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Starting price for a remote internship duration of up to 1 month, including:
* Support with your resume, preparation for a Skype interview
* Arrangement of the remote/online internship
* Custom-made internship plan considering your aims, targets, tasks and schedule
* Preparation videos and documents, specifically made for the country of your internship
* Support regarding remote work, self-motivation, self-organization and international career advice
* Issuing an internship certificate/Filling documents for your university/college etc.

For some countries/internships and longer durations, rates may vary. Contact us for details.
May 16, 2022
Oct 25, 2019
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About Program

Get international experience without travelling! All remote/online internships are offered by companies and organizations that we've been cooperating with for many years and which have a lot of experience with international interns. Our local teams support the internship organisations just like you to guarantee a maximum learning outcome for you.

You will have an internship supervisor with relevant academic qualification and work experience who will work out a tailormade internship plan with you, defining your goals, tasks and schedule.

Subject areas include:

* Women's Empowerment
* Business
* Media, Communications, Journalism, Graphic Design
* Education
* Biology, Zoology, Ecology
* Social Work
* IT
* Law/Human Rights
* Microfinance
* Engineering
* Architecture
* Agriculture, Tropical Organic Farming
* Tourism

Internships are available out of Japan, India, Myanmar, Tanzania, Zanzibar, South Africa, Bolivia and Ecuador.

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Program Highlights

  • Full-time or part time. You decide about the weekly hours of your internship (from 4 to 40 hours/week)
  • Flexible start and duration! You chose the starting date and duration. It is possible to start at short notice.
  • All remote internships are possible in English (or if you prefer in the country of your chosen country)
  • Get additional preparation and international career advice by our international team.
  • Get an internship certificate!

Popular Programs

Remote Law Internship

Internships and volunteer assignments are possible with several legal organizations. You can focus on whether you are interested in women's rights, the rights of minorities or human rights and want to do educational work; or work directly in a law firm that handles court cases. Tasks for Remote Interns: Writing reports, preparation of legal documents, preparation of court documents, writing contents for website, social media and newsletter, fundraising.

Women Empowerment Remote Internship

Help to promote self-esteem, financial independence, education as well as professional and social competencies to disadvantaged women and girls in Rajasthan from the Dalit communities. Tasks for Remote Interns: Public relations, report writing, fundraising, networking, blog, newsletter and social media updates.

Bear Conservation Remote Internship

In Karuizawa, in the mountains of Japan, you can do an English-speaking internship in a world-renowned bear conservation project. The project's goal is to keep the bears out of the city, where they they pose a danger to humans. Tasks for Remote Interns: Writing articles in your language (i.e. English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese etc) about the project for academic publications and popular science magazines that are dealing with animals and environmental conservation.

Childcare Japan

In Japan it is not uncommon that office workers are at their offices every day until 9 or 10pm, whereas schools usually finish at 3:15pm. For this reason, parents need a possibility to keep their children entertained and supervised in the afternoon and evening hours. This role is often covered by Gakudos, which are privately-run after-school clubs. Tasks for Remote/Virtual Interns: Teaching English, commnunicating with the children in English, assisting the teachers to prepare activities.

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