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I remember when I first moved to Asia for an internship . I hated it. I found myself in a dreary little apartment in Manila, where the lack of hot water was only a slight relief for the lack of air conditioning. I would go to a café around the corner to do work, but every once in...
How will you volunteer abroad? // Photo Credit: Sally Bull If you've taken a moment to peruse Go Overseas, you may have been surprised at the sheer number of volunteer opportunities there are out there. From Baja to Bali and everywhere in between, the options seem endless and...
Why be a great English teacher when instead you can just settle for being a terrible one? If you’ve already secured a position as an ESL/EFL teacher, the hard part is done, so now you can just relax, kick back, and follow these useful tips to make sure your students will learn as...
When comparing volunteer travel programs, how can you tell them apart? Look for these 10 traits, which indicate the volunteer organization is reputable and the impact you have will be meaningful and long-term.
Ok so you’re going to study abroad in Italy . What are you excited about? The historical monuments and architecture? The amazing artwork from centuries ago? The beautiful beaches and vistas? No, no, don’t even try to fool us. You may be going for all of those things, sure, but...
Learning a foreign language is one of those things that people hope to accomplish one day, whether they’re an avid traveler or not. It opens up conversation with millions more people in the world , is a fantastic addition to any job resume and quite the personal success. No one...
Most travel blogs out there champion selling off everything, bidding the 9-5 goodbye, and taking off into the unknown with a one-way ticket . It’s an incredibly exciting, sexy, and inspiring prospect to stop making excuses , hop on a plane with nothing but a backpack, and take...

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