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Guide to High School Abroad

You’re ready to try experiential learning. Maybe your academic advisor shared how much more attention your college app will get with an international experience listed. Now high school abroad is on your radar and you’re ready to see what the world has to offer before settling into a four-year college degree program.

Whether it has been your dream to put your three years of Spanish class to the test in Spanish-speaking countries, or you’ve been itching to see the ruins you learned about in history class, there is so much you can experience abroad! You can study or volunteer abroad on a high school program too.

We also have articles and resources for you parents considering whether to let your student go overseas.

If you’ve already made the choice to go overseas or are still wondering if high school abroad is right for you, check out these articles and tips written by experts and program alumni who know all about high school abroad programs.

What and When

The What: Similar to gap year and volunteer abroad trips commonly taken by college students, high school abroad programs support the idea that going overseas before entering college can help young graduates better adjust to new environments, newfound independence, and adult responsibilities.

The most common high school abroad experience is studying overseas -- usually as an exchange student. But did you know there are way more travel opportunities available to high schoolers than study abroad?

You can sign up for cultural immersion programs, language learning, service projects, volunteer assignments, or even get started on finding your career passions early with an internship.

The When: You don’t have to wait until college to consider traveling overseas. High school abroad programs are available year-round -- you can get started exploring, growing, and learning before you even get to college!

There are three timeframes that would best fit a trip overseas: during the academic year (study abroad is most common during this time), over holiday or spring breaks, or during the summer.

Costs & Scholarships

Costs: Like many study abroad, volunteer abroad, and gap year opportunities, the cost of a high school abroad program can vary greatly. While shorter timeframes may lower fees, the necessity for programs with a reputable record of chaperoning underage students can carry a hefty price tag.

You can expect most high school abroad programs to average $2,000-$10,000 (USD) for trips over school breaks and even more for the entire school year. It may be pricier, but it also offers more inclusive packages.

These programs usually cover:

  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Tours
  • Onsite advisory
  • Assist with visas, passport, and flight logistics

Scholarships: If you’ve noticed the abundance of scholarships and grants available for undergraduate students (yet scarcity of high school program aid) don’t give up hope! Finding scholarships for your high school abroad program will require time and research, but it is available!

Start your financial aid search early by reaching out to your program provider; they may offer need-based or merit aid, or be able to recommend scholarships that students have won in the past.

Don’t stop there, though, the web has a plethora of listings dedicated to high school abroad scholarships that can help you afford the adventure of your dreams.


The world is your oyster when it comes to going abroad in high school, so where should you go first?

When deciding on a destination to visit overseas, remember that this is the first of many international travel opportunities to come. you don’t have to rush and squeeze every bucket list country in the itinerary. If you ask us, we strongly recommend against it.

The more land you try to cover the less immersive the experience will be; you don’t want the adventure to become a big blur of packing and being in transit. Search popular countries to explore using our dropdown menu, above, and review high school abroad program options that fit your interests, schedule, and budget.

How Go Overseas Works

Go Overseas is your trusted source for travel abroad programs: here you can browse and discover thousands of vetted providers. Just like a trusted travel buddy, we want to help you find the right information and feel excited and confident about your first or next culturally immersive trip overseas. We know sometimes having an abundance of options can be overwhelming, so we have a few tips on how to use Go Overseas to find the perfect transformative travel program for you.

  1. Browse 16,000+ programs: Narrow your search results by using filters, such as program type, location, and length.

  2. Read 46,000+ Reviews: Real people have gone on these programs, and have experiences to share. Read alumni reviews on any program that interests you to get an idea of what it's really like to be on the ground, overseas.

  3. Read 5,700+ Interviews: For any program that really sparks your interest, read personal stories and in-depth accounts from travelers like you. If you'd like to reach out and hear more from the traveler who left an interview, let us know and we'll help connect you.

  4. Browse community photos: Pictures of food, accommodations, adventures, and people (oh, the friends you'll make!) in program community galleries will help you visualize yourself abroad.

  5. Wish List 💙: Not ready to commit to a program? Click the Wish List heart icon to bookmark programs and save them for later. Then, compare programs side by side.

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Frequently Asked High School Abroad Questions

  • What is high school abroad?

    High school abroad encourages experiential education and self growth through overseas travel and unique experiences, such as volunteering, immersion programs, language learning, and more! The most common form of high school abroad is studying abroad, usually as an exchange student. However, many other students also use it as a time to pursue service projects, participate in summer leadership programs, or focus on a specific topic like art.

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  • Can you go to high school in another country?

    Yes! High schoolers can participate in exchange programs abroad. In an academic exchange program, you continue your high school experience at another school in another country! This gives students the opportunity to live with a host family, connect with local students, grow their independence, and even gain transferrable skills to become a competitive applicant in the workforce.

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  • Is studying abroad in high school worth it?

    Yes! Studying abroad in high school can be a valuable investment in your education and future.

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  • How do you get a scholarship to study abroad in high school?

    Studying abroad in high school can be pricey, but fortunately, there are many scholarships and grants available for teens looking to study overseas! Many program providers offer their own scholarships, but there are also merits available if you do the research.

    Apply to as many scholarships as you can and be sure to highlight your passions when you apply, to help your application stand out!

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  • How can I study abroad in high school for free?

    To study abroad for free (or on a budget!), try applying for as many scholarships and grants as possible, consider fundraising, and use budget travel tools to help you save money on flights.

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