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Program cost varies based on location and length of program. Check out the "Cities" page on our website for more information.
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Jun 08, 2023
Oct 27, 2023
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About Program

Atlantis is the #1, largest, and most reputable pre-health study abroad organization for US undergraduates. With shadowing experiences in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and more, our programs are perfect for students that are ready to see the world and can be combined into multi-country experiences. What better way to gain clinical hours than jet-setting around Europe! Students will shadow in top European hospitals with well-esteemed physicians and have the opportunity to explore the rich culture of the host cities.

As a pre-health student, we know how hard it can be to travel and balance a rigorous course load. However, professional schools are looking for students that can critically think about the world we live in and how to improve patient experience. With alumni in 40 of the top 50 MD programs, Atlantis prepares students for a future career in healthcare.

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Program Highlights

  • Programs run during winter and summer breaks so there is no need to take time off during your academic semesters!
  • Rotate weekly through different specialties to gain exposure to various medical practices and procedures.
  • Immerse yourself in a program abroad to understand healthcare in a global context, and embark on weekly excursions to experience European culture, sights, and food.
  • You do not need to know any European languages to have an amazing and impactful experience!
  • Start dates for summer in April, May, June, July and August, and for winter in December and January.

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Yes, I recommend this program


This was a great program for reinforcing one’s desire to be in the medical field. Anything from a physician, to a orthopedic surgeon, to an anesthesiologist; there are many opportunities to get to know someone in these fields and other fields and get their perspective on how they completed their schooling, if and why they enjoy what they do, and to ultimately get a different point of view of medicine than one’s own in their country of residence. It also an experience that allows a person to grow in a different environment - whether with the group members from different cities and backgrounds to the new and unfamiliar country and its’ customs to being exposed to a day-to-day life of a medical professional within a hospital setting. Great time.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Be ready to accept that where your program is will be different than your country of origin. Different foods, different customs, different day-to-day routines. One must accept this to enjoy it fully.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Atlantis- World Traveler Program

Atlantis is hands down one of the best things I have ever done. I loved the places I visited, the doctors I shadowed, the medical and cultural knowledge I gained, the life-long friendships I developed, and so much more. I have definitely grown as a person and student and learned so much about medicine through my fellowship! I also learned how to overcome language barriers with other people which will help in the medical field when I have patients without the same language. It was great to see other cultures and as a World Traveler, I was able to compare the health care systems and cultures of different countries not just to the United States but to each other as well! I am so grateful for Atlantis and I definitely think it helps to prepare fellows to be the best and most well-rounded health care professionals they can be.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
I got to see a leg amputation in Lithuania which I definitely did not expect to get the opportunity to see. It was so cool and solidified my interest in orthopedics or anything that has to do with bones to be honest!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life-Changing Experience!!

Going on a fellowship to Zagreb, Croatia for 3 weeks was one of the best decisions in my professional career! I have gained priceless skills and professional connections while on this fellowship from the doctors/surgeons during shadowing hours to the colleagues that I met during the fellowship. This experience has enlightened me in culture diversity, adapting to new environments, confirming that I am going to become a surgeon by watching surgeries everyday during my first rotation in ENT, and how different other countries health care systems are/how they operate. During the free time on the weekends my colleagues and I decided to travel to Split and Budapest and this enhanced the fellowship immensely by being able to experience the old towns by the sea and seeing a whole different culture in Budapest than from Zagreb. I highly encourage you to travel to near by cities or countries during this free time on the weekends and to apply to Atlantis to complete their fellowship program! It was the best decision in my professional career and I would do it all over again if I could.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
Honestly, the only thing that I would change would be to pick a longer fellowship time frame. I selected the 3 week fellowship but I would have picked the 6 week fellowship because it would have allowed me to be emerged into the culture and the medical setting longer.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Everyone Should Try Atlantis!

This experience was unbelievable. The amount of in depth preparation by Atlantis was outstanding. When I left America to come on this fellowship, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would either be a regular shadowing gig with some traveling, or I thought it would be life changing. It was the latter. Literally from day one of shadowing to the last day of shadowing I enjoyed every second of it. All of the doctors were super helpful and they genuinely seemed glad to have us there. I learned so much and now I honestly have a lot more ideas as to what kind of physician I want to be in the future. The traveling is an awesome part as well though. I got to experience European healthcare along with European culture. My name is Robert Castle I would recommend Atlantis to anyone!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Bring an extra towel!! Just kidding but not really! Honestly though, just keep an open mind and try to really enjoy yourself!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Ideal for Pre-Meds seeking international experience

Atlantis gave me such a valuable experience in my path to medicine. I shadowed for over 85 hours in 4 different departments (OBGYN, pediatrics, general surgery, and emergency department). The town of Szekesfehervar, Hungary is filled with kind, welcoming, and humble people and the hospital was no different. Atlantis always made a great effort to make all of the fellows feel safe, welcomed, and comfortable with the experience. The Site Managers were Hungarian natives and were absolutely fabulous to spend time with. The cultural experience that comes along with the hospital shadowing was challenging and rewarding. The program was the perfect combination of experiential learning, cultural immersion, and free time to travel and explore. I made lasting connections with the other fellows on my program, and that has given me such a valuable network of other pre-med students across the U.S. I'm so thankful that I learned so much about medicine, Hungary, and cultural competence through the Atlantis Fellowship!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Atlantis helped me have the best summer

My program was 4-weeks in Lisbon, Portugal.
4 weeks full of shadowing at the largest hospital in the entire country (so we got the coolest cases from all over Portugal and even Africa!) from the following specialties: plastic surgery, vascular surgery, psychiatry, and orthopedic surgery.
4 weeks full of traveling on the weekends with fellows that I can confidently say they are lifelong friends now. I went up and down the coast of Portugal, experienced a culture unlike any other during the World Cup, and went surfing for the first time.
4 weeks living in seriously a BEAUTIFUL apartment. Surrounded by all the fellows. We each had our own studio apartment that was brand new. Pool, rooftop deck, workout room, conveniently located, etc.
There's so much more to say about this program that I can't put into a paragraph, but sign up for Atlantis to gain a wider perspective on medicine and learn things you honestly can't get in your university classroom. and for an irreplaceable summer!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Ecuador Service Fellowship 2018

My Atlantis fellowship was so valuable. It gave me an opportunity to witness first hand medicine in a new culture and learn from doctors there. Medicine in every culture is different so understanding the differences in medical practice was so interesting. I gained an understanding of the hospital and foundation as a whole. Living in another country was so empowering and helped me with personal development. I was sad to leave our fellowship and would go back if I had the chance.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Atlantis Review: Portugal (closest country to Spain)

This Organization does a Phenomenal job of organizing, prepping and equipping you with everything you need to attend their programs. I personally enjoyed the location I chose in Portugal. The Country was beautiful the Site manager I had was fantastic, and everyone that chose the same location as me were amazing. The Shadowing that I got there was incredible and honestly nothing like you would ever experience in the US. All of the doctors that I shadowed with were extremely helpful and were very willing to work with us with the langage barrier. There is plenty of free time to actually explore and experience the country and the weekends are times to travel. I got to Travel to Lisbon, the capital, and spend time there exploring. I'm so happy with this program and would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to shadow and want to travel.

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We welcome future and current nursing students along with pre-meds on our clinical shadowing programs every year. Shadowing doctors with Atlantis is an unparalleled opportunity to experience an international healthcare system with different practices and policies alongside a new culture. Atlantis alumni go on to pursue MD, DO, PA, Nursing, PT, OT, Pharmacy, and many other health professions. Check...