hours a day is more than they could ever want. It was so rewarding to spend time with them, even when we couldn't communicate.

The location of the after-school house felt a bit unsafe, and you have to take a taxi there. But I always went with other volunteers and felt fine as long as I wasn't alone. The volunteer house is a great space to relax and hang out, and the nightlife in Cusco (especially in the Plaza de Armas down the street from the volunteer house) is wild.

UBELONG has unbeatable prices and the personal attention from Cedric and Raul is wonderful. When you are at the volunteer house you are at the mercy of the local program but Cedric and Raul will do anything and everything in their power to make your experience enjoyable. I had to leave early because of medical issues I had and Cedric was extremely supportive and helpful.

Yes, I recommend this program
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An amazing experience in Peru with UBELONG

I volunteered with UBELONG for 3 weeks and it was a life changing. I had never volunteered or gone to South America, and I chose them because of their low prices and because they're volunteers themselves who are passionate about service. I also liked how they presented the projects, it was clear they knew what the issues were and focused on putting people into positions where they could make a difference. I liked how UBELONG prides itself on being an international development company and not a tourism company. My UBELONG Mentor was always there for me, especially in the beginning when I was nervous about what to bring, safety and travelling alone. They were also very accommodating in letting me volunteer for 2 weeks in Lima and then 1 week in Cusco. Lima was eye awakening, the project was devoted to helping poor women have more successful lives as mothers and people in general. The other volunteers were from all over the world, I made friends who I still keep in touch with, and it was a very welcoming atmosphere at the volunteer house. There was always someone to talk to or go out with, I enjoyed it a lot. Cusco was hard work and it was difficult to see so many poor children, but they were so friendly and welcoming. I also met a friend from Spain who was also a UBELONG volunteer while I was there so it was very good to work together and also enjoy ourselves&including with a trip to Machu Picchu, which is amazing. I highly recommend UBELONG, they're a passionate and doing a lot of good.

Yes, I recommend this program
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You Belong with UBELONG

As I prepared to venture to Cusco with six fellow students at the University of Michigan, I experienced a whirlwind of emotions - my excitement and nerves were certainly the most prevalent. I didn't know a lick of Spanish and I had never been to Latin America before, but I knew that I was ready to get out of my comfort zone and experience a culture and a country completely different from my own.

It was ultimately UBELONG that made the trip possible for a guy like me. who was somewhat skeptical about an international service trip. UBELONG was there every step of the way - from when my group first decided to venture to Peru, to our entire time on the ground in Cusco. Their support was outstanding, and made traveling to a place where I didn't know the language or the culture an incredibly comfortable and worry-free process and unforgettable life experience. Furthermore, the materials they provided (which included everything from language learning resources to how to catch a combi) were comprehensive and clear, and every single question our group members had was answered with a prompt and thorough response.

I can't imagine using any other organization to volunteer abroad. The amount of knowledge that the UBELONG staff have, and the passion that they have for their work is amazing, and I look forward to serving abroad again with them in the future!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Good 2 weeks

I had a wonderful two weeks with UBelong. My average day consisted of teaching kids english, which was a lot of fun. The place we stayed at has a great view, and the added bonus of great food is hard to beat. I really feel like they go out of their ways to make us feel comfortable.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Live-Changing Alternative Break Experience!

UBelong was great! The organization is extremely organized and everything from the pre-trip all the way through the post-trip was awesome. Our Alternative Break trip (with University of Maryland) was focused on poverty and education in an indigenous Quechua community. The on-site contact in Cuzco, was pretty incredible. She connected us with all the on-site partners and helped accommodate our group's need. We ended-up volunteering in several different areas - a girls home, teaching English, a center for students with disabilities, and a sports camp in either pairs or groups of four. UBelong also arranged a group project for us so in the evenings we painted a a school together (there were 11 of us in total). The accommodations were really good too and the food was amazing!

I highly recommend working with UBelong, especially if you students are planning a trip from scratch. They also have a mission that fits right in with Break Away's mission and the founders have a background on International Development which added a lot to the program (moving away from volentourism to actual service-learning). The only catch is the organization recommends the service to extend to two weeks, which is what we did and what I highly recommend for future groups. The cost was super reasonable as well.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great Staff, Wonderful Experience

In a nutshell the trip was one of the most inspiring, life-changing, eye-opening, and fun experiences of my life! Martina and the rest of the staff were so friendly, answered all of our questions, and made us feel very prepared and comfortable. Everything was so well organized from landing in Cusco to departing for back home. The meals were also extremely delicious, and they were very accommodating for the 5 vegetarians in our group. I am so happy that we had the opportunity to volunteer at 3 different sites to get a broader perspective of Peru. I had a wonderful experience and would recommend Ubelong to anyone in a heartbeat.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing experience in Cuzco, Peru

I spent two amazing week in Cuzco and involved in an after-school program. I learned a lot from this trip. I think UBELONG did pretty well in everything inclding food, hostels and orgnizing activities. And the local staff provided us many useful guidences and suggestions. I am sure I will go back to Cuzco one day to meet children there. I miss them all!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Volunteering in clinic for disabled children

We used to go to a clinic to help out inside the service for disabled children. We basically played with them during the mornings and helped at lunch especially the youngest ones. This experience has been really fulfilling in terms of human contact. I was afraid about being of very little help but I realized there are a lot of things one can do by just being with the children and doing the to amost basic games or activities, like drawing or dancing, even wandering around the clinic!
The local culture was also very interesting : great contrast between the place we stayed at (touristic = clean and rich) and the suburban areas in which we operated (poorer). And I was amazed by the importance of the "extra-legal" system overthere : one might think of this as anarchy, but I found it amazing how people try to abide by extralegal-but more reasonable and fair rules. This way, people can go around state rules without running into wild anarchy.
I would highly recommend this program to every one that is interested about embracing another culture and about bringing happiness to a bunch of lovely people :)

Yes, I recommend this program
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Indescribable Eye-Opener

Our Alternative Break trip to Cusco with UBELONG was the most amazing experience, and 'amazing' doesn't even do the memory justice. I really miss the children and all the time with my group in Peru. I believe that I gained so much more than I was able to contribute. Coming back from Peru, I have learned so much about greater compassion, the larger issues in life, and the capabilities of a good heart. My group and I have been inspired to do more volunteering back in San Diego as well. Thank you so much for your constant support!

Yes, I recommend this program
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After School Program: Cusco

I had a great experience with UBELONG. They did a very good job with organizing everything for me from the beginning. My volunteer project was amazing and I really enjoyed working with the children. Overall Cusco was beautiful and an awesome experience. I am so greatful to UBELONG for everything.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Just Do It!

I volunteered in Cusco, Peru for 2 weeks. My time in Cusco exceeded my expectations in every way. I was not aware of Cuzco's rich history and unique culture. I did not speak a word of Spanish; however, I did not have any particular problems communicating with the locals and the UBelong staff were extremely helpful. In the end, we all smile in the same language. I volunteered at the Nutrition Rehab Center in the morning, organizing recreational activities for malnourished children. And on the weekends, I traveled to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. I wish I am still there right now. UBELONG ROCKS!

Yes, I recommend this program
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UBELONG impacts are infinite!

With out a doubt, my time in Peru with UBELONG was the greatest summer of my life. Here are just a few things I have learned:

About volunteering –
1. It’s a strong drug; you just can’t get enough.
2. The last week comes up quickly and you will never have done it all. That is okay! Just be ready to go back!
3. You are important. You are not a faceless human lump just moving through. The people around you will appreciate the effort you put in, the children will love you for playing Red Rover, your fellow volunteers will appreciate the energy you have and your new friends will appreciate your different outlooks and perspectives.
4. Instead of thinking, “Am I doing it right?” think “Are they getting something from this?” My particular experience involved teaching children and there was nothing more satisfying that seeing the kids write the correct answer on the quiz. Don’t worry, just do.
5. It’s a total blast! Volunteering isn’t work, it’s fun. How often do you get to impact and change lives with a smile on your face the whole time?

1. Founders Cedric and Raul are pretty freakin’ cool.
2. Volunteer. Discover. Impact. – truer words were never spoken.
3. There is no better support than the support UBELONG offers. Though you may have only booked one seat on the plane, you are not going alone.
4. UBELONG has placements all over the world and there by opened numerous doors to you. Definitely open a new door as often as possible.
5. While you can’t put a price on the experience, the price of UBELONG is more than reasonable; it is unbelievably affordable and the quality of service belies it’s modest fees.

About myself –
1. I am strong enough to have done international volunteering and so I am strong enough to do anything.
2. Never say no; saying no only limits you. Experience, taste and appreciate everything that is offered to you.
3. Without a doubt, I will be back to Peru. I feel madly in love with the place, the people, the food, the music, even the dust.
4. Some of my very best friends in my life are from Huaycan and they have a perpetually open invitation to my home and I to theirs.
5. I am a Red Rover Champion.

If it hadn't been for my time with UBELONG, I don't know that I would be applying for the Peace Corps today. I owe UBELONG and all the wonderful friends in Lima a huge thank you.

Yes, I recommend this program
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A Peruvian Journey

Sitting in my New York home, I can't help but let my mind wander back to all the bits and pieces of Cusco, Peru. The kids at the rehabilitation center, the friendly locals, the new friends I met in the Amauta school, the talent chefs who made us delicious Peruvian dishes daily, the "Viva el Peru" symbol carved into the surrounding mountains, the morning church bells, and the sparkling night lights are all unforgettable. The two weeks I spent in Cusco were more than just participating in a program. I learned to adapt to a new lifestyle, immersed in a culture built on tradition and history, became friends with the adorable kids at the Mother Teresa Care Center, and was amazed by the beauty of this new home of mine. The UBELONG experience is truly a remarkable one. The directors and managers of the program clearly value global services and want to provide this opportunity to everyone. Indeed, they do a very good job. From the moment we arrived in the Cusco airport to settling into our homes to discovering the city of Cusco to learning about our volunteering project, UBELONG provided support and assistance.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great Teaching Program in Huancayo, Peru!

I just got back from a wonderful experience in Huancayo, Peru. Although Huancayo is a smaller city in Peru, the people in the community were amazing and welcomed us with open arms. Our host family and Cecilia, the UBELONG local coordinator, helped us navigate to our work sites and cooked us amazing food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My group and I worked in the day care and taught English in one of the local schools. We also had time to paint a mural inside one of the day care centers. We had a great time and I highly suggest looking into volunteering in Huancayo.

Yes, I recommend this program


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