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Choosing the perfect study abroad program is tough -- I know I certainly had a difficult time in choosing between my final two options! Both had a similar theme and course emphasis, but were operating in entirely different corners of the planet. I would go back and forth between...
At 22, having just graduated college, I hopped on a plane headed for Ghana to volunteer in a municipal hospital. Two years later, I traveled to the Philippines to finish my Masters and got involved with some volunteer work along the way. After which I found an NGO in Cambodia...
Photo Credit: Greenheart Travel Are you looking for a more up to date list? Then head on over to our list of unexpectedly wonderful destinations to teach abroad in 2016 . Teaching English abroad has long been a favorite way to travel the world while making decent money and often...
Learning a foreign language has quite a few obvious perks. It open doors to new opportunities and can help you integrate and make friends during your time abroad. In the months and weeks leading up to your journey abroad, and even after you've arrived, you may add brushing up on...
Photo Credit: Greenheart Travel You've taken a look at our " How to Not Waste Time On Your Gap Year Part 1: Travel Edition ," but you're wondering how to make the most of your gap year should you decide to spend it (or prolonged periods of it) in one location, immersing yourself...
Photo Credit: Greenheart Travel After months, even years, of saving up and several conversations with family and friends to assure them you're not crazy, you've started planning a gap year. Whether it's a year after high school or college, or even a one-year career break, you've...

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