Study & Intern Abroad Scholarship

We're pleased to announce our winner, Mary Beth from Purdue University! She's heading to London this summer for an internship with CAPA International Education.

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This round, we asked applicants to showcase their overseas motivations via creativity & imagery. We had a ton of great entries! Thanks to everyone who took the time to apply.

What inspires or motivates you to intern abroad?

Mary Beth: Since I was small, I've loved to read and write. Books took me where I physically could not go, describing beautiful places, fascinating cultures, and incredible sights beyond the ones I knew or understood. It was no surprise to my family or friends when I decided an English major was best for me, and like many English majors I now aspire to work in the publishing field.

What interests you most about your potential host country?

Mary Beth: I'll admit it. I am a language nerd, and British English is interesting to me rather than a vexing cultural wall to leap over. I've learned in many of my classes that language is the key to culture. I hope by learning the British "language", I can experience English culture more fully and expand my limited worldview, thus growing as an individual.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years as a result of this program?

Mary Beth: Through my overseas work, I hope to gain valuable professional experience in the publishing field, as well as learning to adapt to a variety of professional situations more related to my chosen major. At the very best, it will connect me with authorities in my field and give me a unique professional experience. In five years I see myself graduated and beginning my work in the publishing field, using my past intern abroad experiences to help shape my new professional life.

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Stay tuned for the next application round (Fall & Winter 2015 programs) coming in late June!