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Unique opportunities await you in Scotland. Valuable experience through Adelante's Observation & Research Programs allows you to participate in hands-on projects and assignments. These placements are highly curated. Fields are: Psychology, Veterinary, Equine Marketing, Agricultural Business, Horticulture and Zoological. Each summer, we can only select one or two candidates for each field.

Programs are based in Edinburgh (some Horticulture assignments based in Pitlochry) and are full-time, five days a week for six weeks. The weekends, however, are free for you to explore beautiful Scotland! A good balance of work experience and exploration is ensured with this program.

Spots are limited, so do not hesitate to apply!

For a full list of Observation & Research Assignments in Scotland click on "Visit Site" or if you're ready to fill out an application, click on "Get Started" above. Adelante's support team is excited to hear from you!
  • Experience stunning and serene Scotland. This picturesque and green location will take your breath away. Why not enjoy one of the most beautiful places on Earth while gaining legitimate international experience!
  • Adelante's program offers the greatest value; downtown, furnished Edinburgh housing is included in the program price.
  • Assignments enhance your knowledge in your major. These programs are serious, educational and research-oriented programs intended to allow you to take the next step in the field of your choice.
  • Academic credit is available depending on your research sector (check with your university). In additional, Letters of Recommendation are available upon request.
  • A Curated Experience. Our programs are meant for the independent traveler and are not group focused. Our Director of Scotland and staff in the US are available throughout your program, and you can truly immerse yourself in the culture however you wish.

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The program is not paid, unfortunately- you have to pay for the program.


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  • Growth 8.3
  • Support 8.5
  • Fun 8.4
  • Housing 8.4
  • Safety 9.6
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The summer of my life

This program was absolutely amazing. I have learned so much from working at The Royal (Dick) Veterinary School. I was able to see more surgeries than I ever thought I would working in a general practice in the States. I have built ties with the people I worked with and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with these people for 6 weeks. Living in Scotland is unbelievable and I have never been more at home in a different country in my life. The only difficulty I encountered while being in Scotland was getting sick with strep throat. It was a little confusing on which Doctor or which hospital to go to. I found that NHS 24 is where you will go at the Royal Infirmary and they are open from 6pm-8am and you must call and make an appointment before hand.

How can this program be improved?
I would have liked to get to know that I was to have a deposit on my apartment before I got there so that I would have been prepared with more money than what I thought I was okay with.
Response from Adelante Abroad

Great to hear that you had such an amazing experience in Scotland and we hope you look back on it with many wonderful memories.

We give you a lot of information prior to your program and it is mentioned in the Pre-Departure materials that a housing deposit may be required - we even make you sign off on it!!! We understand that in all the details you may have forgotten about that. For future candidates we can include a reminder nearer departure - thanks for the heads up!

Adelante Abroad

Yes, I recommend
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Well worth the hard work and beatiful scenery

I worked 40 hours a week and saved my money to spend during the weekend when I travelled to cities such as: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aviemore, Blair Atholl, Skye, Fort William, etc. I had some difficulties with the public transportation at times; simply because I would get lost or I just wasn't use to the systems. Asking the locals is always useful and everyone is so sweet!

How can this program be improved?
I would recommend the program for Edinburgh but not the program to Pitlochry. Pitlochry is beautiful but has no social sceen and the boss you will work with is incredibly difficult.
Yes, I recommend
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An Amazing Experience

The experience was amazing as far as gaining work experience and becoming part of a different culture. It is important to be willing to do things on your own and be interested in meeting others and making memories. Without this, in my experience, the trip would have been unpleasant as the people I lived with had no desire to become open-minded to a new culture and become part of it, or even get to know anyone including their roommates.

How can this program be improved?
The program needs to be more careful about those they accept. As there are so many people who apply for these positions, it is important to make sure that those individuals are open-minded, friendly, and actually interested in experiencing the culture.
Yes, I recommend
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Mysterious Scotland

Edinburgh, one of the most charming cities I`ve ever visited, full of mysteries and warm, open-minded people, who despite the rainy weather, can really make you feel at home.
I studied at the SAC (the Scottish Agricultural College) and I am really satisfied with this experience. My advisor helped me carrying out many different short researches on food policy, consumer behaviour and agricultural economics, coming up with a project almost every day. I was glad I did not have to work on just one single project for the whole period of my stay, so that I could see everything under a bigger prospective. I focused a bit more on the CAP (the Common Agricultural Policy) reform, since it was a hot topic for the European Union at the time, and analysed all the implications of the reform for the main Member States. The data we used to analyse the different policies came from publications of European research centres, official documents of the European Commission and a specific and rare database that the SAC had in its archives. I had the chance to talk with many researchers at the college and from them I've always received very useful insights. I am also really grateful for all the help and suggestions my advisor provided me with. I think this experience will be a guideline and a benchmark for my future career.
When not working in Edinburgh there is plenty to see: dramatic castles, old underground tunnels, beautiful gothic churches, interesting museums, florid gardens and so on and so forth. The highlands are also an unforgettable experience. The landscapes there are so stunningly beautiful that they do not seem even real. The food is not that bad as in the rest of the UK, at least as far as my Italian taste is concerned… The Scottish salmon is a delicacy, then for less sophisticated palates, there is the traditional haggis, which is better not to know how it is made, but it tastes really good, especially with a whisky cream on top! Drinks are much more famous than the food; there are probably more types of beer than the whole Scottish population and it is well worth trying them all!
The accommodation was really comfortable from the second week on, with very large rooms and close to the city centre. I had some troubles during the first week due to an overlapping of students, coming (another girl and I) and going (other students who had almost finished their projects), but nevertheless we managed to survive and after some moving, I got along very well with my housemate.
I would definitely recommend this experience, I enjoyed myself improving my skills at the same time, just a small advice, do not forget closed waterproof shoes and an umbrella!:)

Yes, I recommend
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Scotland Observation/Research

Make sure to tell everyone involved exactly what you want to get out of the program (and make sure you know as well!). The only way to know what you're getting into and if it's right for you is to ask questions until you get answers.

Yes, I recommend
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A great experience!

This has been a great experience! My supervisors at the internship that I was placed gave me plenty to do and I learned a lot from them. I spent the first few weeks researching and visiting different sites around the city that the supervisor had scheduled previously. Then the last few weeks were spent working on a study that they allowed me to run! Definitely a great resume building opportunity all around! Additionally, the living conditions were also phenomenal, I was certainly not expecting to be living in such a nice apartment in such a good part of the city. It was right near the bus stop, all the good restaurants and grocery stores. The only problem that I really had from the living situation was the fact that our apartment didn't have Wi-Fi for 3 weeks, but other than that it was pretty luxurious! The only complaint that I would really have is that it is pretty expensive, not to mention the fact that the city is expensive to begin with. All in all, I had a great time and I'm sure anyone who was looking to intern abroad would feel the same!

Yes, I recommend
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So Glad I Had this Opportunity!

This program was amazing! Not only did I get lots of experience in my field of study but it also opened my eyes to new aspects of my field. Conducting research studies really made me think about a different approach to what I am planning on studying. It was exciting and I learned a lot. Not only was the educational part extremely interesting and useful, the location of the apartment they gave us was in a perfect spot in the city and was close to everything. It was truly an amazing experience.

Yes, I recommend
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Scotland Observation Program

Scotland was a great experience. At 9 am we would catch our bus to go to work. During the 30 minute ride to work, we would talk with each other and the locals. We arrived at work at 9:30 and stayed until 5. At work, we had various projects which needed to be completed at the end of our 6 week stay. The people were amazing and kind. On the weekends, we went on tours and explored Scotland. We did have one major problem; it took 3 weeks for us to get wifi at the apartment.

Yes, I recommend


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