Intern NZ: All Industries Throughout New Zealand
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Intern NZ: All Industries Throughout New Zealand

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Intern NZ arranges internship programs in all industry areas throughout New Zealand. We provide a full set of support services around the internship experience such as accommodation, airport pick-ups, orientations, meeting academic criteria and events. The internships are suited to university students undertaking an internship for academic credit, or for those looking to rapidly up-skill in their chosen career.

We place a strong focus on in-country support services and provide a 24/7 emergency contact number. We have partnerships with organisations in all sectors; private, public, non-profit and Government and Intern NZ is recognized by the New Zealand Government as a leading internship programme provider.

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​A full suite of support services including airport pick ups, orientations, peer support networks, meeting academic requirements, housing, events and 24/7 emergency support.

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I think you guys are doing great job and involving students in the lot of activities outside the work

I took full advantage of the opportunity given by the Internnz and I have extended my internship to the mid-December. I think you guys are doing great job and involving students in the lot of activities outside the work.(However I was not able to attend any due to my work commitment, as I work on weekends on another job to get some monetary benefits). Internnz is doing great job and I am really impressed with their service. They follow up with students and believe in building good relation with the students. My internship coordinator even came to my work which was very impressive with there followup. Keep doing what you are doing guys :) Studying and living in New Zealand is a great experience of my life....I learned more than expected and really loved the work and still working there even after completion of the intership contract.

My whole team at the internship is very supportive. Working in small tech team allows you to get involve more into the team and work on individual projects which helps you to build your skills.

This journey was impossible without Internnz and my well wishes to all staff who are really doing great efforts in helping students.

Yes, I recommend
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I would recommend this country to anyone

I would recommend this country to anyone, it's been the greatest time I've ever had. I've met some great people at work and outside, I've learned a lot regarding advertising and have been really passionate about the projects I was given the opportunity to work on.
I've found that people think and behave differently than back in Europe. People are more chilled, the work ethic is different, more relaxed in general, and the team spirit seems to be stronger here.
New Zealand is truly a great country and deserves to be visited !

Yes, I recommend
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This internship in the television field was quite accommodating, and it was definitely a huge learning experience for me. The difference between Europe and New Zealand was much bigger than I expected.

Yes, I recommend
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It has changed my life and built up my character!

I reckon your service is quite good: fast response on mails, trying to reach satisfaction of the interns etc. All in all, my overseas experience has been a marvelous time in my life and I've been enjoying every single minute. I've learned plenty of useful things I definitely need in my life and had been missed during my school days, where I used to love with my parents. I've met lovely kiwi people and discovered a totally different way of life. The term "work life balance" has got a new definition in my brain which will definitely influence my personal development. But that is not all: I've traveled through the most beautiful country in the world, met lots of new people with different characters and made friends from all over the world.

Yes, I recommend
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My internship was a lot of fun!

I think your service is great and I loved all of the activities that were organized. I had a great time being in New Zealand and was able to meet a lot of new people. My internship was a lot of fun!

Yes, I recommend
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Great Internship Experience

I definitely learned new things and improved my skills from this experience. This internship has given me a very good learning experience overseas I am lucky enough to have a very good team. They're so helpful and wonderful people. They helped me to learn some new things and I am glad to have had them.

Yes, I recommend
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Perfect Internship, Amazing Experience

I had a great internship experience, it was easy to get placed with sending my interests and what my studies were. It was the perfect internship for me to learn and increase my skills and abilities. I gave a lot of good ideas to the company that will help them grow in years to come to keep growing this business.

How can this program be improved?

I would have liked a little more information before I arrived. For example a handbook of places to eat, shop, things to do, etc would have been nice to get me adjusted to the new city and country.

Yes, I recommend
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Intern Abroad!

When I found out that I could intern in New Zealand for my placement year I couldn't wait to find an internship so I could jump on a plane and travel as well as develop professionally. Intern NZ found me a perfect internship that my university also approved of. I am currently thoroughly enjoying it! When I had questions about visas or accommodation they answered them all and I found them to be very helpful.

They have a Facebook group for interns in my city so I can talk to others. They have also organised several intern meet ups so I have got to meet other interns in my city. I also went on the Rotorua trip on Labour Day that was organised by Intern NZ which was soo much fun! It was nice to get out of Wellington and see New Zealand!

I would 100% recommend interning abroad! It is an amazing experience that opens your eyes to other cultures and ways of living. New Zealand is very culture rich meaning it isn't hard to find interesting things to do.

I feel that I have learnt more than I would have if I stayed back in the UK to do my placement year. I have met amazing people and I am looking forward to completing the rest of my placement year here. I might even extend my visa and stay longer - Once you are here you'll never want to leave!

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I would say needed to be improved was the help with accommodation. While Intern NZ were really helpful and found me accommodation in the center of Wellington, I found it to be quite expensive. If you are only here for a few months then it is fine however because I am here for a whole year I am having to plan ahead and budget! It has been easy to find other accommodation though and Intern NZ gave me a few ideas about where to start looking which was really nice of them.

Yes, I recommend
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A great experience!

I was fortunate enough to get a very good opportunity to work as an internee for one of the largest companies in the seafood industry. My role and responsibilities included reviewing and documenting the three main processes in accounting and finance section. I got an opportunity to travel in five cities within New Zealand. The internship was based on academic knowledge gained by me as well as my previous work experience. It was an excellent journey of experience. I wish all future interns all the best. My advice to them is to work hard and integrate your studies with the real world.

Yes, I recommend
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I fell in love with the country

I did an internship in New Zealand in 2013 and since I love travelling I had to come back for this year's internship! Kiwis are very friendly and helpful and the country is quite small which means it's quite likely that people around you have beach houses or family in various cities. So don't hesitate to ask if you want to travel cheaply as they will probably be more than happy to help you out!

Yes, I recommend
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Great times, do it

I did an internship in Wellington, and it was great. InterNNZ arranged an internship for me at one of the most influential online media business of NZ. You are offered a studio apartment to stay but are also free to search for your own place. They arrange meetups with current interns right away so you will instantly make new friends for the rest of your time. It was a great time and this experience will stay with me for a long time. If you are still hesitating.. stop it and do this.

Yes, I recommend
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InternNZ did a great job arranging my internships. I don't even have one, but I have two internships. They also arrange meetings so you can meet the other interns, you will make some good friends overthere! They supported me with everything and they replied on every single email I've send (and I've send a lot of emails). They were really patient and because of this experience I am even a better social worker than before.

How can this program be improved?

Cheaper accommodations. $290 is not cheap for a student.

Yes, I recommend
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My Incredible Experience Overseas!

My internship has been more than I could have ever hoped for. My boss was amazing and my co-workers were fantastic. I had opportunities for a variety of experiences ranging from networking at Parliament events, conducting research, building policy proposals, managing a team, and meeting with women in prison. I have been very fortunate to have this experience! I have learned so much about the social work industry. Because of this experience, I would like to pursue an MSW and Masters in counselling when I return to the States.

I have had a broad range of experience and opportunities since I arrived in New Zealand and I would recommend to anyone to give New Zealand a go.

Thank you for helping me to find an internship that fulfilled and succeeded my needs and expectation. I don't think I would have been able to find an internship like this on my own. Again, thank you.

How can this program be improved?

Keep up the communication in the pre-departure phase.

Yes, I recommend
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Professional and personal development in the heart of Wellington

Even though my experience was brief, it was very interesting and educational to be part of an internship in New Zealand. I have been able to learn some of the aspects of the industry and practice them with the support of my colleagues and also independently.
This internship was very useful to me to understand where I want to continue my studies and training.
The group at Intern NZ and Intern OZ is fantastic: they followed me through all the steps and shared their knowledge with passion.
Thank you!

Yes, I recommend
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Incredible Experience

I had an amazing time with my internship arranged through Intern NZ in New Zealand. I received excellent service and was able to be placed in an internship that met all my personal and university requirements. There was also an opportunity to travel around New Zealand and meet other interns also working in Wellington.

Yes, I recommend

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