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Congratulations! You’ve decided to dedicate your time as a volunteer in Latin America . Volunteering overseas will likely become one of the most influential experiences of your lifetime, especially having chosen this region of the world. Latin America offers a distinctive...
The world outside your door is calling... but its exact directions are a little muffled. It’s an exciting time to be a young person with dreams of seeing the world, as there are now more ways to get abroad than ever before. But more opportunities = tougher choices. Here at Go...
At the beginning of 2012, I moved to Colombia, to start a year as a volunteer teacher with WorldTeach . I’m currently writing this article from my cozy apartment in Bogotá, watching all the poor fools caught in the near-daily rain outside. The sharp math experts out there may...
The United Kingdom continues to be the most popular destination for US students to study abroad year after year (35,000 in 2012) and it’s clear to see why. Their drinking age of 18 years means no lack of partying in university. Universities in the country rank just as high as in...
She’s wearing a skirt that barely covers her and holds her heels in her hand as she stomps into the bar. Flat-footed and zigzagging, she stumbles up to the counter and slams both hands down, pushes her very exposed chest out and proceeds to slur to the bartender that he “like...
When you think of culture, you think of food, language, art, music. But these attributes are just part of what differentiates one country from another. Games, and as an extension, sport, are an important component of this abstract notion. Sports are not only deeply rooted in...
Europe has an allure few other places in the world can claim. With the past and the present blended together brilliantly in magical cities of old bustling with modern commerce, ideas, and movements, it has the power to capture just about anyone's imagination and wanderlust. For...

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